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Ideas for Creation Evangelism Ministries


Dr. Kent Hovind

One of the faithful folks on my “Hovind’s prison research team” has been sending me various items (that would only be of interest to an eclectic mind like mine) for quite a while. (Thanks Ted!) At my request he sent me a colored map called “California Wall Map” from http://www.geology.com/topographic-physical-map/california.shtml to help me on a 2 a.m. “wild idea” project that I will use for my PPT presentation when I get out and I thought, “Hey! I’ll open up our email discussion about this project to EVERYONE to show you what I spend MOST of my time on in here and maybe some of you will:

A. Catch the excitement of finding ways to spread the gospel via creation.
B. Decide you can help too and volunteer to join the team. The pay is lousy ($0) but the retirement program is “out of this world!” Literally! (You have to wait till you get to Heaven to collect :)) It’s also free to join! And-you can quit any time!
C. Come up with other ideas to help enhance the creation seminars or books I write and win more souls to the Lord.
D. email lora_holm@yahoo.com if you can help.

Over the last 25 years HUNDREDS of people have done research or artwork for me or sent me items of interest that I use in my award winning seminar series. It’s cool! They do all the work and I get the credit and the awards for best videos! What a deal! Hmmm? Anyway, I’m still going strong on the creation topic while I’m locked up in here. The Apostle Paul had a LOT of folks who helped him in the ministry while he was in prison too. He even had a lawyer (Zenas-Titus 3:13) who helped him win his case against the Roman government just like I will! I KNOW about having to fight the legal system WHILE you keep preaching and teaching! (Thanks legal team!) I also know about the ones who, like Job’s friends, tell me, “Give up and admit you sinned!” THAT’S no help! :((

Anyway, Paul listed a bunch of the ones who helped him in Rom. 16 and various other books. I’ll have a lo-o-o-o-ong list for my Rom. 16 one day as well! Sadly-he also had some like Demas, Crescens who abandoned him and even Alexander the coppersmith who did him much evil…See II Tim. 4:10-16. I’ve had those too! :(( Paul and I will have a LOT to talk about up there! :)))

Anyway, WILD idea #452,986 at 2 a.m. after pizza/peanut butter AND jelly at 9 p.m.!

Ted, to catch the new folks up to speed on what you and I have been working on via email for some time: as you know, one of my goals is to find more and better visual ways to present ideas and biblical truths about creation and the flood in a simple to understand way. A picture says 1,000 words and I think I have over 7,000 slides in my PPT presentation now (Wow! That’s 7 million words!) and I see no end in sight! I also want to add LOTS more short video clips for the visual generation and maybe even movies. Over the last 24 years I’ve inspired and helped many others to start ministries and go teach on creation as well and have let people get my entire PPT collection to start their own ministry if they like. My son, Eric started with my slides and is taking it to a whole new level! GO ERIC! BTW- Eric-use this for a “Creation Minute” if you like.

So, Ted, the Bible says the scoffers in the last days will be willingly ignorant of the flood. (II Peter 3) That year long flood is the ONLY logical explanation of the features we see on the surface of the earth we see today. Satan knows that and he has worked hard these last 180 years to LIE (Jn. 8:44) to people to get them to look at the earth and “see” “millions of years” RATHER than “flood” so they won’t be reminded of God’s judgment on sin and get saved! I want folks to look at the earth and say, “Wow! Look what the flood did in a few days! God must HATE sin! I better get saved!” The evidences for that flood are literally right under our feet! We should use them to bring people to Christ!

I asked you a few weeks ago to send me an elevation map of California so I could develop a series of slides showing what I think happened shortly after the flood (Gen. 6-8) as the waters ran off. The map you sent is PERFECT! I want to develop this further with a series of slides and maybe even turn it into an animated clip to use in seminar part 6 where I cover the flood and maybe even a movie some day. I’ll try to describe here what I’m trying to do and needing you (or anyone else with the ability) to do.

Textbooks in our public schools always point to things like Grand Canyon and say, “Look what a little water did slowly over millions of years.” I want kids to see the same canyons and say, “Wow! Look what a LOT of water did in a few days!”

Psalm 104 teaches us that during the last part of Noah’s flood the mountains rose up and the water rushed off (hasted away) to fill in what are now the oceans. I think MANY huge lakes were trapped by these rising mountains. Some are still here and some are gone. As these lakes took in even more water from rain or snow melt they eventually got too full, overtopped at the lowest point and the water could RUSH out carving HUGE canyons in minutes, hours or weeks depending on lots factors like: how long the mud had to dry out and turn to rock before the overflow, the debris in the water (making it like liquid sandpaper to erode faster), how steep the slope was, the type of rock etc.

For the first few weeks or months after the flood the hundreds of layers of sediments would have been muddy with a dry skin forming on top. This layer of dry earth would slowly get thicker as time went along but it would take hundreds of years to solidify since the moisture under the hard dry skin would be trapped. Once moving water cut through that skin it would erode FAST and drain a HUGE lake in a SHORT time. The Taum Sauk reservoir near St. Louis lost 1.5 BILLION gallons of water in 10 minutes in 2004 (I think) when it overflowed its rim at the lowest point!

So, Ted, (or anyone else who wants to jump in and help) please look at the California Map you sent me and do the following things to it for a series of slides and later a video clip if you are able:

SLIDE # 1. The map shows elevations under 1800 feet in green and over 1800 feet in brown. The coastal range of mountains closest to the Pacific has a large gap in the brown now between someplace near Clearlake, CA north of San Francisco bay and someplace a little east of Salinas. See if you can find the right place to “build a dam” of mountains 1800+ feet high (continue the brown shaded line of mountains in the computer) between those spots so the entire central valley would be dammed up. You will also need a small one east of Salidas. This would make the central valley into a HUGE lake about 400 miles long. As the green area on the map shows the lake would go all the way from near Redding in the north to a little south of Bakersfield in the south. I don’t know if there are enough elevation lines on this map for you to give an estimate of how many cubic miles (or cubic feet) of water that would have been in that lake before it drained but see what you can do please. Or, send me what dimensions and depths you come up with and I’ll try to calculate it.

When I do this as an animated clip I’ll have the mountains rise up out of the flood water (Ps. 104) and trap that lake. Then, a few years? or so later it will overflow and catastrophically drain into the Pacific.

SLIDES #2-4?. Show the dam of mountains holding this massive lake getting “overtopped” in two places at once. One would be a little NE of Salinas. That water would cut the gap through the Coast Range and the Gabilan Range for a short time. It looks like enough water came through here to also scour out the Monterey Bay. See if you can find a map of the water depth in that bay out a few dozen miles as well. Some maps will also show sediment thickness on the ocean floor. That would probably be the map we need since the last 4,400 years of sediments would alter the ocean floor contour in both Monterey and San Fran bay.

The second breach in the dam would have been MUCH wider between Clearlake and Tracy but centered near Antioch or Lodi. It started off like a waterfall maybe 50 miles wide but narrowed down as the lake drained. This one became deeper faster and soon the breach in the dam near Salidas dried up and all the water went rushing through the other gap at Lodi and scoured out what is now the San Fran bay. See if you can find video clips of a levy failing and you will see what I mean. It often starts of as a WIDE shallow waterfall and then finds the weakest point and cuts it deep fast!

SLIDE #5-8? A series of slides showing the scouring action that all this water would cause in the two bays. See if you can find underwater topographical maps of the bays. I would predict there are huge underwater canyons in those two spots as well. These canyons may go way out into the Pacific Ocean. There is also probably a sediment deposit that goes out even further under the ocean. In my seminar #1 I show the mud in the Gulf of Mexico caused by the Mississippi. That’s what I’m looking for in these two bays as well. Walt Brown at http://www.creationscience.com may already have pictures of this.

If you can find what you need to make a series of slides showing the rapid draining of this central California lake through the gaps in the mountains…(my mind will NOT shut off!!!) I want to do the same thing with El Paso, TX. :)) North and South of El Paso there are mountain ranges. If that gap was all filled in the Rio Grand would back creating a HUGE lake covering half of New Mexico! See if you can find the right elevation line to trace back to outline where that long gone lake would have been. It would have been there for some time (few weeks? few months? few years?) after the flood. Once it got too full from rain or snow melt it would also overtop the natural dam and carve out “The Pass” (El Paso) very quickly! There is no way the tiny Rio Grand River made that giant cut between those mountain ranges! A huge lake draining rapidly would do it though. There may even be a noticeable difference in the way the Rio Grand Valley looks before and after El Paso. Is the valley for the river wider or deeper or straighter on one side or the other?

Then, 🙂 I want the same thing done for the Royal Gorge in Colorado. If that gorge was filled in (over 1000 feet) a lake would back up on the west side. I don’t think it would be as big as the one in Calif or NM but if you can follow the elevation lines back the outline will be clear. Since the walls of rock are nearly vertical that would probably indicate the mud had longer to dry out before the canyon was cut. Cutting a canyon in soft mud makes the walls collapse so there is a “V” shaped valley rather than vertical walls. When they dug the Panama Canal the walls kept falling in till they had a wide “V” in some places. The steepness of the sides is a factor of the hardness of the rock. In most cases that can be an indicator of how long AFTER the flood the canyon was carved. Or course there are a LOT of other factors like: time of rock, local humidity, rainfall, temperature, winds etc but I think “drying time” could be reasonably estimated by the ability of the sides to hold a vertical wall.

Walt Brown makes a great point in his book In the Beginning that after a huge lake drains, the ground itself rises some because of the loss of the weight of the water. It is called isostatic rebound. That would mean the lakes could have been a little deeper and held even more water than the current outline would show since the bottom would have lifted some as the lake drained. I don’t think it is possible to know all those details but it is a thought to keep in mind.

King David looked at the stars and said, “Wow! What a mighty God we serve!” (Ps. 8 etc). I want people to look at maps and geology and say, “Wow! Look what the flood did in a few days!” Satan of course does NOT want them to see that!

Anyway, that is what I’m looking for to complete THIS project. If that doesn’t make sense (it always does to me!) then please let me know and I’ll try again. Pizza with ice cream later this week so BE READY!

Ted, Thanks for all your help during this trying time! YAAB! (You are a blessing!)
Kent Hovind

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