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I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

I believe in the bodily res­urrection of Jesus Christ. As you say, this is a “per­sonal matter,”but I am not ashamed to let the world know what I believe, and that I can intelligently defend my belief…I cannot prove this belief as I can prove certain scientific facts in my library which one hundred years ago were almost as mys­terious as the resurrection of Jesus Christ. On the basis of historical evidence of existing biological knowledge, the scientist who is true to the philos­ophy of science can doubt the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, but he cannot deny it. Because to do so means that he can prove that it did not occur. I can only say that present-day biological science cannot resurrect a body that has been dead and entombed for three days. To deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the basis of what biology now knows is to manifest an unscientific attitude accord­ing to my philosophy of the true scientific attitude.


–Dr. A. C. Ivy, Department of Chemical Science, University of Illinois (Cited by Wilbur M. Smith, in article “Twentieth. Century Scientists and the Resurrection of Christ,” Christianity Today, April 15, 1957)

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