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Why I am an Unapologetic Fundamentalist

Latter Times News

Dr. Mike Johnston

I just read that the Boy Scouts have opened the door to a Lev 18 abomination. This is another indication we are in the last days.

The fact is, Scripture warns us things are not going to get any better before the Lord returns for His church at the rapture and with His church at the Revelation. If you think that’s a stretch, sniff the scandalous rotting meat in Washington, DC. It’s NEVER BEEN THIS vile BEFORE and yet these thugs are allowed to continue destroying our country from inside out.

In the midst of the stench of government corruption, the politically correct Laodicean church is flourishing in the culture we know is increasingly hostile to truth (Read Rom. 1:18-32). While Fundamentalists- contenders for the faith- have stood for years against such evil, we have been maligned and misrepresented for decades, as troublemakers simply for telling the…

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