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The Body of Christ WILL NOT go through Israel’s Tribulation!

Dr. Mike Johnston

The fact that I didn’t believe in the PreTrib rapture was inevitable. I didn’t understand the right division God placed in Scripture between the Body of Christ and Israel, and as a result, I wandered around the wilderness of Bible studies gleaning conclusions from prophecy teachers who were at least as confused as I was.

The journey began in 1975 when Jesus saved me. From the onset, I had a voracious appetite for Bible study and teachers who could accommodate it seemed to be everywhere. It wasn’t long before the subject of the end times caught my attention. I learned about the Antichrist, mark of the beast, the seven-year tribulation, and the return of the Lord at the conclusion of it.

However, in my naïveté I wasn’t aware there were competing views until about six months into my new life. That’s when the innocence all newborn Christians are born again with – evaporated.

During one of our extended discussions, a pastor friend warned me about an “evil” group of people teaching “a satanic hoax” he claimed didn’t exist until 1830. The inherent wickedness of this teaching – so he said – surrounded the preposterous notion of an imminent return of Jesus in the air to remove the Body of Christ from earth before the tribulation begins.

They called it the “PreTrib rapture” and from the way this subject angered my friend, I figured this had to be the biggest threat to the church in its two-thousand year history.

In light of that, I dug in my heels and prepared myself for the aggressive assault I was about to encounter.

I listened to sermons condemning it, read books ostensibly disproving it, and fellowshipped with people who hated it; and all progressed virtually unimpeded until the unexpected appearance of contradictory inconsistencies that I couldn’t reconcile in my spirit or cleverly explain away.

That’s when I decided to conduct my own personal Bible study comparing information I’d been fed with information I would find, regulated by two rules I would not compromise:

First, the basis of the study had to be Sola Scripture, and second, I would follow the evidence wherever it led.

Today I present you with my findings. They represent thousands of hours of research spanning over 40 years resulting in excess of 70,000 words incorporating scores of Bible verses filling several chapters – with annotations and appendices – explaining what lies ahead for Israel, the church Body, and the world according to Scripture — concisely represented by a ten word synoptic title that fitly summarizes everything …

The Body of Christ WILL NOT go through Israel’s Tribulation!

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