Letters from students to Dr. Mike

3 Letters

Dr. Mike,

Praise the Lord. I just want to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and put a praise out to Dr. Mike and PMI. I’m thankful for being taught under Dr. Mike for the last 4 years, and for having a burden to win souls. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons and so much sound doctrine through PMI it has truly been used by God to make me who I am. A minister of the Gospel of Christ. I know I’m working through my course work at a snail’s pace compared to where I was at when I was in prison. But I’m not ashamed because I dissect every course, I read every verse assigned, I meditate on it, I work through every assignment no matter how I feel. I work full time, over time, married with two kids, a home owner, and a full time minister of the Word, and it’s because of grace. Thank you Lord for Dr. Mike, and for the men like him who serve you in adversity, through valleys and storms, that teach and preach the truth so that the ministry of the gospel can be handed down from generation to generation to men that have learned to rightly divide the word of truth. May many more lost souls come to know Jesus before it’s everlasting too late. Amen –Bryan Swinford

Dr. Mike, I knew there were differences in the translations, however I didn’t realize that the NKJV changed the very meaning of God’s Word. You have provided me a true blessing of understanding. Thank you so very much for all that you do. Ch. Settle (Georgia Prison)

Dr. Mike, I believe the Lord wants me enrolled in PMI because of the sound doctrine that it teaches, and the dedicated men and women who willingly commit themselves to (helping) people grow and mature in the ministry. I chose PMI because I had heard so much about it and I can see how it is helping a long of people inside the walls find the desire and passion to know who God is, (and) what His will is.  Since I’ve been studying your Foundations (of Theology project) I have seen sound doctrine being presented. Dr. Johnston God is working through you to give hope unto those who had no hope. Thank you for this opportunity. F. Britt (Florida Prison)

Dr. Mike, Since I have been taking the courses from you I have been more enlightened and informed than ever . . . (and) steadily witnessing to my fellow inmates as well as to many of my free world folk. I am looking at possibly winning 11 souls this month with the Lord’s help. I am (also) looking forward to the Lord in His time putting me into a church pastorate. I will go wherever He will lead me. I am so thankful for you (preparing and training) me for the ministry.  M. Reeves (Colorado Prison)

Dr. Mike, thank you for opening up my eyes to why it is important to read and study from the King James Bible. T. Chenault (Florida Prison)

Dr. Mike, I have such a desire and craving for the Word of God, and love the Lord with all my heart. I constantly work on these studies from around 8 am till later in the evening (when) I get ready for bed. This is all I do in here. This is my seminary training ground . . . The courses have helped me spread the Word with boldness and almost getting beat up by pagans in here that do not want to hear about God and Jesus. Many blessings, sincerely M. Reeves (Colorado Prison)

Dr. Mike, Your ministry has touched so many. Just like your wall of pictures says [I have many of my students posted on a wall about 6 feet to the left of my desk] – we are watchmen on the wall – trained up well by this ministry to blow the horn and warn this generation of the evil and that which is coming. I love you Dr. Mike. I can never fully explain the impact your work has had on my life, the doors that it has opened, physically and in my heart. You told me that God created me to do a specific mission that no one else was equipped to do and if I didn’t do it, the job may very well go undone. God created you for this mission and the job is being accomplished in hearts and minds of men and women all over the country and them, throughout the world. Your impact on the Kingdom of God is without measure. When Paul said that -“… no eye has seen, nor ear has heard or has entered into the heart of man that things that God has planned for those that love Him…” (that was pretty close anyway) we who have been your students see that manifested in your life and by it, in our lives as well. Praise Him! Cliff Robertson, Jr.

Dr. Mike, Meant as a compliment, I want to share with you my thoughts on the material. It is extensive! The amount of work and depth of required research far exceeds any college level studies I’ve completed. It will take me a great deal of time . . .  but I’ll do my best to present my lessons in a professional manner. Bradley B. (Macon, GA)

Dr. Mike, Being considered an Associate Evangelist for PMI is truly an honor, and I have been inspired to teach, preach, and share the Word of God with those around me. In my sharing of the Word I’ve come across all sects of religion that have seen me studying and have heard me speak. Through curiosity on their behalf, your literature along with what the Word of God tells me in 2 Tim 2:15– I’ve been able to open the eyes of a few brothers here that have been misled in their search for spirituality; some of them have even fallen prey to these television evangelists. But once again your literature has helped me to open their eyes to things they were overlooking. As a student of PMI I�m glad to be studying the Word of God and able to boldly stand on the truth of the Word along with literature to help me defend the belief I’ve accepted through my studies. To God be the glory. Roosevelt M (Baskerville VA)

I just wanted to give you an update on how things are going here in Oakdale. God has been so very good it is hard to even begin to describe. I have been working on a book for several years now and just this last week it got referred to the most prestigious Literary Agent in the Christian Non-Fiction genre. The guy that got me the introduction, which I never asked for, told me that he felt that God was calling him to make this introduction and that the manuscript had moved him to grow closer to God. It was at that moment that, as far as I was concerned, the book had achieved my goal – One person was pointed to Jesus Christ and a heart had been touched and thereby changed by the Master’s Hand. The rest of it, is just God doing what only God could do.

Dr. Mike, The reason I am writing to you about all of this is that I want to thank you for what you are doing for the Lord. What you probably don’t know is that when I first felt in my spirit God calling me to write, I simply began. But not long after that, it hit me – Who is going to want to read what a felon, with no college degree or Bible training has to say. So I went to God and asked Him to help me obtain the education I needed to be a credible writer about faith, hope and love – Jesus Christ and His Transforming Power – eternal life and the fact that it begins the moment you accept Him as your Savior… So what I am telling you is that your ministry is a answer to prayer so specific that it could have only come from God. I didn’t even know anything like what PMI offers even existed but God did and He made a way for me to obtain a list from another ministry when I inquired about educational opportunities and your ministry was at the top of the list. God made a way for me, when I didn’t even know one existed.

Thank you for your ministry as an instructor and watchman. You, your family, your ministry and PMI are regularly in my prayers; don’t back down and don’t give up. You will be rewarded one day for your service to our Lord. PMI has been just what I was looking for in Biblical education with fundamental doctrine and sound Biblical teaching; I thank you again for what you provide. the collateral material is phenomenal as well; I keep it all in  a three ring binder separated by subject for quick reference. Serving the One Who died for all, Ted Horton (Holly Pond, AL)

Dr. Mike, Studying the material has really helped me dig into Scripture on a level even my previous degrees didn’t provide. You have done an amazing job of structuring this for maximum learning and comprehension. I truly am enjoying the fundamentalist Baptist slant. Dr. Larry Yates (Ironton, OH)

Dr. Mike, These courses have helped me to learn to live as a Christian, not caring about what the world considers about me, but instead only caring about pleasing the Lord. These courses have also helped me to realize that much of my ministering to others is truly done by the example I live rather than just the words I speak. As always you are continually in my prayers . . . Thank you. Nicholas B (Hunlock, PA)

Dr. Mike, Awesome so far! In other Bible study programs (several hundred to date) I have never been made to immerse myself in God’s Word so deeply. Roy R (Seagoville, TX)

Letter from PhD (Theology) student. Dear Dr. Mike: This material has really helped me to gain a much expanded Christian worldview of the Biblical doctrines taught in the Bible, and become more aware of just what factions and false dogmas that contend for theological world stage and what they represent. You have been obedient, Dr. Mike, in equipping me with some powerful tools to further God’s glory in my life in using me as His vessel to do His will in the earth. I am saturated with overwhelming gratitude and thankfulness for what He has done thus far, and for using His willing servants (you) to appropriate and distribute His good gifts as He sees fit. You are a brother in Christ to whom (upon release) I will keep in contact. Marvin H (Ordway, CO)

Dr. Mike, your constant reminder of paying close attention to hermeneutics is really really helpful. The way you describe how to feed yourself with true interpretation of the awesome word of God– well it’s like drinking an energy drink of the Holy Spirit. Your teaching is divine and truly inspired. I know the Holy Spirit is alive in everything you have sent me-especially my Old Scofield Study Bible. Kevin S (Sturtevant, WI)

Dr. Mike, From one of my Scofield Study Bible students: Studying this material really helped me in establishing a methodical approach to studying Scripture that insures a more complete understanding aiding in rightly dividing the word of truth, avoiding and exposing false teaching and doctrine by revealing the truth of God’s Word. I have been introduced to chain references: a very useful and productive tool in mining gems of truth and correct application Thank you for helping me get more and more truth and life studying God’s awesome word. This course is such a blessing. Betti K (Fredonia, KY)

Letter from a grateful mom: Dr. Mike Johnston, I am sending you another set of papers from W.M. in the Southern Desert Cor Ctr, Nevada. I make copies of his papers to send to friends and family that are supporting him at this time in what is turning out to be a God sent thing in his life instead of a big problem. I see a change in him spiritually and in the talks we have when he calls. God bless you and thanks for being there for my son. Your sister in Christian love and faith, Michelle M.

Dr. Mike, My evangelism report for the month of September. Twenty-six men have willingly accepted the invitation to the Christian life through the PMI Associate Evangelism Ministry and the ABCDs of Salvation and Decision! Jesus Christ has taken over many lives here in the Connell Unit . . .  thank God for PMI Associate Evangelism Ministry. Daniel D (Beeville, TX)

Dr. Mike, I want to share with you a blessing that was given to me. I had been reading your information concerning the validity of The King James Version of the bible versus the others. I had been using a New King James Bible Study Bible and decided after reading your letter that I should get a King James Study Bible to use instead. Two days later an inmate that I work with handed me a King James Study Bible, brand new and still in the box. He explained that his family had sent it to him a few months back but he had not been using it. He said the Lord had put it on his heart to bring it to work and give it to me to use. For me that was confirmation of the need to use the King James Bible. Hal B. (Texarkana Prison)

Dr. Mike, Enclosed is my offering for PMI. I’m grateful for this ministry, the doctrine I have received of the Lord through you, and ministry training I’ve received. I pray many more will be led as I have been, and will find your Bible college as much of a blessing as I have. If what we know through all eternity is what we study in the Word now, PMI is greatly enriching the eternal inheritance of believers. Keep it up! God bless, Bryan Swinford (Cincinnati, OH)

Dr. Mike, Studying this material has really helped me in (understanding various) areas of ministry. I can not even function good at all Dr. Mike without studying with my every breath. Since I have been with (the PMI Center), I crave more and more every day. Truly your school and (study programs) are the best studies. Russell J. (Alamo, GA)

Dr. Mike, I just finished Scofield (Module 2, Concentration) 203 – The Bible chapter and book summaries. I can tell you that I have learned so much from that exercise that I am not sure where to even begin – I have seen things I have never seen before – I have been moved in ways by His Word that I never before knew. It has been tough but so very worthwhile. I speak to others who are taking other paths about the work that I am doing versus the work that they are doing. The path that this and the previous coursework has put me on is far superior to anything else I see. I have spoken with graduates of the one of the most well known Baptist seminary and we are doing things that they are not doing – we are working harder – going deeper – writing 10 x’s more. So, I just wanted to say thank you for this opportunity, that I would have had any other way. I sit in services and hear error. I listen to the radio and hear error. I pray to God that I will never be one of those and He reminds me of the work I am doing – the college work. It has been an amazing journey that is till in the beginnings. I want to scream at Pastors, Preachers and Teachers when I hear them twist the truth. God has me there for a reason. At first it perplexed me at how God still moves in those services. Then I was reminded that when His word is being spoken and read, it will not come back void. Yet, imagine if it was properly divided and explained – How much more would God be honored and how much would His Holy Spirit be free to move and convince, convict and compel those who so desperately need to come to His throne of grace!? That is my mission and I know it is yours as well. It has been a rare privilege to be under your hand of instruction and guidance. Thank you Dr. Mike for your contending for the faith and making sure that we, who walk this path with you, are prepared to do the same. Clifford R (Oakdale, LA)

Dr. Mike, First off, thank you for the course. This study of the Pastoral Epistles has really allowed the Holy Spirit to reveal things to me through the studies. I have definitely grown from this course and not only learned things but also have applied the things to my life as a new minister. I look forward to starting the next course (Acts and Ministry). William (Nevada Prison)

William’s mother wrote this kind note: Dr. Mike, Thanks for being here and doing this for my son. I see him in his work coming back to the Lord and where he was as a teen. PS: I’m copying his work in my computer for our family to read. We love it. Thanks again. Michelle O (Degraff, OH).

Dr. Mike, Thank you for your courses. They are such a blessing! God put a man who follows the FOI (Fruit of Islam) in the cell with me. Although he tries to poke holes in my faith, your courses and collateral (reading assignments) have equipped me to defend the faith and show him the truth. I pray for his salvation. I also pray for PMI! Thank you for your ministry. Blaine (PA Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you for all you have done to help me in this spiritual journey that I’m on. You are an inspiration to me and I am so blessed to have you as a teacher. Your ministry is very powerful in the prison system and I pray God will bless you for your sacrifice and most of all your obedience to His call. John (Virginia Prison)

Dr. Mike, I want to thank you for the time and effort of love you put into the Lord’s service. You have given me the heart to support PMI for what they do to help others the rest of my life. I will be able to do much more when I get out, but for now I will do what I can. Ralph (Massachusetts Prison)

Dr. Mike, Heartbreaking letter from one of my students: Dr. Mike, studying this (Scofield Study Bible Course) has truly helped me since my encounters with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims are much in prison. Please pray for me Dr. Mike. Please help me to keep studying with you, please Dr. Mike, you are my home now and my counselor. Please help me help myself. I need you. Gene (Georgia Prison)

[This is what the Lord had in mind in 1981 when He burdened me to start the PMI Center for Biblical Studies. THANK YOU LORD JESUS!! Please help me to be faithful to THEE all the days of my life!]

Dr. Mike, This (Sharing Jesus evangelism) course has reenergized me to share God’s Word. I have been able to witness several times and I was able to lead one young man to Christ. His name is Michael, and he was a member of the Blood’s gang. Please pray for him. He has already been warned that he can’t accept Jesus because when he joined the gang, the Bloods became his god. Please pray for protection for him. Ricky Challender (Georgia Prison)

Dr. Mike, I am thoroughly enjoying my studies with you. I feel inspired and closer to Christ than ever. Thank you again for your support. John Evans (Georgia Prison)

Dr. Mike, Once again I would like to thank you for offering all of the tracts that you do. They help with explaining to others around me the things in which I do not yet know or understand . . . I have started a daily Bible study (using your tracts). I showed everyone the list of the tracts that are available and together we picked some that would help us as a whole. I can’t thank you enough for helping me . . .  Wade Wheeler (Virginia Prison)

Dr. Mike, I have been mentoring this fellow in here that says he has tried it all- Wicca, Buddhism, etc., but knows the answer is found in the Bible. I have another person that is a Messianic Jew who had a Jewish Bible, but I sat down with him and your tract- “25 Characteristics of a Counterfeit Bible” and when I was finished, he got a King James Bible. Charles Hardy (NC Prison)

Dr. Mike, Rest assured we will support your ministry because it has helped Marvin so very much and directly responsible for him achieving his goal of getting the Christian education he had always wanted to acquire, before his life took a devastating turn.  If prison was the way the Lord allowed for Marvin to be used by Him, then I praise God for it.  Jack and Betty (Parents of student)

Dr. Mike, I’d like you to know that I have been your Acts 6:4 prayer partner since completing your Foundations courses last year. I am your intercessory prayer warrior who begins my prayers between 3:45 and 4:00 every day for an hour or more . . .  I am praying for you Dr. Mike; your family, staff, and volunteers at PMI. John Eckert (California Prison).

Dr. Mike, I just wanted to write and let you know how much you mean to me and Stacey. I have learned and grown in the Lord since I’ve been a part of your school. Words can’t thank you enough. Thank you for all you do. In Christ, Dr. Waylon Kaus (Texas Prison)

Dr. Mike, I had to come to prison to find true freedom. Dr. Mike you have (given) me more than you will ever know. You helped in giving my life back and you gave me friendship. God bless you. Aaron Hazelett (California Prison)

Dr. Mike, You have no idea how much I appreciate this ministry. I was told yesterday that a major ministry leader is making arrangements to come see me after hearing my story. It was suggested he might want me to join his ministry upon leaving prison. Just know that none of this would be (possible) if you hadn’t been faithful to God’s call. I thank you in God’s name for your faithfulness. People don’t believe that a (person) has been able to accomplish so much while in prison. Only because another man was faithful was it possible! Clifford Robertson (Louisiana Prison)

Dr. Mike, I thank God for men like you who take a stand for God and are not afraid to expose the devil for what he is. Thank you for your ministry and being willing to mentor men like me. Doug Parker (Mississippi Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you for allowing me to study the truth of God’s Word. With your teaching I’ve come to depths of understanding that I would have never reached by myself. Dr. Mike you have fulfilledMatthew 25:36: “I was in prison and ye came unto me.” God bless and keep you. Marion Westerman (Arkansas Prison)

UPDATE from bro Westerman: this continues to be the best and deepest studies I’ve taken in the ministry, bar none and I am so thankful to you Dr. Mike and all those there at PMI who are truly in the service of the Lord in these “end times”! Marion Westerman (Arkansas Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you so much for my Scofield Studies. I am practically living 8-12 (hours) per day in prayer and praise. My relationship with Him just gets closer daily. Thank you and your coursework for being the catalyst in my push closer to God. Aaron Dotson (Colorado Prison)

Dr. Mike, I just wanted you to know that the Old Scofield Theology Course is awesome. This Bible (school) is the best thing to happen to me. So much revelation it’s intense . . . I’m up at 5:40 am almost every day praying and reading. Thanks for everything. Bryan Swinford

Dr. Mike, This Soul Patrol (PMI Assoc. Evangelist ministry) has really changed my life. I have (won) 7 souls since I began this course. I just truly thank PMI for giving me this chance to do what’s right for God. This course has made me a stronger man also. (One) of the 7 souls was a homosexual and I really feel great about that! Glory be to God. The guards know that I’m a child of God without even saying anything. There’s even one that says, “Hey Quentin, tonight read (this verse or that verse)” even when I’m out on the yard. God is in control. Quentin Parker (North Carolina Prison)

Dr. Mike, This particular study (Rapture and the Revelation- Mystery vs. Prophecy) has been so far the most challenging. The subject matter drew a lot of attention from several inmates, so I took time to learn and teach as the Lord willed. I was even blessed to teach a couple of dorm officers. This is very rare to be esteemed enough to teach both inmates and officers. I am honored and humbled. Thank you for accepting me and giving me this opportunity for knowledge. Jeffrey T. (Florida Prison)

Dr. Mike, I want you to know how much this degree program has changed my life, and I am only 15 hours into it. If you are not serious and 100% sure you want to be in ministry, you will not be able to complete this course. So far this ministry course has been above my expectations. Thank you for the chance. John Thebeau (Illinois Prison).

Dr. Mike, I’m very impressed with the literature and information you mailed me. I have not found anybody else that stands up for Biblical truths and is willing to oppose heresy correctly in years- and NOW by the grace of God I find out that you do such. I love the literature you sent. Harold Hempstead (Florida Prison).

Dr. Mike, I was fascinated by my 1st year of Biblical studies. My whole life has changed. What impresses me is that my communication with God is stronger. Thank you for that. Matthew Nichols (Arizona Prison).

Dr. Mike, After the first two course studies in Ministry Ordination, I find myself more enlightened about God’s ways and the ministry of Jesus Christ. Every day I divide the Word of God and meditate on it. I’m not only growing stronger as a soldier for Jesus but becoming like Him. I give thanks to God for your ministry that is training, teaching, and transforming my spiritual life in Christ! Fuet Hang (North Carolina Prison).

Dr. Mike, Thank you for these studies and your dedication to truth. It’s refreshing and inspiring to know that there are still some leaders out there who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and shake some Christians out of their tolerant and complacent stupors. (Also) I would like to thank you for such a wonderful opportunity. For a long time I have known the call of God on my life, but I never thought I’d ever get a college education, especially one such as this. God has blessed me greatly with your program and I am so grateful. John Arange (Oklahoma Prison).

UPDATE FROM BROTHER ARANGE (above): I am preparing my first sermon to be delivered Tuesday November 15th . . .  a10 minute sermon for that night. It is by God’s blessing me with this coursework through that I am able to prepare it. It is based on an assignment from “Sharing Jesus” that was entitled “The Worth of One Soul.” Thank you for this education and your obedience to God in providing it. I’m enjoying the challenge and drawing closer to God with every assignment. John Arange (Oklahoma Prison)

[From one of our 2 Year, Old Scofield Study Bible in Theology students]: Thank you for sending me these lessons! I thank God for you and the others like you who minister to inmates in jails and prisons across the US. You have not forgotten about us. You truly fulfill the Word in Matthew 25:35: I was in prison and ye came unto me. The study course is tough! And I like it! The symmetry and design of the assignments is amazing. I appreciate the writing that is required to complete each assignment. Jameson Wood (Virginia Prison)

Dr. Mike, Every time I read through the Bible it opens my eyes more to God; but going over it like this . . .  WOW! Phillip Swain (Florida Prison)

Dr. Mike, I thank God daily for you and the truths that you teach. I will take them into the ministry with me and teach them to the church of God without apology and without compromise. I cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity that God has given me to learn and grow in my faith and in God’s Word through PMI under your leadership. May God bless you always. Curtis Fairchild (Florida Prison).

Dr. Mike, I would like to take a moment to thank you Dr. Mike. I was at a place of contentment and I was satisfied with what I had accomplished as far as studying God’s Word. But through PMI I was able to begin to go deeper. Most of the courses I had done in the past gave you a text to read and then asked questions to be answered- pretty easy. But PMI challenged me and gave me opportunity to go into the Bible and look for the deeper truths of God’s Word. (God) is using you in a mighty way. William Moody (New Jersey Prison).


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Dr. Mike, The Bible study from PMI has had a . . .  tremendous impact on the lives of the people that I’ve been blessed to share Jesus, preach, and teach all this God brought forth through the PMI (Center for) Biblical Studies. Kirby Spriggs (Louisiana Prison).

Dr. Mike, I learned how to bring souls to Christ more easily and effectively. I do thank you as well as my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I feel like I am about to turn my world upside down and this prison system until I go home. Thank you Dr. Mike, I can use this always. Brian McMaster (North Carolina Prison).

Dr. Mike, I probably have never done such an intense study of God’s Word, or have taken part in a concentrated program of study courses such as this one (PMI; but I’m loving the challenge and am deeply satisfied over the accomplishments of my writing ability (thanks to the Mind of Christ) . . . though reading and knowing the Word of God as I have in the last four decades of my life, the material that your courses have marched me through up to now has become alive and intimate in their scope of personal instruction and Holy revelation. God bless you Dr. Mike and your staff of tireless workers in the Lord! Marvin Hatcher (Colorado Prison).

Dr. Mike, I thank God for you and PMI. You saved my life. And then after you saved my life you came back again and rekindled the fire in my soul. Dr. Freddie Abney, Jr. (Missouri Prison).

I am so thankful that I found PMI. What a blessing this ministry has become to me. Under your watchful mentoring I have already discovered so much more doctrine, revelation and understanding of God’s holy, inspired Word. What a joy to be able to study the Word in depth. I cannot believe how many years I have wasted to truly discover the vast resources and pure truth of the Scriptures. This current study in the Old Scofield Study Bible is the very essence of the heavenly gateway to a closer walk with our Lord and Savior. This is without doubt Theology, the knowledge of God in its fulfillment to impart wisdom, discernment and edification of the believer to build a firm foundation in the faith. Thank you so much for the opportunity to “study to shew myself approved.” To God be the glory! Searching the Scriptures, Steven Collins (Tennessee Prison).

Just these few words to say I love you and what you’re doing (for) the love of Christ. The way your father and you have blessed me- it has changed me forever. If I die today, I will die with a smile on my face because of the impact you two powerhouses have had on my life. Manuel A. Romero (California Prison).

Studying this material has really helped me realize the emphasis Mark places on Christ’s role as servant. I do not believe there is anything more beneficial I could be doing with my time than attending your school. Thank you so much for your ministry. Jonathan Thompson (NorthCarolina Prison).

Dr. Mike, I want to sincerely thank you for pouring into my life and allowing God to use you all there at PMI to establish your hearts to not forget about those who are bound. I received the info filled packets and I’m overjoyed with anticipation into what the spirit will counsel me within the word. Thank for being diligent towards us here and all over, that share in this experience of being discipled in Gods word. Truly, Dr. Mike, you all have been a pivotal blessing in my life (incarcerated) and I praise God for the elect as you all are. Thank you for being demonstrations of God’s grace to us. God bless in abundance . . . DuJuan Williamson (Pennsylvania Prison).

Your gift of any amount will help us continue reaching and teaching prisoners for Christ.


Dr. Mike, It is my personal conviction that God has an appointed person, place, or thing at an appointed time, for an appointed purpose. While incarcerated for over 18 months, I have been studying God’s Word in depth. I have completed over 14 Bible study courses. During these months I was given the name of Dr. Mike Johnston, President of the PMI Center. It was then that I realized that there was divine work at hand here, for I had prayed for God’s guidance to show me somewhere that I could continue my Biblical studies but on a higher educational level suitable for the work in God’s ministry.

PMI is just such a place from medium level to advanced studies they offer a variety of degree courses. Within PMI’s curriculum I have found exactly what I was looking for. Studies that I can do towards my degree while incarcerated at a very cost effective enrollment; but, I am able to continue to study with PMI upon my release which is vitally important to my type of ministry.

Once released, I will be involved in work, plus time spent with a ministry to the sick, shut-in, nursing home, jail and prisons. Not to mention three very precious grand children, who I hope will go with me on some nursing home visits.

Dr. Mike has proven to be extremely perceptive and knowledgeable as to the written and spoken Word. I find that his beliefs are what God’s inspired Word has ordained for believers, TRUTH, nothing added, nothing removed; TRUTH, the Good News, the Great Commission, the Rapture, and the New Jerusalem.

Brothers and sisters, PMI teaches God’s Word verbatim, the studies have enlightened me, uplifted me, encouraged me, edified me, qualified me, and called me to a higher calling in Christ Jesus. Waiting for the trumpet blast. Steven Collins, 2 Tim 1:7-8 (Tennessee Prison).

Dr. Mike, I believe I was sent to you by God because He knew I would learn a lot from your insight into a life with Him. I have learned so much from your studies . . . I never (knew) that a study could make me so happy, but I can’t wait for the next one. I know I need your program because God pushed me towards you. Thank you and God bless you. Jason Gideon (Michigan Prison)

Dr. Mike, On behalf of the men currently at our institution we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the generous books you’ve donated. The men here are in awe of the various spiritual selections you saw fit to send us and are humbled by your generosity. Chaplain Albert Kolff (Racine Cor. Inst.)

Dr. Mike, I feel like your studies are finally going to show me a lot of the Scripture that I’ve needed to make me a stronger Christian so I definitely thank you for that. Johnnie Swinehart (Michigan Prison)

Dr. Mike, As I studied these two books (Ephesians and Colossians) I learned more than I thought I (ever) could. This was everything I was looking for on learning my Bible. I have to have discipline to finish in a timely manner. Thank you for accepting me. My next course I will be working on is Church Organization and Leadership. Christopher Reece (Georgia Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you very much for the 6 boxes of books and the other material you sent . . . it is only through precious ministries like yours that the spiritual needs of the ladies can be met. I thank you for helping us to meet those needs. Chaplain Bernita A. Earle (Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution)I thank God for men like you who are not afraid to stand up for God and expose these cults, false prophets and false teachers of today. Your books and tracts have really opened my eyes to a lot. Thank you bro Mike. Terry Hall (Mississippi Prison)

Dr. Mike, (The Sharing Jesus evangelism course) has really opened my heart to the truth of my love for sharing Christ with others. I wasn’t going out looking for people to share Christ with until I was told to do it in this course. I’d never passed out tracts before. (Now) I’ve had things made clear to me concerning all I must do. I (won’t) rest until I’ve done all that I can to win souls for the Lord. Thank you for making this clear. Ellis Matthews (Florida Prison)

EXCITING FOLLOW UP LETTER FROM BROTHER MATTHEWS: I am writing to let you know that I’ve just won a precious soul. I am proud to say that I followed (Dr. Mike’s) soul winning outline overview (in the Sharing Jesus course). All of this took place over three days of talking and sharing Scripture. Dr. Johnston, all round me I see men who are in need of Jesus Christ. Some know that they need Him and others know it but are more concerned with what will be said about them. I know that this is my calling to Share Jesus Christ. I pray that the Lord continues to use you. Ellis Matthews (Florida Prison)

Dr. Mike, I’m so very fortunate to have met you and the PMI team . . .  the encouragement you send me through my continued updated transcripts is wonderful . . .  I accept (your) invitation to evangelize throughout this prison and wherever else I go from here. So please allow me to sit at the feet of our Savior and listen as He instructs PMI to instruct me. DuJuan Williamson (Pennsylvania Prison)


Write and request the first of 8 in the Foundations of Theology prerequisite study project!

Dr. Mike, After finishing your Foundations of Faith (8 Lessons), I requested your Intro Pack. I was highly impressed with the level of Bible studies you offer. I have finished several from different ministries yet I have not found them to be challenging enough, or demanding. Your program is at college level which not many Bible schools offer . . .  your program offers serious dedication and total commitment. Tony Carrera (California Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My goal when I get out of here is to work with prison ministry. I have seen first hand now how much of a presence Satan has in a prison. Learning has never been so interesting. Your lessons have given me a new look at things I have read many times before. James George (Massachusetts Prison)

Dr. Mike, Today is such a blessing to me. At 9:30 am central a man whom I have been witnessing to and praying for for over 4 years accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. I am writing this down just moments after everything has occurred and my tears are dripping on this page. Dr. Mike, I have led others . . .  but never in my life have I experienced the joy and wonder that now fills my every fiber. I want to thank PMI and you Dr. Mike for giving me the tools (through the Sharing Jesus evangelism course). Love and peace. Steven Wertz (Arkansas Prison)

Dr. Mike, I want to thank you for caring about me. I am humbled that you have accepted me as a student. I have been studying and working hard to restore my life, and with God’s blessing and your kindness I have a good feeling about my future. My goal is to take God’s great Word to others that like me, got lost in a world of lying, lust and disgrace . . .  for now, the lessons you send will be given my total attention and love. What you are doing for me is incredible. Thank you for all your time and effort. (He included this note with his lesson submission): Excellent study, very challenging. I appreciate the way this study is presented, it makes you think! I look forward to the next one, I can not get enough of this. James George (Massachusetts Prison)

Dr. Mike, I’ve enclosed a little money that I pray will help out. I will send more when I can. I can’t express to you how these studies are impacting my life and ministry. I thank you for obeying our Lord in good works. It has blessed me so much to be in the PMI program. Thomas Richardson (Tennessee Prison)

Dr. Mike, Life here is a daily bombardment of corruption. Abiding within my Christ Jesus is the only relationship here that I seek. All other relationships that I have here are all filtered through His standard. I am curious as to what the filtering process will be when I return to my home church. Will I find the same apostate conditions there that I deal with here? Dr. Mike, this is a trepidation that concerns me to my very soul. Marvin Hatcher, (Colorado Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you for your encouraging and uplifting words . . .  and being a man of God who cares for others. I wrote the pastor of the church I was going to twice, but he never wrote back. You remind me of Jesus (Who) left the 99 to go after the 1. Thank you for who you are and helping me in my walk in Jesus. Ronald Hampton, (Florida Prison)

Dr. Mike, I’m enjoying the depth of understanding that I’m gaining (in my study program). I never realized I was overlooking so much vital knowledge. Thank you brother for working with me in this. I want to equip myself for a lifelong journey doing God’s work. Cameron Flood, (North Carolina Prison)

Dr. Mike, This course is more advanced than any other course that I have ever taken in Biblical studies. It is a lot of writing, but I am enjoying every bit of it.  Henry Lee Loston, (Texas Prison)

Dr. Mike, I would like to thank you for finding an interest in me and sending me the Bible studies. I really love them so much (because) I want to get all the knowledge I can about my Lord and Savior. I feel so good spiritually when I learn new things about the Lord Jesus Christ. I was lost for 38 years- using drugs and alcohol. When I was saved, I was brought to my knees to repent of my sins, but I didn’t change and I was sent to prison. It took this prison sentence to finally wake me up to do the right thing. Robert Tyndell (New Jersey Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you for this study, (it) is the one I have been looking for. Do you remember the 2 guys that walked along and Jesus came walking with them? This was after the resurrection and their heart burned inside while they talked not knowing it was Jesus. That’s how I feel right now and while I was doing this study. Thank you once again. Kevin Dee Clark (Tennessee Prison)

Dr. Mike, I was told about PMI by another inmate who is currently doing one of your courses (who) says that it’s amazing. He tells me that in his studies his personal relationship with Jesus Christ deepens in intimacy every day and he has discovered things (in the Scriptures) he never dreamed of. Boyd Johnson (Minnesota Prison)

Dr. Mike, I’m writing you from a very dark place and death and Hell are all around me. Men’s hearts are waxed cold, ungodliness has taken hold of their ways and wont let go. Peace is not welcome here, evil controls (from) on high, BUT the Word of God that worketh in me is bringing the mountain down. I ask you for books on faith, on the Holy Spirit and His work . . .  in here there are no books on the book cart but worldiness, sex, evil works- will you please send me something to read  (and about enrolling) in your Bible college. Pray for me. Dennis Gatewood (Michigan Prison)

Dr. Mike, God is really blessing me through your ministry. Satan has been very active in trying to discourage me. He took my son, took my wife, then tried to take my faith in my salvation. Your article on Assurance has awakened my senses to God’s Word of truth. Many ministries twist the Bible verses which at times can confuse a young Christian like myself. Thank you. Robert Zukowski (Pennsylvania Prison)

Dr. Mike, I believe the Lord Jesus wants me enrolled in the PMI Center . . .  I believe my interest is God inspired. I know two brothers in Christ that have earned degrees from PMI and they are both wiser in the Word of God than almost anyone else I know here. They speak about Christ from sunrise to sunset and they are confident in the Word. They are on fire for the Lord; they don’t just speak about the Lord, they live it! Irving Rivera (New Jersey Prison)

Dr. Mike, It was truly a pleasure doing these lessons. My bond with the Lord has become a lot stronger (which) makes me very happy. Thank you so much for what you have done for me and for other people. May God continue to bless you! David Wimer (Pennsylvania Prison)

Dr. Mike, Thank you so much for your letter and your help for my son Ellis. He is very excited about starting the courses and I am grateful for people like you who understand that the Holy Ghost is in prison also, working and moving in men and women’s lives. While I’m not a wealthy person, I know God will help me send $15 each month. Cathy Oliver

Dr. Mike, I believe that Jesus has provided me with the information about your program. (He) wants me to grow spiritually and your program is an outstanding way to accomplish this. I pray that you will accept me into your program so I may grow. I will apply myself fully. Denver Stites (Michigan Prison)

Dr. Mike, I would like to thank Dr. Mike for allowing me to take (these) courses. I am learning so much by (this) method of going through each chapter of the Bible. Thank you again, Dr. Mike! James Price (Pennsylvania Prison)

Dr. Mike, I think your program is a blessing to prisoners and free world people who are willing to learn more about the Lord. I thank you. Michael Brister (Texas Prison)

Dr. Mike, After receiving the Soul Patrol (PMI Assoc. Evangelist program) package and Sharing Jesus (step by step evangelism training course) God has taken me to another level. I now have the tact to share Jesus and effectively share the gospel with a lost soul. I used to write my heart out to Bible colleges and other places begging them to let me in to learn how to preach the gospel and to do it effectively. I give Him all the praise and glory for working in you to reach many hungry brothers like myself. Evangelist Cortez Carter (Georgia Prison).

Dr. Mike, I was referred to you by Tom, a minister of the Shadow Mountain Community Church. I’m currently incarcerated in solitary confinement at a California State prison. I told Tom I needed spiritual help and he gave me your address- so here I am! Please help me in any way you can. Jimmy Lopez (California Prison).

Dr. Mike, I honestly feel that God is involved with PMI. So many schools offer a surface oriented education . . . but not PMI. This is a school (offering) long lasting training in the deep things of God. Thanks so much, and may you sincerely be blessed by Him who wills that we all learn of His Word, the Bible. Dr. Michael Barnett (Texas Prison).

Dr. Mike, Greetings my dear brother. Just to update you on my evangelist monthly report  and to let you know the blessing God is sending my way- Praise God . . .  this month was great news (Sharing Jesus). I was able thank for the guidance of the Holy Spirit to (win) two souls to Christ . . .  both converted from the Muslim belief. Praise God! I have begun a discipleship study here in the dorm with 6 men in the study. Praise God!!! Evangelist William Wooten (Georgia  Prison).

Dr. Mike, The Bible teaches that the basic secret of guidance is commitment to the will of God. Your courses help instill that . . . Christian witness is the privilege and duty which arises from the experience of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ. Commanded by God, and worldwide in its scope and intention, its purpose is to set forth God’s saving acts in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, in accordance with the Scriptures, and our dependence on the Holy Spirit. Thank you for this course. I am ready for more! Dr. John Osborn (Arizona  Prison).

ENROLLMENT INFORMATION FOR PRISONERS AND NON-PRISONERS: Write and request Foundations of Theology Lesson 1 of 8 prerequisite project!

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