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Benghazi and the Lethal Price of Arming Jihadists

Latter Times News

EDITOR’S NOTE: Read Dan 7-12; Rev 11-19. The Islamic Beast is rising while at the same time President Obama is being judged by God for his shameful treatment of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu in particular. Look for more humiliation and judgment through the upcoming election.
Over the weekend, the newest, and by far the most disturbing, revelations surrounding the Benghazi attack were revealed. Several sources have pointed to the possibility that a major CIA gun-running operation aimed at arming anti-Assad Al-Qaeda-affiliated forces was in danger of being exposed. If true, the information casts an even more devastating pall over the Benghazi terrorist attack and the administration’s botched handling of the region.
The decision to stand down as the Benghazi terrorist attack was underway was met with extreme opposition from the inside. The Washington Times‘s James Robbins, citing a source inside the military, reveals that General Carter Ham, commander of U.S. Africa Command, who got…

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