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Dr. Kent Hovind Blog – 11/19/12


Dr. Kent Hovind

Well, God did it again! He broke my heart 43+ years ago for those under communist oppression and he did it again this afternoon! Today, Nov. 18, 2012 I walked up to the camp 1/2 mile away and sat at the picnic table

where I go as often as I can! It is so-o-o-o-o-o-o quiet and peaceful! After just spending 10 days in “the hole” (the 7′ x 12′ cell where they feed you through the door) it was a blessing beyond words to me! I was surrounded by thousands of miles of north New Hampshire woods, the sky was bright and it was a little cold for my Florida blood but I stayed there for 4 hours reading the 2001 reprint of the 1967 classic “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew. (Available from www.chosenbooks.com– Thanks Lora for sending it!)This story really starts back in 1969 for me. Shortly after I got saved Feb. 9, 1969 I attended a little Baptist Church in Pekin, Illinois where Dr. Loren Dawson was pastor. He was one of those old fashioned fire and brimstone preachers that banged on the pulpit and raised his voice! In the Lutheran and later the liberal Methodist church I had been raised in THAT never happened! They were quiet and reserved so they didn’t wake God up I guess. (IF God was even there!)

Anyway, it only took a few times attending that store front Baptist Church and I was HOOKED! I began going to every service and was reading my Bible an hour a day and growing in the Lord like crazy! Pastor Dawson’s dad had started the Gospel Tape Ministry and had over 10,000 sermons of famous pastors past and present on cassette tape. When he died his son took over the ministry of selling those tapes all over the world. Every week he would loan me a few to listen to as I drove back and forth to school or church. It was a time of great growth for me!

He also had an extensive library of good books that he was always pressing me to read. One day he gave me “God’s Smuggler.” It is the story of a simple Christian man in Holland whom God called to a ministry of smuggling Bibles into Communist countries. Wow! What a story! I cried through the whole thing! I prayed as I read it that God would use me to get the gospel into Communist countries too! The chapters on the jam packed Russian churches he spoke at really tugged at my heart.

As I read the book back in 1969 I felt stirred about many things that still influence my ministry and outlook to this day. That book I why I have never charged for my speaking and why I have always allowed and encouraged people to copy my materials if it is unaltered and free of charge.

As I read it again to day I was reminded that God HAS answered my prayer of nearly 44 years ago! I was able to preach in three former communist countries and saw for myself the great hunger these folks have for the Lord’s Word and TRUTH about the science to support it! Without question THE greatest obstical to coming to Christ that MANY have is the evolution indoctrination they have been force feed. In one Ukrainian church it was so-o-o-o-o-o packed I felt like a sardine as I preached! I suspect there were 1500 people in a room designed for maybe 500. The singing was AWESOME and they fully expected me to preach for 2 hours! So-o-o-o-o-o, I did! They wanted more!

At the Russian public high school I spoke at there were 700 teens in the room with seating for 400. They were standing or sitting in every space available and dead quiet for 90 minutes! I asked the principal before I spoke if it was OK to mention the Bible and Jesus. He looked at me funny and said, “Yes, please do! These kids need to hear about that. Tell them whatever you like.” So-o-o-o-, I taught on creation, exposed the lies used to support evolution (see creation seminar video #4 for that) and gave the gospel clearly. I even had an invitation to come to Christ and be saved! Well, it’s NOT that way when I speak in the “God bless America’, “In God we Trust” “Land of the Free” “Freedom of Speach!” public schools! Hmmm? Used to be!

When I had taught for about 40 minutes on creation before 35 university science professors in Ukraine one of them began crying! I asked the interpreter what he was crying about and she said, “He has never heard that there even was a creation story. He is so happy to hear about it! He wants you to keep going!” Wow! I did! For two more hours!

I have known for years that communism is based on evolution theory and the best way to defeat communism was to preach the truths of God’s Word and defend His creation. Teaching on creation and answering the questions from a scientific perspective greatly strengthens the faith of the struggling believers who went to the propaganda filled public schools (In communist countries and Amerika!) but also gets MANY converted to Christ. God has allowed me to do a LITTLE of that but I’m ready to go back!

Meanwhile, my son Eric married a wonderful Ukrainian girl, has given me three beautiful 1/2 Ukrainian grandkids and he has preached there several times as well. In addition God provided an answer to my 1969 prayer of helping get the gospel to Russia in a most unusual way! My long time friend Paul Abramson used to live in Berkeley, CA. He calls it the People’s Republic of Berkeley! True! Anyway, he was able to get me in to preach on creation in front of a VERY hostile audience at Berkeley University! For those who MAY not know- Berkeley is NOT a Christian school! I had a BLAST speaking and fielding questions for 2 hours there. I felt like Paul on Marrs Hill (Acts 17). See that one on video at www.drdino.com.

Anyway, Paul A. has a deep burden to get the gospel into foreign countries and he has spearheaded the MASSIVE project of getting all 18 hours of the creation seminar translated into other languages! He spent countless hours getting them subtitled in CHINESE! That project has reached more souls than we will know till glory. People in China copy the DVD’s freely and spread them all over!

Paul has worked countless hours on this project, has never asked for a dime and has no clue I am doing this but… God impressed me as I re-read God’s Smuggler that we can speed up this project and probably reach millions of souls quite simply. If you want to be involved in getting the gospel via the creation message behind the iron or bamboo curtain let me tell you a place you can do it. Send a gift to

Paul Abramson
PO Box 8210
Evansville, IN 47716

. . . and tell him you are praying for him to reach the untold millions who are still untold in foreign lands. I happen to know he lives in the most frugal way you can imagine and every cent will go to get souls saved!

Pray about it please! Happy Thanksgiving!
Kent Hovind

PS: While you are praying, please remember Dr. Kent, family, and Creation Science Evangelism Ministries. He is no criminal and he needs to be free!

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