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Intro to Islam

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Islam is evil seed planted by an evil founder. Let’s compare Muhammad and Yahshua to see who better reflected the nature of the Biblical God, and thus had Messianic qualities. Based upon the Scriptures, Yahshua was the perfect reflection of Yahweh. He was loving, rational, miraculous, prophetic, truthful, sacrificial, and wise. Everything he said and did was in perfect harmony with the Torah, Psalms, and Prophets. He neither abused, attacked, enslaved, nor robbed anyone. Anger was demonstrated only when it was justified – and even then it was directed against religious institutions, not men. He hated false doctrines, false gods, and false prophets to be sure. These things separated men from him. Yahshua was like Yahweh because he is Yahweh.

Muhammad, in contrast, was the perfect reflection of Allah. Like his spirit, he was lustful and hateful; he couldn’t perform a miracle. Nor could he conceive or fulfill a prophecy…

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