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Sacred Name Nonsense about the Name Jesus

Pastor Joseph Chambers wrote the following:

Blaspheming The Name Of Jesus

Satan will do everything in his power to pervert the name of Jesus. There is a strange heresy growing in the church world that says “Jesus” is the same as praying to the old Greek god Zeus. I encountered this recently and the anger that I had to face because I rebuked it was unnerving. I immediately researched this dark lie and wrote the following text to send to a host of friends. I must share this warning with all of you who are my friends on Facebook.

The name “Jesus is a perfect rendering of “Yeshua.” Some false teachers are saying that Jesus is the name for Zeus the Greek pagan god. The false and damaging heresy is invading the Church to belittle the name of Jesus. To say that Yeshua rendered as Jesus is contrary to true ethnological facts is totally false. The name Yeshua was definitely His Hebrew name. The Greek rendering of Yeshua is “Iesous,” passing into the German language and Latin as Jesus. It is finally Jesus in our English language. Notice the similarity of the Greek “Iesous” to our English word “Jesus.” The New Testament is filled with this powerful name Jesus. Yeshua was his human name while Jesus is His divine name.

Of course these uneducated souls must also discredit the English New Testament because the central name is Jesus. When I was told that the name Jesus was absolutely false, the Holy Ghost immediately gave me an answer. I said, “But I have seen demons depart from possessed people, goiters disappear, and cancer healed, all in the ‘Name of Jesus.’” They looked dumbfounded. The name of Jesus is above all names and Satan would love to discredit it in your life. Dismiss him in the name of Jesus.

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