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The Older More “Reliable” Manuscript Ruse


Dr. Mike Johnston

Modernists claim the Alexandrian manuscript family [from which all new translations originate] is more reliable than the Antiochan family [from which we got the King James Bible] because they are older. Sadly, most Christians don’t know the facts and so they have bought into this ruse without stopping to realize how ridiculous it really is. Let me illustrate.

Suppose we hand copy the New World Translation (version used by JWs which is based on the Alexandrian mss) and a King James Bible (based on the Antiochan mss). After each is copied, the NWT will be locked in a vault while the KJV is circulated around the world. After a period of time, the KJV becomes tattered and torn requiring us to hand-print another copy, which again gets circulated, tattered and torn until we make yet another copy. Now imagine this cycle of printing, circulating, destruction, replacement, repeating itself over and over and over during the course of the next several hundred years, until one day scholars discover that original uncirculated NWT. After testing the documents these experts determine the NWT to be older than the most recent copy of the King James Bible and as such they must be more reliable.

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