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Dave Hunt

In August it will be four years since the publication of The Seduction of Christianity . Through that book, thousands of people have had their eyes opened and have been set free from false teachings. Sadly, those we named in Seduction have refused to discuss the issues with me publicly so that a wider segment of the church could hear both sides. Moreover, I have been banned from many radio and TV programs, stations and networks in a planned censorship of my ministry. Instead of repenting, those who have been leading millions astray have actually hardened their position.

About eight books have been written to “refute” Seduction , and the false teachers have rallied together in a new emphasis upon “unity” to defend one another. For example, Oral Roberts formed Charismatic Bible Ministries a few months after Seduction was published. CBM leadership includes Buckingham, Capps, Cerullo, Cho, Copeland…

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