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2013: A renewed commitment to sharing the CREATION SCIENCE facts


Dr. Kent Hovind

2013- Time for YOU to start your own creation ministry! -Dr. Kent Hovind – Every week I get mail or email from people wanting to know how they can do something to spread the gospel using the creation message. So-o-o-o-o, that set me thinking that I should do a blog and put all my ideas down to hopefully inspire others. As the list expanded I realized this may grow into a BOOK!

Anyway, “The heavens declare the glory of God! (Ps. 19:1) and we should too! Romans 1:20 tells us that even nature teaches us there is a God. As I have used the creation message to preach and win souls over the last 23 years I have seen people come to Christ that I don’t think could have been reached any other way. They have been so brainwashed with the silly evolution propaganda on TV and in schools that this rubble must be cleared away before we can begin to build them a new world-view.

II Peter 3 says the heathen in the last days will be willingly ignorant of 3 things-the creation, the flood and the coming judgment. Well…LET’S TEACH EM! Every age has its peculiar obstacles to the gospel and God raises up some of His people to clear the way. In this generation it is, without doubt, the evolution theory.

Here, in no particular order (the way my mind seems to work!) are some ideas on how YOU can minister to this lost generation using the simple creation message:

I see two basic ways-talking and writing. One HS girl wrote me this week and said she had a hard time getting her thoughts into words fast enough to defend creation in her class but she was gifted at writing when she had time to think. I’d say that is God calling her to write! If you try to teach a pig to fly it annoys the pig and frustrates the teacher. Find YOUR gifts and use them. The Lord doesn’t need another Kent Hovind (some say even one is too many!). If writing is your gift then you could:

1. Write letters to the editor (LTE) of your newspaper (and send it to 100 others). That’s how my entire ministry got started! I wrote my first ever LTE in 1989 shortly after I moved to Pensacola. I simply pointed out that the earth was only 6,000 years old and dinosaurs lived with man and were called dragons for most of human history. Wow! The atheists came out of the woodwork! They wrote nasty letters about me and defended their evolutionism religion with typical illogical passion! Some say, “I don’t want to be confrontational. It might drive people off.” To what? Hell #2? They are already lost and brainwashed. Just write the truth!

2. Write creation articles for blogs, twitter, facebook, church bulletins, ANYPLACE that prints things people read! Pray for God’s guidance and get started. People ask if God called me to do this. I don’t know! I never got a call or a letter but I saw a need and decided to try to fill it. As you write and get challenged it will cause you to research for answers and drive you deeper into God’s Word. If you can’t answer a question find someone who can or admit you don’t know and write about what you DO know. If you love cats (why ANYONE would do THAT is beyond me but…) then research all the amazing things about cats and write about them. See Jobe Martin’s “Incredible Creatures the Defy Evolution” Series and use the same ideas. EVERY creature has SOMETHING about it that is MIND BLOWING and needs to be taught! You could write a series of articles about different animals (or plants) and collect them into a book.

3. Write books for eBooks or publishing. We need LOTS more creation novels! Westerns, Science fiction etc. Maybe you could write as if you were a newspaper reporter who lived near Noah and write from the liberal, God hating, CNN style worldview. Call Noah a fool, point out that it has never rained etc and hurry to get it on the air before the rain starts! 🙂

4. My son Eric does Creation Minutes every day. I write some for him. He needs hundreds! Can you write an amazing creation fact that can be read in 45-50 seconds? Send it to him. Here is a sample of one I sent him this week,
“Parents sure have a lot to guard their kids against these days! Between the school shootings and the various radical groups trying to brainwash our kids it gets hard to keep up! CreationToday.org wants to help you protect your kids from all the lies in the textbooks about evolution. There are over 50 lies exposed in our video series on creation.
Here’s one example- Nearly all textbooks say that one of the so-called “evidences” for evolution is the tiny claws some large make snakes have near their tail. The books say this is evidence that the snake used to have legs!
Ahhhh, NO! Those claws are used in mating and are NOT evidence of legs. By-the-way, wouldn’t having legs and losing them be the OPPOSITE of evolution?
God’s Word says He made all animals to “bring forth after their kind.” There has never been ANY evolution. Don’t fall for the lie!”

I can read that in 45 seconds. That is what he needs. Send it to Eric@drdino.com.

5. Write material to be used on posters or signs for a nature trail or science center. I want to build a huge nature trail and garden when I get out. Study all about the Live Oak or the tomato plant and write info that we can use on a sign. Did you know that when a pine tree gets attacked by bark beetles it sends off a pheromone to warn the other pines to put up a chemical defense. Hmmm? How did THAT evolve? You can pick ANY plant or animal or mineral and use it to bring glory to God.

Send what you write to Eric and who knows? You could be famous when he uses it on the air or on his web site!

6. Get some prison pen pals or ask for some missionary contacts and see if they have someone who believes in evolution that you can write to. Even if you just win ONE using your God-given talent that is worth more than knowing who hit the ball into the hole in the dirt!

7. Start an EBay or mini-bookstore ministry in your home or church and sell creation materials. Does you church already have a bookstore? See if they will let you have a creation corner that you maintain. See #2 below.

8. Start a creation web site or chat room and reach the world from your house!

VERY rough times are coming like a freight train to planet earth. The evil ones have been planning this for centuries. THEY will cause the time of coming tribulation NOT God. The weapon of choice in the next war will be FOOD. See Revelation 6. We get raptured out at verse 12. Meanwhile, I want God to look down at me and say, “He’s trying to produce fruit for My Kingdom. I think I’ll water that tree, build a hedge around it (Job 1:10) and station a few angels here to drive off the buzzards!” See Matthew 6:19-34!!!! Are YOU bearing any fruit for the Master?

CATEGORY #2- Talking. If you don’t have a gift or calling for writing then maybe one of these ideas will “light your fuse!” I see creation ministries that involve talking falling into two categories: Mobile (you go to them) and stationary (they come to you). God may want you to do a combination of ALL of these.

1. Find a busy street corner, park or beach and start conversations about creation or pass out DVDs or literature. A student center at a secular college or university is also a great place to minister. Keep in mind you are entering Satan’s neighborhood and challenging one of his FAVORITE lies! This lie has tripped up millions and he will HATE you for helping people out of darkness and he will come after you in ways you never dreamed. See my address for the last 6 years for example. 🙂 I’m not saying don’t do it but I am saying count the cost.

2. Door to door- I have done door-to-door soul winning and evangelism nearly all my life. Some listen, some don’t. If the economy has you struggling to make ends meet maybe combine your efforts with a simple ministry where you sell creation materials. Nearly all creation publishers will sell their materials at 40% off wholesale to other bookstores, churches or ministries. You could tell folks the DVD is $10 and they can have their money back when they return it.

3. Maybe you could start a “Creation Corner” at church in a classroom? Many churches would be open to the idea of a corner, a room or even several rooms where people come during the week to study creation, see science demonstrations, or just tour a mini-creation museum. One man in Waukesha, WS dedicated his walk out basement to a creation museum for people to come 6 days/week on a donation basis. He spent about $10,000 on tables, displays and fossils from the internet and was off and running! Pastors, does your church have a creation corner? Someone who could do it? A room in a building dedicated to the glory of God that sits empty 99% of the time? Why not offer “mini-classes” every Friday for homeschoolers. CSE did quite a few of those and have them on DVD for sale still. It was a great blessing to those who took the class live and is still a blessing to hundreds by DVD. Some may say, “Having more traffic in the building every day of the week will wear it out faster.” DUH! THAT’S what it’s for!

4. Maybe you could start a “Bill Nye the Science Guy” sort of ministry where you have science demos that teach creation and you go to schools. Even public schools let people do this. I’ve done a BUNCH of them! If you had a portable tank that demonstrates erosion or a display of magnets or dinosaur bones or whatever your calling is and you contacted schools and offered to come teach a class for free they would jump on it. The folks at www.youcanrunbutyoucannothide.com

do several public schools each week and get paid for it! Most schools have a budget for outside speakers or demonstrations. Hmmm?

5. Maybe you could have traveling displays and do a sidewalk ministry? Do a few science demos where you blow something up or burn something down or shoot sparks 4 feet in the air and you will draw a crowd! I’ve made boxes of my paper airplanes and gone to parks and launched a few over 300 feet. Within 5 minutes every kid within 300 miles is at your feet begging for one! Teach them the science lesson and spiritual lesson and give them their own plane IF they also -take a gospel tract, or a creation DVD or listen to a gospel presentation. Hmmm? THAT works!

6. My long time friend Jerry Purtell is the Child Evangelism Fellowship Director in Baton Rouge, LA. He has 2 large box trailers-the kind they haul race cars in. He has them fixed inside to be portable movie theaters. He pays $200/week to park them at the fairs or carnivals (Louisiana has a LOT of those in the summer). On the outside he has painted dinosurs
and even a huge inflatable one on the roof to attract attention. He advertizes “Free movie about Dinosaurs!–Air conditioned!” We made the 12 minute movie for him. The inside of the trailer has posters and fossils all over the wall and a video projector screwed to the ceiling. It is really cool! He has had many thousands come through and get saved. Go see it whydon’tya? He has teens come work for him for a week in the summer in a program called SMITE. Send one of your teens down. They will be FIRED up for the Lord when they return! (And they will be dead tired-he works them like a slave!) I bet some would support that as a mission project. Got a business man who would sponse a kid for $200 to change his life? Hmmm?

7. On the east? shore of Lake of the Ozarks in MO is the Orion center. They converted a 3 bedroon house into a fabulous science center/creation museum. Anyone can do this! Keep it open for tours and offer lots of classes for the local people of all ages to come to. If you had a “Physical Science Class” one day a week for 6 weeks and charged $30 to come you would be amazed at the turnout. See my video series on Basic Physical Science that I taught at Dinosaur Adventure Land (DAL). DAL is currently closed but hundreds more (get a new name please) need to spring up all over America! And the World! Most other countries let you speak at their public schools and don’t care if you teach about Jesus. You may get local people to teach a class. My dad even came and taught a basic electricity class at our school in Pekin. The kids loved it! I bet you have talent right next door that you can “tap” for the glory of God like this.

8. Use existing heathen museums, science centers or dinosaus sites and offer creation based tours. THAT will drive them crazy! Buy a season pass and lead your own tours of THEIR place! We need Christians to be there when busses of kids stop to see Smithsonian or Grand Canyon. Free tour guide!

The Chinese Christians have learned that it is better to start 500 small churches rather than one huge one. When the gov cracks down on one it doesn’t destroy the outreach. Hmmm? Amerika is next!

Pray about what God want’s YOU to do in 2013!

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