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Is Psychology a Sign of the Last Days?

Hunt & McMahon – The Berean Call

Search the Scriptures Daily Program #1304a Transcript follows:

Gary: Welcome to Search the Scriptures Daily , a radio ministry of The Berean Call with Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon. I’m Gary Carmichael, thanks for joining us.

Coming up in this week’s program, in our Understanding the Scriptures segment, Dave and Tom will resume their exploration of the Gospel of John and “Should Christians Have Weapons?” In Religion in the News, “What are Messianic Gentiles?” We’ll take a look at that story and examine the question “Are Some Evangelicals Acting More Like Catholics?” We hope you can stay with us.

Our ministry The Berean Call offers many teaching materials, including books, tracts, audio and videotapes and copies of our weekly broadcast on tape or compact disk. You may also subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which we…

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