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ANTICHRIST ALERT!! ISIS: The Occupant’s Iraq

Latter Times News

Bill Wilson

So this is for which our boys and girls in the armed forces gave their lives: The occupant of the Oval Office’s Iraq? The president’s party’s pre-election cry was that there were no al Qaeda in Iraq. Today, we see the full blown evidence of how the president’s heart toward al Qaeda and all things Muslim has turned into a more dangerous world, and unstable world, brought about by a resurgence of terrorist growth as supported by his foreign policy partner the Muslim Brotherhood in every country where he touted democracy across the Middle East. On the outside, it appears to be an abject failure in foreign policy. To an insider, it may appear a well orchestrated strategy. Certainly, the public evidence supports that theory.

The driving force behind the president’s Iraq is Abu Duaa, the fiery leader of al Qaeda’s Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)…

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