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Frank Logsdon (NASB Committeeman) Repents Over Translation

IF YOU HAD TOLD ME THIS WHEN I WAS PREACHING THE NASB, A FIGHT WOULD HAVE FOLLOWED! Now, after studying the issue over the past 10 years I’ve discovered something the Lord wants me to share: All new translations INCLUDING THE “New King James” are based upon the corrupt Alexandrian text that was edited by Gnostic heretic Origen who selected and eliminated thousands of words in defiance of God’s warning against it (Rev. 22:18-19). So what’s really behind the corruption of the “originals?” You might be surprised.

The Book of Revelation pictures the end times church as liberal, licentious and Laodicean (Rev. 3:14-22). Eventually this apostate body is deceptively woven into the fabric of the Romanist scarlet harlot seen drunken atop the seven headed, ten horned beast of Revelation 17. The only way to accommodate this kind of amalgamation is by replacing the pure Word of God with something Rome authorized, which is not only happening under our noses, but draws the ire of those who become livid when we call them on it.

If you know history, you are probably aware of Hitler’s love affair with Romanists- he was a member of the RC Church- and his plan to integrate the church into the Third Reich. In order to facilitate this, Bishop Ludwig Muller of the Reich Church produced a new translation of the German bible where words like sin and grace were removed. In all subtilty, the Christ of this new rendition wasn’t concerned about souls and eternal life; He was promoting “your best life now” here on earth with Hitler as the purveyor of it. If this sounds like the devil’s genius, you’re right. From the beginning Satan attempted to corrupt the precious Word of God by challenging and changing its precise wording: Gen 3:1 Yea, hath God said . . . ? introduced just enough doubt to allow Satan to interject fresh- more palatable- wording based upon an implied new revelation. Hear me friend. He is still doing that today through the introduction of hundreds of new “bible” versions all claiming new revelation from recently discovered manuscripts most don’t know- and frankly don’t care- were changed.

There are many reasons I’ve renewed my commitment to the King James Bible after doing a stint with the modernist, Romanist translations: It came from Antioch, not from the vault of Alexandrian Romanism and except for spelling and a few other minor changes the text we follow in the King James Bible has not been altered in 400+ years.

Please watch this: Repentant Frank Logsdon (NASB Committeeman): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZBeIr1wKGY

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