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Accreditation: A Skeptic’s Favorite Attack On Christian College Grads

Posted: June 11, 2017 in Accreditation, IFB
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Dr. James A., PhD.

I am a graduate of Calvary Christian College & Seminary (“CCCS”), a school started by Jack Van Impe and Michael Johnston (and also the alma mater of Dr. Kent Hovind). I have an EARNED PhD, preceded by a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in theology. I also have an earned degree from law school which help start my career as a paralegal and professional investigator.  I have been an avid reader all of my life so much of what I have learned I would have learned in spite of my education in Bible college. Unfortunately, in a day where sophistry is more important than common sense, you almost have to have some kind of degree for people to take you seriously about anything. The same books you use as a college textbook are often available at a local library.

However, CCCS is not an “accredited” Christian college, and this seems to be a “problem” for many of whom I debate. “Problem” I say, because a school being either Christian or unaccredited is used by my skeptic foes as an ad hominem means to discredit my arguments. The tactic of attacking a person’s arguments based on their education goes all the way back to Jesus’ day when the enemies of Christ attempted to discredit His teaching because He didn’t graduate from a prestigious state-owned college (John 7:15). The same crowd also used this argument to discredit Christ’s disciples. (Acts 4:13). In fact, I have heard more objections to my PhD by atheists, skeptics, agnostics and liberals than objections to my actual arguments on any given topic. Ironically, most of the objectors are anonymous who themselves have no formal education. Moreover, if only the ‘educated’ can properly understand the content of a specialty, then nobody else would be able to comprehend someone like Dawkins unless they have an equal education, which begs the question as to why any atheist would attempt to use his arguments against a theist/creationist given that he must admit to his own lack of academic bereftment.

The objection always boils down to whether or not a person received their degree from an “accredited” school, or that my education is not valid because it was derived from a Christian college. Not only is this NOT a valid objection, it commits the genetic fallacy (attempting to discredit an argument solely on the grounds its source). If my degree was NOT valid, what would that have to do with the truth value of arguing that, for example, whatever begins to exist has a cause? Furthermore, the argument works both ways. The atheists I debate with engage in a special pleading fallacy by ignoring this fact. For example. The modern-day atheist champion, Richard Dawkins, does not have a degree in biology, yet his followers accept his views as a biologist as irrefutable proof that evolution is true. If atheists were consistent, they would admit that Dawkins’ opinions on biology as expert testimony would commit the fallacy of argumentum ad vericundiam (improper authority). Moreover, Dawkins also does not have a degree that majors in philosophy, and therefore would not be qualified to give an expert opinion as to why an evolutionary scientist should be honest about their findings-a philosophical matter, not a scientific one. (For more on demonstrating that evolution is far more a priori philosophical nonsense than it is science, see Phillip Johnson’s, Reason In the Balance)

Accreditation is only a recent development in our education system (1950s). Thus, if atheists were fair and consistent, they would ignore Marx, Nietzsche, Sartre, Hume, Russell, and a handful of other atheists, agnostics, and skeptics of whom all modern arguments for atheism have their nexus of whom never held “accredited” degrees. Furthermore, most of the colleges they graduated from were at the time Christian universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Westminster, etc…). So if lack of accreditation and graduating from a Christian college discredits a person’s education, then all of atheism’s founding fathers should be discarded a priori before any debate relying on their premises can begin.

Accreditation is normally governed by statute. In other words, a board of people decide on what is appropriate to teach at a college, and how it should be taught, and the college receiving accreditation must comply with their regulations. Ironically, the atheist doesn’t seem to object at this point that the state dictating what any Christian college should teach in order to obtain accreditation would be a violation of the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ doctrine. The atheist is completely comfortable with maintaining this double standard, e.g., Christianity should not be supported or endorsed by government, but the government must put its stamp of approval on your Christian education or it’s not a valid degree. Of course, we know that the real motive behind the atheist arguments here is to actually get rid of theism altogether, so being exposed for a little hypocrisy is a small price to pay in achieving the greater good of the fight to completely privatize Christianity.

If accreditation was required to make all degrees valid, then no Christian university would be safe so long as the board responsible for issuing accreditation can be manipulated by personal bias against creationism, theology, Christian ethics, and the Bible. In fact, my position is that accreditation is a tool to do just that (after having read the Communist Manifesto, Humanist Manifesto, and Rules For Radicals): keep ‘religion’ out of the public school system, and indoctrinate our next generations with Marxism, marriage ‘equality’, moral relativism, and a disdain for the theistic foundations on which our country was built*. Today’s college students are often encouraged to engage in riots and protests, and even given college credit for it. They are offended by the slightest hint of disagreement that doesn’t kowtow with their violent relativism. One college professor was recently seen at a rally for President Trump hitting a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock.

Sorry, but I’ll take my ‘non-accredited’ degree over the safety-pin standards of accredited colleges any day. Calvary Christian College & Seminary has a GRUELING work schedule. It is no diploma mill. You won’t pay for your course, and get a degree in the mail. YOU HAVE TO EARN IT. In fact, I did more writing and read more books to earn my degree at CCCS then I ever did in public school, or even law school (except for the case-law readings). A Christian college should not be subjected to state ‘accreditation’, and no Christian president of a Christian college should ever subject his college to one. It is an utterly silly argument to subject a person’s desire to be educated according to his/her beliefs to a system that dismisses those beliefs outright, and then attack that person’s arguments or opinions based on such faulty presuppositions about education.


For more on CCCS position on accreditation, see President Mike Johnston’s statement, here.

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Student Downloads


Go to the website-

Click DOWNLOAD and follow the instructions- clicking YES when asked.

Once downloaded, click the E-SWORD icon and open the program for the first time.

On the menu bar at the top, find and click DOWNLOAD. A drop down menu will appear.

Click COMMENTARIES. I downloaded the following:

Albert Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

Adam Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible

John Darby’s Synopsis of the Bible

Geneva Bible Translation Notes

John Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible

Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary

Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary

Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

Robertson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament

Scofield’s Reference Notes – Use this url, not e-Sword:

Summarized Bible (Keith L. Brooks)

The Treasury of David (C. H. Spurgeon)

Vincent’s Word Studies

Return to your e-sword program menu bar at the top, find and click DOWNLOAD then click. A drop down menu will appear. Click DICTIONARIES. I downloaded the following:

Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions

Easton’s Bible Dictionary

Fausset’s Bible Dictionary

Hitchcock’s Bible Names

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

King James Concordance

King James Dictionary

Nave’s Topical Bible

Smith’s Bible Dictionary

Thayer’s Greek Definitions

Torrey’s New Topical Textbook

Noah Webster’s Dictionary of American English

DISCLAIMER: We may not agree with every conclusion in these commentaries and resources, but we can eat the fish and spit out the bones: Below are websites supporting e-Sword you can also download other modules from that I highly recommend:

Bible Support:

Be sure to bet the Annotated Bible by Arno Gaebelein from Bible support above-

Also visit Doctor Dave:

Another commentary I like a lot is the “Believers Bible Commentary” by Dr. William MacDonald. Although it is based on the NKJV- a version we believe to be corrupt- it’s notes are generally well worth considering:

You may also wish to familiarize yourself with our PMI Links page for more great Bible teaching from sound doctrinal perspectives:

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Are all “unaccredited” Bible colleges and ministry training schools – DIPLOMA MILLS?

October 27, 2015 1 comment


Secular accreditation has become nothing more than educational idolatry (Ex. 20:3). Today this intimidation is so polarizing, even Christians are afraid to attend a fundamentally sound Bible school the government hasn’t endorsed.  Please consider this question my friend: Is “Caesar’s” sanction the criteria necessary for God to tell us well done thou good and faithful servant Matt. 25:21), or is there something else?

Accreditation was an issue in Christ’s day, and His ministry was never fully legitimized because He refused to submit Himself to those in charge of granting it: When (Christ) was come into the temple, the chief priests and the elders of the people came unto him as he was teaching, and said, By what authority doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority  (Matthew 21:23)? What these self proclaimed authorities were saying is this: “Look here Jesus. Since you didn’t receive your training from a school we endorse, your education and your credentials are worthless.”  

The PMI Center for Biblical Studies has been involved in distance Bible and Ministry training to prisoners since 1981. From the outset, our desire has been to provide the highest quality theological training possible by alternative distance educational means. Sadly, when phantom accusations are aimed at reputable schools, a response is often necessary. One catchphrase often used to marginalize and stigmatize the integrity of the off campus model of theological education is to arbitrarily label the school a diploma mill.

Diploma mills originated with magazine ads offering degrees in a variety of subjects for a specific amount of money. Pay the money, receive the degree irrespective of work or merit. Today a variety of these degrees are available online in about twenty-four hours or so. That is not what is happening in most off campus Bible training programs I’m aware of and those who accuse these fine schools of being diploma mills either don’t know what the term means or are simply operating from an agenda that allows them to misrepresent the term in order to accomplish their objectives.

The fact is, Christian education by correspondence isn’t new. It was actually one of the favored methods the Apostle Paul employed for equipping the saints with the vital doctrines and duties accompanying the Christian faith during the first century.

I am happy to report the Pauline off-campus model reappeared several years ago in response to growing numbers of men and women desiring an education but unable to relocate to classroom settings. Sadly, instead of applauding the “university without walls” in its effort to provide alternative educational opportunities for the disadvantaged and disenfranchised, the movement has been met with unkind and unwarranted criticism* from institutional protectionists angered with these schools for refusing their unbiblical man-made accreditation.

Today while the future of  “traditional” college is being debated, distance learning has proven to be a viable means of education through the following triad of evidences: The first can be clearly seen in the development of the self-study process. Quantum advances in technology and information storage and delivery systems now offer students- around the clock and around the world- quality scholarship and study opportunities via the computer and the internet in the comfort of their own home.

The second evidence comes from its growing- and may I say prominent- list of proponents. A quick Google search reveals Government agencies, small and large businesses, home-schoolers, the military, secular universities, and Christian colleges and seminaries are all scrambling to incorporate distance study alternatives into their overall mission strategies. When reporting on this trend, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote: “All across the country, going to college is acquiring a whole new meaning as higher education undergoes a virtual transformation, one that some predict will make traditional campuses the dinosaurs of the digital age.” Interestingly, that excerpt appeared in an article from their July 20, 1998 edition.

Finally, and perhaps most compelling, are the products of these distance education programs: the graduates. Nowhere has this been more of a blessing than in the Christian community. Thanks to the visionary efforts of many conservative off-campus Bible schools like the PMI Center for Biblical Studies and Calvary Christian College and Seminary, hundreds of thousands of evangelists, pastors and Bible teachers who probably would not have been trained- have been armed for  battle in a field glutted by agnostics, skeptics and liberals (who incidentally all graduated with impressive degrees from “accredited” schools) and now are fully equipped to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints (Jude 1:3).

Now in all honesty, who would benefit most by accusing, opposing, and ultimately eliminating these schools, my friend (Rev. 12:9-10)?

Your prayers and your support allow us to continue our ministry to forgotten prisoners.
If the Lord touches your hear to support us, you can do so through Paypal

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Welcome to the PMI Center for Biblical Studies

PO Box 507
Arab, Al 35016 

We are an Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible Teaching Christian school offering College and Seminary level courses in Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Christian Education, Counseling (Nouthetic), Ministry, Prophecy, Old Scofield Bible, and Theology through distance education since 1981.



Over 17,500 Men and Women Have Trusted Christ as Saviour Since 2008.

We are praying all these decisions for Christ will become disciples of Christ!

How long can a man or woman SURVIVE  in PRISON

without hope, and without a friend?

Let’s face the facts . . .

Prisons are colleges for crime!

  • FACT: There are over 2 million prisoners currently attending these schools!
  • FACT: Criminal skills are taught to willing students by seasoned cons
  • FACT: 95% of all “students” will eventually “graduate” to walk the streets of America
    better trained with improved skills
  • FACT: Prisoners that are abandoned by their family and friends seek companionship within the seedy prison elements that by default are prepared to totally radicalize them!

Consider this

  • American penitentiaries are breeding grounds for concentrated forces of evil
  • 85%- or more- of America’s prisoners– have no relationship with Jesus           Christ
  • Increasing numbers of prison administrations are opposing Christian ministries while becoming favorable toward Islam
  • Biblically ignorant prisoners are being recruited by gangs, cultists, and Islamists- at alarming rates!
  • Chaplains that should be preaching and teaching the Word of God are forsaking Christ to become ecumenical religious facilitators
  • Sodomy is occurring more frequently amongst professing Christian prisoners
  • Prison rehabilitation is a $60 BILLION dollar scam! Of the 95% of PRISONERS that will one day be released, 75% will be back in prison within 48 months! (read more)

Government or God?

Through the years it has become painfully evident: Government programs costing billions of dollars haven’t worked. God’s program does work because it is Bible based. We know from over 30 years of contending for the faith (Jude 1:3) that if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (2 Corinthians 5:17). That’s why the PMI Center chose in 1981 to provide life-changing TUITION-FREE distance Bible college level studies to prisoners in eight proven study program tracks (see Courses above menu) : Apologetics (4 years Biblical – Creationism), Biblical Studies (4 years), Nouthetic Counseling (4 years), Pastoral and Evangelism Ministry (4 years), Prophecy (4 years), Christian Educaation (4 years ), Old Scofield Bible (2 years), and Theology (2 year PhD option from Calvary Christian Seminary).  All are soundly fundamental in doctrine (we use the Authorized King James Bible), practical in structure, and underwritten exclusively by the generous freewill offerings of those who believe in what we’re doing and support us. We’re proud to say that many of our 30,000+ students have received their diplomas from PMI and degrees from our co-op colleges and have gone on to become devoted evangelists, pastors, teachers, counselors, church ministry workers, and all-around exemplary Christians. If you or an incarcerated loved one would like information on enrollment, please write to us today.

ENROLLMENT INFORMATION FOR PRISONERS AND NON-PRISONERS – Write and request the first of 8 in the Foundations of Theology prerequisite study project!

Recommendations from students:

I thank God daily for you and the truths that you teach. I will take them into the ministry with me and teach them to the church of God without apology and without compromise. I cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity that God has given me to learn and grow in my faith and in God’s Word through PMI under your leadership. May God bless you always. Curtis Fairchild (South Bay, FL).

Brothers and sisters, PMI teaches God’s Word verbatim, the studies have enlightened me, uplifted me, encouraged me, edified me, qualified me, and called me to a higher calling in Christ Jesus. Waiting for the trumpet blast. Steven Collins, 2 Tim 1:7-8 (Springfield, TN).

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My goal when I get out of here is to work with prison ministry. I have seen first hand now how much of a presence Satan has in a prison. Learning has never been so interesting. Your lessons have given me a new look at things I have read many times before. James George (Ayer, MA)

Recommendations from well known friends:


LUTHER RICE COLLEGE AND SEMINARY: After a thorough review of our courses, we received the following response from the President of Luther Rice College & Seminary, the undisputed pioneer in distance education:

Dear. Dr. Johnston, Thank you for the follow-up letter of October 3. I did, indeed, receive the materials you sent and found them quite impressive. Of all the ministries that I have written, yours comes closest to what I was hoping to find.

When I am advised of students who are looking for high quality theological education but are unable to meet the financial requirements of Luther Rice Seminary, I will certainly recommend Promise Ministries.

Again, thank you for your concern and for the good work that you are doing.

In Him, J.M. Kinnebrew, Th.D.
Luther Rice Seminary

ENROLLMENT INFORMATION FOR PRISONERS AND NON-PRISONERS – Write and request the first of 8 in the Foundations of Theology prerequisite study project!

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