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Dr. Kent Hovind Updates

Kent Hovind #06452-017
Fed. Prison Camp
PO Box 9000
Berlin, NH 03570Oct 29, 2012


CAUTION! For those who took the red pill only! (See The Matrix :))

As everyone can see, there is a HUGE budget problem in the US!  The financial collapse of the US and probably the entire world economy is coming like a 500 foot tsunami that will destroy us and our children.  We will NOT be “raptured out” of this one.  The “rich men” (Rev 6) have planned for this collapse to happen for centuries!  They INTEND to crash the world economies, create unrest, spread diseases, cause wars etc and reduce the population by 90+% as quickly as possible to “save ‘mother’ earth.” (See seminar part 1 on drdino.com for more on that!) Of course THEY are in the 10% that does NOT get eliminated.  God is laughing at their “Pinky and the Brain” plans.  See Psalm 2!  Meanwhile, it’s about to get MUCH worse for a while!

While NEITHER presidential candidate can fix this problem, Obama knows how to make it worse FASTER than anyone in American history!  What a reckless spending spree he has been on for 4 years!  Romney says he will balance the budget in 10 years.  HA!  I can balance it in 10 minutes!  I learned early in life that if your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall!  Great words of wisdom from my frugal Norwegian mom!  When you are in a hole and want out, the first rule of the hole is- STOP DIGGING!!!!  Why should it take 10 years to stop digging and “balance the budget?”  NONE have a plan to fill in the hole!

God always calls prophets to “cry aloud, spare not, show my people their sins!”  As most of them found out (See Jeremiah for example) it is a lonely job, a heartbreaking job and a dangerous job that can get you killed to just tell folks what God says!  Some will HATE you with irrational hatred!  I don’t claim to be a prophet but I do read the Word a LOT and think I know a little about God’s will, his prophecies about what is coming and I have a fair understanding of America’s problems so-o-o-o-o, I might as well cry out too.  Everyone seems to be offering their advice these days on what to do so-o-o-o-o, here’s Kent’s.

If I were President I would immediately demand that we (the feds) FOLLOW THE ORGANIC CONSTITUTION!  This would produce at LEAST a 95% cut in the entire Federal Government.  Gov is the PROBLEM not the solution!

1. Just getting the Federal prison system down to Constitutional levels would save many billions!  The Constitution says clearly that “the trial of all crimes shall be in the state where the crime occurred”.  I would guess that less than 1% of the men (and women) in federal prisons committed a crime on federal property like post offices, military bases, etc.  They never should have even been in federal court.  It should have been a state issue.  States give LOTS less time for the same crimes because they can’t print money to cover their expenses.  Like the menace Kudzu vine in the SE that creeps in and overwhelms and kills everything in its path, the federal government has crept into areas WAY beyond its Constitutional bounds.  (See the 10th amendmant) Let’s cut the fed prison system down to follow the Constitution and save billions in a matter of seconds.  This would close 95% of the federal prisons and courthouses and lay off 95+% of the Ju$tice Department.  THEY cost us a LOT of money in MANY ways besides just the cost we see.  Don’t forget lost productivity of breadwinners and welfare for the affected family!

It’s simple!  Follow the Constitution!  There are THOUSANDS of Assistant US Attorneys looking to indict anybody for anything so they can advance their career. (SEE I Tim. 6:10)  Does America with 5% of the world’s population really need 90% of the world’s lawyers and 25% of the world’s prisoners?  And more are being planned or built as we sit.  The boots I am wearing were “Made in China” as well as thousands of other items here.  Not only are you paying for my food, medicine, housing and clothing- you are paying LOTS of staff to watch us AND paying the Chinese to make things for us!  What a deal! (For somebody)   See “The Kennel” on 2peter3.com for more on that!

2. Get the feds OUT of the “drug war” business.  Where do they find authority from the Constitution to wage a “war of drugs” or a “war on poverty”?  Let the states do what they want.  If Ohio makes drugs illegal and Indiana does not, those who want to take them can move to Indiana.  Why do the feds care?  Oh!  I know!  It gives them quasi-authority to hire thousands of drug enforcement agents, incarcerate hundreds of thousands, confiscate their property and put their families on welfare to further grow the feds. Hmmm? I Tim. 6:10 for sure!  I have asked hundreds of drug dealers and drug users in here what would happen if ALL drugs were simply legalized.  Almost 100% of them say that use would go down and crime over drugs would stop overnight!  Some morons sniff gas or rubber cement to “get high” and we don’t regulate those.  The stores don’t have to place armed guards around the aisle where they sell rubber cement in my town.  Do they in yours?  Many get involved in drug use BECAUSE it’s illegal.  Why should the government get involved?  Let folks do what they want and suffer the consequences.  Just don’t force me to pay for the inevitable health problems they make for themselves.

3.  If I were president I would TOTALLY eliminate the “conspiracy” laws ASAP.  You should be where I am and hear the stories I hear!  Two inmates can testify against a man they never met and he goes to prison for “conspiracy” and they get time off!  Hmmm?  Yathink God will bring THAT up at THEIR trial?  Just THAT would free thousands so you don’t have to pay to feed and house them and provide for their destitute family.  Hmmm?

4. Why is “the fed” involved in welfare, education or health care at all?  Where is ANY of this found in the Constitution?  We need a man in office who understands the Constitution and instead of trying to pass Obamacare or Medicare, etc, Shut them down, don’t collect the tax money for them and let people or states have the freedom to do as they please.  70+% of all health care costs are from problems that are self induced!  If you want to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, commit adultery, commit sodomy, drive stupid or take drugs why should I be required to pay your health care costs when you get sick, hurt yourself or die?  Duh!

5.  I also see no place in the Constitution where the feds should be involved in education-at all.  Shut down the dep of Education and let the states or parents handle these things.  Let schools at all levels make it on their merits or go under.   Why is there a student loan program at the federal level at all?  Where is THAT named as a fed responsibility in the Constitution?

6. If those currently profiting from the status quo (there are MILLIONS of those!) think the feds SHOULD get involved in the above they should go through the proper route and get a Constitutional Amendment passed.  The Constitution offers a way for it to be altered yaknow!

7.  The slow creep of the feds into areas they have no business in (it’s called ‘color of law’) has been done quietly under cover of darkness.  “Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.” Jn 3:19  I’m sure some will get VERY angry at me for just exposing the problem and suggesting it be fixed.  After all, where would they get a job if not for the gov?  One man I met has been locked up over 20 years and he says he has not met one fed employee that he would hire.  (I met one I would consider)  One officer here wrote on his office white board, “Living the American dream.”  I almost cried!  About 6 men must sit in prison for each BOP employee.  I’m sure he enjoys the great salary and the deer and moose hunting up here and he really is living his dream while thousands of kids and grandkids cry at home.  I don’t know how many taxpayers it takes / fed employee.  Maybe someone can search those numbers out for me.  If you find it please tell Lora_holm@yahoo.com.  We are 16 Trillion in debt and half the people in America work for the gov in some way and ride IN the wagon while half the other half don’t help push it at all!  Hmmm? Yathink they might get fed up and throw the tea in the harbor again?  I know a LOT of folks are moving to other countries and taking their money with them.  Maybe they see what is coming?

8. From 1935-1944 thousands of German civilians, soldiers and officers were “living the German dream” at the expense of millions!  Nearly 10 million people were killed and their property secretly confiscated to finance Hitler’s nightmare errrr…dream!  Read how well the average German lived during those years.  It’s incredible!  Today, millions of inmates, spouses and children are affected negatively by the huge fed system while a few “live the American dream” of incredible benefits and $50k+/yr!  Hmmm?  Who is the REAL child abuser anyway?  Yathink God will settle THAT score one day?

9. Of course we would also have to eliminate the IRS and the Federal Reserve and get on a REAL money system.  We would also need to elect leaders for the original united States instead of the “Federal Corporation” currently running things and posing as the rightful government under color of law.  America made it just fine with no debt problems for decades without all that!  Ron Paul has plenty of great ideas about that!  I would also get a cabinet together of men and women who understand the Constitution and seek to follow it.  I’m sure these folks would help find thousands of other programs and departments to eliminate.  Big Bird might have to get a real job!  The founders of this country thought it through carefully and prayerfully and gave us a Constitutional Republic where the law is supreme NOT the majority!  Democracies always become corrupt!  Dave Barton http://www.wallbuilders.com has lots on that!  I have said for years that everyone should obey the law, including the government!

10. I would sell NASA to the highest bidder.  We have seen over and over that private enterprise is about 10% to cost of gov run programs.  Why are we all forced to pay to explore space.  If it is with the cover story that “we may someday colonize the moon or a planet” well DUH!  It would be millions of times cheaper to colonize Antarctica or the Sahara or the Ocean bottom!  It would be LOTS cheaper to deliver supplies and many needs like air, gravity, radiation etc would be eliminated or diminished.

11. Sell all federal lands possible to the highest bidder.  Why does the gov own 75% of Nevada?  Or anything other than “necessary buildings?”  Yep!  Bout 10 minutes to balance it and start filling the hole.  Just my thots.

Well, that’s a start!  When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps the loudest is the one who gets hit.  Send this blog to your liberal friends and watch the ones who ‘yelp’ the loudest about my ideas to get an idea of who profits from things as they are at your expense.  Liberals enjoy spending other people’s money for all sorts of “worthy causes.”

I Hope and PRAY that America is the eagle referred to in Dan 7:1-4 and after we get ‘plucked’ a man’s heart will be given to us and we will be able to do some good in the end times.  We’ll see about that one.  Meanwhile, WIN SOULS and help people live righteously.  If you don’t know how and want to learn, get “The Adventures of the Hovind Grandchildren” from Lora_holm@yahoo.com.   I LOVE those stories!

There IS a special prize in Dan 12:3 for those who “turn many to righteousness.”  I WANT that prize!  Who have you turned to the Lord?  There is NOT a prize for: the biggest muscles, the fastest car, the biggest bank account, the biggest house, the one who wears the skimpiest dress to attract attention from the men or cause them to stumble, the one who hits the most balls into a hole in the dirt or runs down a cow pasture with a ball under his arm through some plumbing while 12 grown men (who can all afford their own ball) try to stop you.  There is also NOT a prize for the one who watches the man run through the plumbing with the ball.  What on earth are YOU doing for heaven’s sake?

“Like the stars forever and ever.”  Hmmm?  That’s the one I want!  See you at the finish line!

Kent Hovind

Oct 16, 2012

Well, I’m in the Oklahoma transfer center.  That was quite a trip!  Sunday evening at 8:30 they called my name (and two others) to come to the message center.  We were told to get our stuff and sit in the visiting room to go to “the hole” next door at the Medium security prison.  I quickly said goodbye to some friends and divvied out the last of my possessions as pre-planned and sat in the visiting room for an hour.

We were taken to ‘the hole’ next door where we were all put in a little room with one bed and we were forgotten about for several hours.  It was freezing!  Finally at about 2:30 we were herded into another room with several more guys to wait and freeze in our “transport clothes” -one thin T-shirt and tan pants.  At about 3:30 we were all shackled hand and foot and lined up outside to get on the bus.  It gets cold at 5,000 feet in Florence, Colorado in mid Oct at 3:30 am!  After another 20 minutes of shivering and SLOWLY getting names checked we piled on the bus and DROVE 11+ hours to Oklahoma.  We were given a bag lunch with two bologna sandwiches, milk and a bag of chips to try to eat as your hands are shacked to your waist.  A LOT of things are hard to do like that!  Hmmm?  Who thought of that?

Finally, after driving all night and the next day, getting lost and several wrong turns we ended up here at about 3:00 pm and were SLOWLY processed in.  I asked one of the guys where I was designated to.  He said, “Berlin, NH.”  I said, My case manager in Florence told me Senator Marco Rubio’s office had called to get that changed to closer to home.”  He said, “The BOP decides where you go.  We don’t care what any senator wants.”  Hmmm?  VOTE!!!

So-o-o-o-o, we got another bag supper of bologna, apple and cookies and made it to the room by 5pm.  One officer here told me that this transfer center handles over 200,000 men every year!  The busses pull inside the building and the BOP airplanes have their own jet way right into the building.

After FINALLY getting some sleep!!, I had breakfast this morning with a young men who is tattooed everywhere from the jaw line down.  He said he has been convicted 8 times of felonies and has spent 12 years in prison so far.  He is 33.  I witnesses to him but didn’t get too far yet.

The transfer center is nice and clean.  There are about 60 two-man rooms/’pod.’  Four pods/floor and 7 floors I believe.  We are locked in the room at night and free to wander out in a huge common area from 6 am till 9:30 pm.  They have lots of TVs to babysit the low IQ and many books, games, email and phone access.  I could be shipped out to NH at any moment or sit here for a few weeks.  Yanever know.

Thanks for your prayers and support!  The trustee Pauljjhansen@hotmail.com has lots going on on the legal front.  LOTS going on behind the scenes there!  If God lead$ you to help plea$e contact him.  We feel certain there was no crime committed (See 2peter3.com) and we WILL win!  If you want to be on ‘the ever growing list’ to get my blogs or updates please contact Lora:  lora_holm@yahoo.com.

I checked again, Romans 8:28 is still there!  This will ALL work out for my good and God’s glory!  God had LOTS of His prophets in the Bible moved against there will.  I’ll do a blog on that one day soon.  See how many times Elijah, Jeremiah, Paul, Joseph, Daniel, Ezekiel etc were sent or taken places against their will.  Even Joseph and Mary were force to travel to Bethlehem.  God used it all for His glory.

Maybe God is allowing all this to happen to me to be an example for others who will soon follow in my footsteps?  If the NWO (coming SOON to a city near you!) folks have there way MILLIONS will soon be transported to prisons and eventually executed.  (See infowars.com for LOTS on that!)  There will also be MUCH more on that in the book “What on Earth is About to Happen?” that I have been working on for 4 years with LOTS of obstacles placed in the way!  Maybe this move will clear a few so I can FINALLY finish!  It is very close!!  I’ve written about 50 books in my lifetime.  About 25 before prison and 25 in prison.  I’ve NEVER had Satan fight one as bad as this one!  Hmmm?  Wadaya think o that?

Be sure to pray for our country and vote for the Romney of your choice, unless you think the world needs another communist country.  How about move to one we already have if that’s what you want and leave ours as it was founded?  A Republic based on a Constitution.  See wallbuilders.com for LOTS on that topic.

I’ll try to post updates as I can.  Thanks for your prayers!  Keep winning souls!  Nothing else will matter in 1,000 years.  If you need help learning how to win souls or teach your children to win souls get my just released 3 book series “The Adventures of the Hovind Grandkids.”  I LOVE this series and feel certain it will help MANY win souls.  Contact Lora (above) for information on getting it.

In Christ,
Kent Hovind


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