Burden of proof for Rapture before Israel’s Tribulation?

Dr. Mike Johnston

The burden of proof for the PreTrib Rapture isn’t on us, it’s on them!!

Let me explain …

Over the past forty years, I’ve discussed the rapture and Israel’s Tribulation with well-meaning men representing every angle imaginable and yet all totally convinced of their scriptural integrity and infallibility. Curiously, one “gotcha” question continues to surface: “Can you give me a single verse proving the rapture is pre-Tribulational.”

Let me answer this with two observations.

First, just as Genesis is part of the progressive revelation of OT history, requiring dozens of other books to fully explain it, the rapture is part of the progressive revelation the Lord gave to Paul about the removal of the Body of Christ prior to Israel’s Tribulation. Unless you study it in its overarching context, any one single verse probably won’t convince you.

Second, and perhaps most important, is that the burden of proof isn’t on us to prove we are raptured prior to Israel’s Tribulation – although dozens of verses in this book collectively prove that we are. The onus is on those who insist we are here without a single verse of Scripture anywhere verifying this speculation.

Please listen with spiritual ears as I reiterate an important point.

The church Body is a mystery that was unknown to the prophets (Rom. 16:25; Eph. 3:1-9). Since they didn’t know about us, and never mentioned us, how could we possibly be included in the Tribulation with God’s elect Israel (Isa. 45:4) and the unsaved nations of the world?

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