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Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh – Matthew 24:32

IDF Sends Reinforcements to Southern Israel as Gaza Attacks Continue

Arabs Damage Israel’s Light Rail System, May Take Months to Repair

GE-Sponsored Website Accuses Israel of War Crimes

Jewish Family Escapes From Syria, Flees to Israel

Rand Paul: No More Aid to Hamas, PLO

Coincidence? or Terror? Wildfires Surround Jerusalem

Hamas: We Will Continue to Kidnap, Murder Jews

PLO Blames Israel for the Murder of the Three Jewish Teenagers

Arab Children Celebrating Murder of Israeli Teens

Cries of Pain, Exclamations of Joy Heard on Teen’s Phone Call to Police

PLO President Asked Egypt to Block Israeli Op in Gaza Strip

Israeli Police Say Arab Teen’s Murder Was Criminal Act

IDF Destroys Home of Passover Eve Murderer

Mother of Hamas Kidnapper: I’ll Be Proud of Him Until My Final Day

Israeli Student Expresses Joy at Teens’ Murders on Facebook Page

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket During Teens’ Funeral

Police Offers Who Failed to Respond to Kidnapped Teens Fired

Civilians Found Teens’ Bodies

US President Orders Israel Not to “Destabilize” Hamas

Israel Bombs Gaza Strip, Homes of Arab Kidnappers in Hebron

Israeli Arabs Attack Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Dead Teenagers

US State Dept.: Hamas-PLO Unity Gov’t Trying to Keep US Requirements

Israeli Cabinet Divided Over Response to Teens’ Murders

Knesset Member Calls for Death Penalty, Annexation After Teens’ Murders

Women in Green Starts New Jewish Community Where Boys Were Kidnapped

. . .Jews Also Start New Settlement Near Ma’aleh Adumim

Murdered Teens to Be Buried Next to One Another in Israeli Cemetery

Bodies of Three Israeli Kidnapped Teens Found Near Hebron

Police Tell Jews on Temple Mount to “Respect Ramadan”

At Least 16 Rockets From Gaza Strip Hit Israel

Israel: Either Hamas Stops Attacks or We Will

Israeli Oil & Gas Company Reaches $30 Billion Deal With UK

Syrian Rebels/Terrorists Said to Control 95% of Syrian Golan Heights

Israeli Air Force Kills Two Terrorists

Israel Hits Four Terrorist Targets in Gaza Strip

Hamas Urges Iran to “Join the Struggle Against Israel”

UN Rejects Request by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait to Condemn Israel

Israel Names Suspects in Kidnapping of Jewish Teens

US Lawmakers Condemn PLO, Hamas for Kidnapping

Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, France Ban Commercial Ties With Judea, Samaria

Poll: Arabs Support Destroying Israel, Jews

Israeli Firefighters Save Yad Vashem Museum From Massive Wildfire

Hundreds of Arabs Surround, Threaten Jews on Temple Mount

Hamas Terrorists in Gaza Targeting Israeli Pipeline to Eilat

Israel Launches More Air Strikes Against Gaza

Iron Dome Shoots Down Rockets Fired From Gaza

IDF Building Assault Stations on Syrian Border After Attack

UN Fails to Agree on Statement Condemning Israel

Mother of Israeli Kidnapped Teen Speaks at UN

PLO Threatens Pro-Israel Christian, Tells Him to Leave Arab Village

Israel Hits Targets in Syria After Crossborder Attack Kills Teen

. . .Kills At Least 10 Syrian Soldiers

Dozens of Terror Tunnels Discovered in Judea, Samaria

Freed Terrorist Charged With Murder of Israeli Police Chief

UN Promotes Iran to Vice Chair of Legal Committee, Israel Not Legitimate

Israel Sees Dramatic Rise in French Immigrants

Hamas Vows Revenge for IDF West Bank Operations

Hamas Terror Summer Camp to Host 100,000 Kids

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket Into Israel

PLO Police Assault CNN Reporter, Cameraman During Hamas Rally

Mother of Kidnapped Israeli Teen Talks to CNN

Presbyterian Church Divests in US Companies Doing Business in Israel

Google Honors Late Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon

Kurds Sending Oil Shipment to Israel

Terrorist Thug Jibril Rajoub: Israel Only Understands Language of Kidnappings

Hamas on IDF Arrests: We’ll Rain Hell on Israel

Five Hamas Terrorists Killed in Gaza Tunnel Explosion

89-Year-Old Philly Man Accused of Serving as Nazi Guard at Auschwitz

Arabs Successfully Pressure Australia to Reverse Pro-Israel Remarks

Israel Bans Islamic Relief Group Due to Hamas Ties

Israel Launches More Air Strikes Across Gaza to Respond to More Rockets

Three Arabs Arrested for Attack on Jerusalem Policeman

School Bus in Belgium Carrying Jewish Children Stoned by Muslims

Caroline Glick: The World Says It’s the Jews’ Fault

Hamas Attacks PLO for Condemning Kidnapping of Jewish Teens

Israel: Speech by Hamas Chief May Have Been Signal for Kidnapping

Hamas Praises Knesset Member for Defending Kidnappers

Another Arab Teenager Receives Death Threats for Condemning Kidnapping

Human Rights Watch: Jews in “Illegal” Settlements Should Not Be Kidnapped

Israel Re-Arrests 51 Hamas Terrorists Released in Shalit Deal

Israel to Return to Prison Released Terrorists That Are Re-Arrested

Israel Approves of 172 New Homes in East Jerusalem

Met Cancels Theater Broadcast of Jewish Opera Over Anti-Semitism

Israeli Arabs Support Kidnapping of Teens With “Three Shalits” Campaign

Druze Leader Offers Support to Families of Kidnapped Teens

Anti-Israel Pastor to Take Over Scottish Church in Jerusalem

Israel Concerned Over US-Iranian Alliance in Iraq

PLO Vows to End Unity Government If Hamas Abducted Teens

EU Waits 5 Days Before Condemning Kidnapping of Israeli Teens

Israeli Arab Teen Threatened for Condemning Kidnapping

Hamas Threatens Israel Over Arrests, Possible Expulsions

PLO Newspaper Adapts World Cup Logo to Celebrate Teens’ Kidnapping

IDF Arrests Dozens of Hamas Terrorists in Search for Missing Teens

Egypt Calls on Israel to Show “Self-Restraint” in Search for Kidnapped Teens

PLO Runs Cartoon Mocking Kidnapped Israeli Teenagers

Over 30,000 Pray for Kidnapped Teens at Western Wall

Arab Released From Israeli Prison Shot, Killed Throwing Stones at IDF

IDF Arrests Two Hamas Terrorists in Hebron

Rockets Fired Into Israel From Gaza, IAF Hits 5 Targets

Israel Summons EU Envoy Over Statement Praising “Palestine”

Israeli Security Forces Making Progress in Search for Kidnapped Teens

Terrorists Tied to ISIS Claim Responsibility for Kidnapping Israeli Teens

Arabs in Gaza Praise, Celebrate Kidnapping of Israeli Teens by Terrorists

Hamas Attacks PLO for Cooperating With Israel’s Search for Missing Teens

Three Jewish Teens Missing, Feared Kidnapped in Judea, Samaria

Masked Arabs Throw Stones at Police From Temple Mount After Friday Prayers

Terrorist Opens Fire on IDF Near Ramallah

PLO Film Glorifies Terror Attacks

Israel’s Justice Minister Meets With PLO Official in London

Al-Ayyam Newspaper Group Stops Printing Hamas Newspapers

Tel Aviv Holds Pride Parade

US State Dept.: We Still Support Hamas After Gaza Rocket Attacks on Israel

88 US Senators Send President Message of “Grave Concern” on PLO-Hamas Gov’t

IAF Kills Gaza Terrorist, Israel Vows to Hunt Down Terrorists

UNESCO Deletes “Israel” From Jewish Exhibit

Ted Cruz: Israeli Strike on Iran Could Happen in Matter of Months

Hamas Calls for Killing of Jewish Soldiers, Settlers

Israel’s Defense Minister: Hamas Could Seize Control of Judea, Samaria

Gaza Terrorists Fire Rocket Into Israel

EU Diplomats Meet With PLO-Hamas in Gaza

Gaza Banks Reopen After PLO-Hamas Dispute

Israel Warns Deal With Iran Will Lead to Dozens of Iranian Nukes in 10 Years

IDF: 170,000 Rockets, Missiles Aimed at Israel

IDF Preparing to Target 50,000 Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria, Iraq

Tourism to Israel at Record Levels

Likud’s Reuven Rivlin Becomes Israel’s 10th President

GOP House Wants to List PLO-Hamas Unity Gov’t as Terror Group

Israel’s Cabinet Approves Bill to Limit Terrorists for Hostages Trades

IDF Says Hezbollah Stronger Than Many Nations

PLO Protests Australia’s Dropping of “Occupied” Jerusalem

UN Envoy’s Visit to Gaza Signals Approval of PLO-Hamas Government

Israel to Sell Tanks, Drones to Foreign Countries

Catholics Hold Mass at David’s Tomb

PLO TV Shows Israeli Cities as Part of “Palestine”

Israeli Police Raid PLO TV Station in Jerusalem Over Incitement

Source: http://www.swrc.com/web/signs.html

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