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Why Great Churches Pass Off the Scene

I watched the great churches in America pass off the scene. I want to tell you the main reason why they passed off the scene. The Joshuas did not obey the commands that God gave to their Moses. They thought they could improve on what Moses had built. Ladies and gentlemen, you can’t improve on the old-time religion. You can’t find a better Bible than the King James Bible. You can’t find a better work than soulwinning. These men who succeeded Moses, the Moses like Dr. G. B. Vick; the Moses like Dr. Lee Roberson; the Moses like Dr. J. Frank Norris; the Moses like Dwight L. Moody. Some of these men felt that they could improve upon what Moses did, and they sought to improve it. The honest, simple truth is, it caused the destruction and the decay. All across America, you have churches that once were great soulwinning institutions that have been destroyed by good men, and spiritual men who have somehow thought….. By the way, in most cases, they are far more talented men than the Moses. But, if you have a winning batting order, don’t change the batting order. — Dr. Jack Hyles

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