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“An Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible Teaching Christian school offering College and Seminary level courses in Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Counseling (Nouthetic), Creation, Ministry, Prophecy, Scofield Bible, and Theology through distance education since 1981”

PMI Enrollment Process

The PMI Center for Biblical Studies is an unapologetic, Fundamental Christian, KJV Bible believing school offering college and seminary level courses through distance education to over 30,000 students since 1981.

The following overview describes the process for student enrollment:

  1. PMI receives the full name and address including doc number (if student is a prisoner) of a student interested in enrolling in our college/seminary level study programs.
  2. We follow up with the first of our required 8 lesson study project called Foundations of Theology.
  3. Upon completion of the Foundations project, students are provided a certificate of completion and the option of requesting an application to enroll in one of our advanced level study programs listed below.
  4. Students fill out and submits application, selecting a study program from among the major disciplines we offer: Ministry, Biblical Studies, and Theology.
  5. Upon completion of any PMI study program major, PMI will award a Diploma along with all information for requesting an optional degree from our co-op school Calvary Christian College and Seminary. Cost of degree when credits are earned at PMI is only $50 and requires no additional coursework from our graduates.

Advanced Standing 

Matriculation at a higher degree level is possible through a Degree and Credit Evaluation form analysis which can be requested at a later time. Those having transferable credits by transcript and/or life experience will not only receive advanced standing to enroll at a higher level, they may qualify for a degree.

Students desiring Advanced Standing will need to submit a Degree and Credit Evaluation (DACE) which allows us to recognize and extend credit for your Bible school studies as well as your life ministry experience. Many have earned enough credits for a degree from our co-op college- www.CalvaryChristianCollegeandSeminary.com of South Bend, Indiana!


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