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Islamic News- THE BEAST IS RISING (DAN 7-12; REV 11-10)

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Muslims Target Muslims  (WND)
The Quran says that true Muslims are those who act harshly toward non-believer and hypocrites – the latter group being those who say they are Muslim, but do not act like it.Beginning of the End in England?  (American Thinker)
Being politically incorrect in Britain now means having your door kicked in by the Gestapo.Muhammad: Sexual Superman?  (Raymond Ibrahim)
What other religion portrays its head figure and prophet in such a manner – having sex with several women in a single hour and having sex with a 9-year-old?Christian “Just War” vs. Islamic Jihad  (Right Side)
One may or may not believe that there is a Christian basis for war, but it certainly cannot be argued that there is no Islamic basis for one or that the parameters of acceptability fall well outside “just war” margins.Why Did…

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