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Creation and the King James Bible


Dr. Kent Hovind


Open letter to Brother Tom Ish- Editor of Creation Illustrated (CI) Part 1

Thank you for you excellent magazine! I have been a long time supporter of and advertiser in it and recommend it to all.

With that said, I must object to an article in your Winter 2013 issue: “Creation Day 2” by Paul Taylor. In this article Mr. Taylor objects to the teaching of a canopy above the atmosphere in the original creation.

I don’t recall ever having met Mr. Taylor but when I was given my “extended vacation” by the feds (for some illegal, bogus and hotly contested reasons you can read about on http://www.2peter3.com if you wish) I asked my son Eric to manage the Creation Science Evangelism (CSE) Ministry in Pensacola, Florida until my return. Within a year he began a new ministry called Creation Today. Soon thereafter he hired Paul Taylor to come from England and join his team and they have been doing a great job of spreading the creation message.

I in no way wish to hinder anyone’s outreach for the Lord or harm their reputation or hurt anyone’s feelings but I also cannot sit silently after reading the many errors in that article! These errors and the flawed premise they are based on may not only cast doubt in the minds of your readers about what I believe and teach on other issues since I teach about the canopy in Seminar #2. They may also adversely affect my son’s thinking (and your readers) on two critical topics as I will explain below.

I try to be constantly alert for false doctrine. I understand it can come from ANY source- even within myself- and it spreads quickly like a virus and can infect healthy organisms if not stopped and treated in time. After all the years and money I invested in my son and the creation ministry in Pensacola I’ve got to stay vigilant as God gives me strength and insight to be sure it is not undermined or derailed in my absence. I have paid a HIGH price for my convictions and won’t let anyone destroy them now. Jesus rebuked Peter (Mt. 16:23) when he taught something wrong. Peter seems to have received the rebuke and correction. I pray Paul and Eric will receive mine. Nehemiah had to set a few things right after his extended absence (Neh. 13). So did the Apostle Paul (I Cor. 11:34).

In the article Paul explains some problems with a canopy model that I don’t think anyone believes or promotes today-I don’t. He is right that 20 inches of water above the atmosphere would not be enough to flood the world. I sure never said it would. Beating up a “straw man” image you set up does NOT mean you have beaten the real man.

His article starts with a false dichotomy when he says, “What I am about to suggest to you may be argumentative to some while others will wholeheartedly agree with my research.” Obviously this type of statement gives two false choices and makes it look like you either: A-argue with him or B. agree with his “research.” As if those who may disagree with him do not also do research. The obvious third option is that his “research” has led him to the wrong conclusion or the forth option is that he researched the wrong canopy model or a fifth option that he was using the wrong Bible to study this topic. It is rather like the Russians who first circled the moon and concluded there was no God since they didn’t see Him out there during their “research.” Ah…not good logic fellas!

So, I will address 3 points:
1-Which Bible should we use to determine ANY doctrine including the canopy?
2- The problems with Paul’s article.
3- The canopy theory I teach.

1- Which Bible?

I fully agree with Paul when he says that “No opinion on it (the canopy) should be elevated to the status of biblical inerrancy.” He also says, “God’s Word is unchangeable and never up for review.” I actually REALLY believe that but from his frequent use of other versions and his criticism of the King James I don’t think he really does. I would love for him to send me a copy of what he will stand by as “God’s Word” which is “unchangeable” since the one he quotes from for the article has THOUSANDS of changes from the one I use and the one the church has used for over 400 years.

For example: Let’s look at Genesis 1:1 where we can’t even read 7 WORDS without spotting a “change” in God’s “unchangeable” Word. The change I will point out is critical to lay the simple foundation for a discussion of the “canopy theory” in part 3 so bear with me please.

Moses (1,400 BC) collected and edited Genesis from 10 eyewitness accounts (see seminar #7) and then wrote the next 4 books Ex.-Dt. The Jews then CAREFULLY copied it thousands of times and spread it to all their synagogues. They were concerned with every “jot and tittle” (Mt. 5:18) as they copied. They also wrote scores of commentaries about the Torah. Let’s see if the copies were kept pure and “unchanged” in just Genesis 1:1.

Genesis 1:1 in the Jewish Torah (OT) says, “In the beginning God created the heaven…” Hmmm? Heaven is in the singular and has been for 3,400 years in Jewish literature as well as the thousands of copies scattered around the world.

Early English translations of Genesis 1:1.

1384 John Wycliffe- “In the bigynnyng God made out of nouyt heuene and erhte.” Heaven is Singular.
1525 William Tyndale- “In the begynnynge God created heauen and erth.” Singular
1535 Miles Coverdale- “In ye begynnynge God created heauen & earth.” Singular
1537 Matthew Bible- “In the beginnyng God created heauen and erth.” Singular
1539 Taverner Bible- ” In the begynnynge created God heuen and erth.” Singular
1540 Great Bible- “In the begynnynge God created heuen and earthe.” Singular. Gen. 2:1 The heauens also …plural
1568 Bishops Bible- Gen 2:1- “The heavens also the earth were finished…” Plural in 2:1
1579, 1599, 1606, 1611 Geneva Bible- heaven singular in 1:1 and heavens plural in 2:1
1587 Geneva Bible- ” the heauen ” Singular
1609 Doway Bible- 2:1 “The heavens therfore …” plural
1611 King James Bible- “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Singular
1750 Challoner DRV Bible- “…created the heaven ” Singular heavens plural in 2:1
1885 English Revised “…created the heaven ” Singular
1886 Parallel RV/AV “…created the heaven….” Singular in both columns and plural for 2:1
1895 and 1898 English Revised “…created the heaven…” Both have Singular

1555 1:1 Diev crea au commencemet le ciel & la terra. Singular- Les cieux… Plural in 2:1
1561 1:1 …le ciel & la terra.” singular, Les cieux donc… plural in 2:1
1562 1:1 …le ciel- singular. 2:1 Les cieux donc… plural
1956 1:1 Au commencement, Dieu crea le ciel et la terre. Singular (La Sainte Bible Tranduite en Francais sous la direction de L’ecole Biblique de Jerusalem.)

1535 Gen. 1:1 “Amanfang schuff Gott Himel und Erden.” Singular
1540 Dietenberger Bible- hymmel- singular
1556 Himel- singular
1591 Himmel- singular
1599 Luther Bible- Hemmel- singular

The FIRST “bible” I can find that uses “heavens” plural in 1:1 is the 1553 Spanish “Inquisition Approved Old Testament” -“En Principio crio el dio alos cielos y ala tierra.” Plural. Catholic Spanish Inquisition… Hmmm? Satan plans lo-o-o-o-ong term!

The first English one I can find that says heavens -plural- in Gen. 1:1 is the 1901 American Standard Version (ASV) which was based on the recently completed perversion of the Bible by two British cultists (and Darwin admirers) named Westcott and Hort in 1881. They chose the manuscript found in the Vatican basement in 1481 (on leather in “EXCELLENT SHAPE”) as the basis for their text in spite of the fact that it did NOT have: the first 45 1/2 chapters of Genesis, Psalms 106-138, I & II Tim. and Titus, nearly 5 chapters from Hebrews and all of Revelation. It was also missing numerous individual verses and had thousands of individual word changes. It had been rejected as corrupt by most scholars.

They filled in the missing chapters from 2 even MORE corrupt Egyptian texts and ignored the reading in over 5,000 ancient texts because they didn’t fit their theology! Since those two evil men resurrected and synthesized the 3 corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts and published it in 1881 there have been nearly 1,000 English translations of this altered and perverted text. NIV, NKJV, etc. There are SCORES of great books on the King James controversy for those who wish to look further. I know full well that some don’t WANT to “look further” into this issue because they LIKE the freedom to alter God’s “unchangeable Words” if need be and they LIKE the feeling of power and prestige they get when people have to come to THEM to know what the Word REALLY says on a topic. But, IF you are honest and seeking truth see http://www.chick.com & http://www.avpublications.com for starters or my Seminar Part 7.

ALL new Bible (per)versions I have seen after 1901 including the “New King James” Paul quotes in his article have “heavens” in the plural in verse 1. Hmmm? I can’t even read 7 WORDS into the Bible without finding that somebody changed the “unchangeable” Word! This is NOT a minor point! (I used to think it was) Which Bible you BASE your theology and SCIENCE on reflects on scores of things later, including the “canopy theory” as we will see. Just that one letter “s” changing singular to plural totally changes the meaning.

Satan took just three words- “God hath said…” and only changed the ORDER to “Hath God said…?” and fooled Eve in a PERFECT world! ALL the new “bibles” I have seen (even NKJV) change ONE LETTER in Rev. 13:16 and 14:9 from saying the mark of the beast goes “IN the hand” to make it say “ON the hand.” Ya think Satan will use THAT to fool folks into getting “micro-chipped” soon?

LITTLE details like a small “O” ring on the space shuttle can make a BIG difference! Ask NASA!

Jesus said “netS” and Peter left off the “s.” See Lk. 5:4-5

Ya’ll can do what you want, and you will, but I’m not going to sit by and let ANYONE change ONE letter in my Bible. Satan is too slick and he can even get good, godly, sweet, mild-mannered, kind, intelligent men who “love the Lord” to work for him. He did it with Peter. Even if NO other creation ministries want to take a stand on the Bible version issue I WILL! Any ministry I have will not only “defend the Bible from the very first verse” but will be able to hand you a copy of it.

“Heaven” is SINGULAR in Gen. 1:1 in the REAL unchangeable Word of God and THAT is a beginning point for discussing the canopy. “Heaven” is used 7 times in Gen. 1 in the KJB.

Genesis 2:1 in nearly ALL versions I have seen including KJB have “heavens” in the plural so the translators listed above who used “heaven” singular in Genesis 1:1 certainly KNEW the difference between singular and plural. Why did they ALL choose the singular? Were they stupid? Were they waiting for a “modern scholar” to show them the truth and the light? OR, did someone change it?

If God’s Word is “unchangeable” how did it change from singular to plural found only in a few corrupt Catholic versions? Which is right? Before we get into a discussion or debate about God’s Word and what it means on ANY topic (including the canopy) we must first be sure we are all on the same page and talking about the same Bible!

In my Seminar Part 4, I explain the importance of defining the slippery word “evolution” BEFORE proceeding with the discussion. It is ESSENTIAL to define terms in a discussion or debate. Do WE have authority over the Word of God or does IT have authority over us? Do I need some guru to tell me what the Word REALLY says or can I just read it on my own and not be misled? To discuss or debate the canopy only to have the opponent say, “What this verse really means…” is like trying to nail Jell-O to the wall!

For about 28 years of my Christian life I used, promoted and defended many of the new “Bible” versions. I have a huge collection of them at home. About 15 years ago I devoted hundreds of hours to the study and I was forced by the overwhelming evidence to agree with millions of other Christians before me that God preserved His very Words (as He promised in Ps. 12:6-7) for the English speaking world in the King James. So, I agree with Paul that God’s Word is “never up for review” but I take it further and can actually hand you a copy of God’s Word. I don’t think Paul or any of those who use other modern versions can do that. I know that some like the feeling of being superior to the Word when they say, “What this really means in the Hebrew (or Greek) …” The Pharisees loved the greetings in the marketplace and to be called Rabbi… Mt 23:2-7

These new Bible versions are always “correcting” the KJB and will hinder people from simply trusting God’s Word and His ability to preserve it for us today. They even change Ps. 12:6-7 where God promised to preserve HIS WORDS! Hmmm?

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