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Deepening Deception

Mike Oppenheimer
Time is an interesting concept, it keeps moving forward. We can remember things that have taken place in the past and experience the present, but we cannot change the direction of time. I’m not philosophizing or being intentionally melancholy but want to make the point that: We are quickly moving toward a time that is spoken of in the Bible. I (and others) have watched, documented, wrote and spoke on the state of the church for over 20 years. We see that we are at a point in both the world and the church where a deeper level of deception is occurring. I know this word is repulsive to some, just as the word sin is to the world but I’m only being candid on what I see.
What happens when all that can go wrong, goes wrong, what do we do? Can we do anything to prepare for this time? Being grounded in the word is of utmost importance or you won’t make it. If all you read are books and not the Bible, time to change that. We must strengthen our relationship with the Lord and those believers who see the time we are living in. It is for our spiritual survival. Most people will admit that things in the world are unraveling, even atheists have eyes to see this. But far too many believers do not see the evil, the lies and the deception that is increasing in the world and inside the church itself. America, the church, it’s all at stake and we are not going to get any do-over’s. Decisions we make now will change the direction for generations unless Jesus comes back and intervenes. That’s what I’m looking for!
I have often used the example of an avalanche going downhill, the longer it continues the more mass it collects and the more momentum it has. When it finally hits… well, you get the picture. Depending on how far it reaches, it can bury everybody and everything it touches.
No one likes hearing that they have been deceived, but they are thankful after they listen to one who challenges them and proves they have been removed from the narrow road Jesus told us to stay on.
What I say Goes
The word faith movement’s errors has established themselves inside the church where you now have churches teaching doctrines of health and wealth they themselves don’t believe in. TBN, (& Daystar) the main promoter of these teachings hasn’t changed yet we see more and more good teachers associate with them. This only validates them and diminishes the reputation of the one that goes on a network that has an overwhelming majority of false teaching.
Many of these men who teach word faith believe they are gods (little g). The Mormons believe they will become gods after obedience to the laws of their church that will bring this progression. But these Word Faith teachers speak of themselves as gods NOW. 
 The influence of distorted teaching from word faith teachers is not idle, it is expanding. We have posted a new article on Jesse Duplantis’ teaching on Gen.2 where we learn that God only made the shell of the animals, he dragged their carcasses before Adam and Adam spoke, then they became alive. Thus Adam becomes the creator. This wonderful teaching of Duplantis came from Creflo, and he apparently received it from his mentor Copeland. This is a chain of events that affects so many people. Of course this idea justifies the power of the tongue and the power we have as “speaking spirits’ who are just like God.
When you listen day after day to teachers like these men you are trained by their voice and cannot hear the shepherds voice nor what others say to you that’s biblical truth. No matter how much sense they contribute, especially if they are bringing correction to your teacher it is not heard. The lack of concern regarding false teaching affecting people worldwide is often because of ones love growing cold. We often hear:  ”Well, a lot of what he says is in the Bible.”  But what about all that is not in the Bible, that’s the part that can be destructive, deadly.  A liar does not lie every time he opens his mouth.  A thief does not steal all day long. A false teacher does not only speak falsehood.
The Kingdom is forming
Peter Wagner recently reacted to an article writing on his New Apostolic movements involvement with presidential hopefuls. In an update he specifically mentioned the writer the website and him calling them a cult.
From the 90’s its popularity has increased where it’s become a plight on the church. There are numerous statements of how they convince the churches by sending their prophetic advertisers out persuading  them to join with them in this new endeavor ‘The apostles bring spiritual government to the pastors of the city so that the pastors of the city can do the job that God has given them in a much more effective way…. “The only way this can possibly play itself out would be by the other people in the city recognizing that the apostle will add value to their own ministry. If this does not happen, change will not occur” explains Wagner. (Arise Magazine Article: New Apostolic Reformation, Posted September 1, 2000). Sounds so reasonable. But it is not.
Wagner submitted in his letter that The NAR is not an organization; It has no leader; I was neither the founder. So I wrote a reminder with his own quotes showing that he indeed said these very things.
Many in this movement are also into word faith teaching, along with Gnostic and mystical views.  They promote of themselves as world church leaders (both apostolic and prophetic) that will change our world and bring the kingdom on earth NOW.
John Eckhardt at the time was coordinator of the apostolic ministries in Wagner Leadership Institute… “we had teams that prophesied to several thousand leaders, gave them personal prophesies with tapes. (Mobilizing The Prophetic Office John Eckhardt, 5/12/00, Session 12). These men are influencing churches throughout the world to have their apostles and prophets lead them to establish the government of God on earth. Seems like a bad repeat of history, this time far more extensive.
Many in America understand the separation of powers in government. The larger the government the less freedom people have; it is often the same for a church. The larger church will most often pick and choose who will do ministry, they often exercise more control. In a smaller church they look for people to be involved to do ministry and are open to the Lord moving people to minister on their own. 
It is the larger churches that are more often the targets of the advertisers of the new apostolic movement of Wagner. An oversized government exercises more control from the top down; it is the same in the church.  A few men control numerous churches by running them on programs. They are not grounded in the bible just as the country is not grounded in the constitution. God is giving us an example we can all see and are affected by daily to understand what is also taking place inside the church. If a so called “leader” is not serving the people, he is not helping to reconcile rifts or prevent people from becoming wayward sheep then he is not serving the Lord
We have written a 4 part article on Bill Hamon’s aggressive Latter Rain teaching and his manifest sons of God belief. [1]Everyone should read this to understand what is at stake. Whatever one wants to call this movement, it is flat out wrong and dangerous. People are leaving churches because of these prophets, churches are being divided by those who introduce a non biblical view of spirit warfare. The false prophets words are shouted to the people through the Christian media (books, Internet, TV, radio) but the truth is spoken quietly and heard by only the few. It has always been this way through history. God looks for those who will adhere to his word to challenge those who introduce a new path to follow (Titus 1:9). The message for the early Ephesus church may be ours today, Rev.2:2-7 the Church of Ephesus continued to do work for the Lord but had men claiming to be apostles that took control and ruled over the church (Nicolaitans). The people tested them but they did not have the fortitude to act for they had left their zeal and loyalty they first had.
We should not be those who run from the battlefield but are actively engaged with those who come into the churches walls and adversely affect the family (2 Tim. 2:2-4; Phil. 2:25; Phm.1:2). This is showing love, not just speaking on it.
In our modern day it was Robert Schuller that first wanted to eliminate sin in our modern church pulpits. False teachers avoid topics of sin, hell and judgment, they avoid taking care of conflicts to being resolution. All this relates to the gospel. In its place are taught topics on blessings, what this has done is teach Christians to avoid trials (that are made to strengthen our faith) and have them become weaker and more dependent on circumstances than God.
1 Peter 2:21: “Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.”  Here we are told that Jesus suffered, and He is our example for us all. We follow in His steps, not wanting to suffer, but when it comes be willing to accept and bear it. Philippians 3:10, which refers to “the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings?” Suffering is an integral part of life for both the unbeliever and the believer. For the believer it is often used by God in the development and maturing of our faith. In the first few centuries many were persecuted, tortured and killed for their faith. Today people are taught by word faith [2]teachers to avoid any type of suffering even if its directly about their faith. Seems people are more concerned that their favorite pets will be in heaven; how about people?
The NAR wants authority; the emergent church wants freedom to experiment; the word faith movement wants whatever they desire by faith, wherever self is exalted God is diminished. The leaven of heresy is spread by those who carry the disease of “distortion.” And they are duty bound, its going all over the world.
When those who care for people, who speak up to prevent destruction, they are the ones who are named as divisive and hateful. We live in times where pride is exhibited over humility, it is seen by immediate reaction against what is true. The only alternative they have is to assassinate with ad hominem attacks and refuse to deal with the facts. I have had my share lately from some very unlikely people. If the church is going to survive with any integrity we must keep on knowing the issues and deal with them so we can be strengthened against what is coming. [3]

[1] For more study, you may order Dr. Mike’s expose: Latter Rain Manifest Sons of God Heresy.
[2] More details available in PMI tract: Word of Faith Heresies
[3] Copied from Let Us Reason Ministries
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