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Mid Acts Dispensationalism Overview

A Mid-ActsDispensational Trip throughthe Bible1
The Bible is inspired Holy Scripture authoredby God through the Holy Spirit and reveals thevarious programs He has used in dealingwith His creation. A fundamentalpremise is that the Bible can be understood, since God is not the author of confusion.
We find that in the beginning God created two distinctive parts,the heaven and the earth.
Thecreation of the earth includedall life on the earth.Man and woman were created in a sinless state but at the first temptation, providedby the serpent, they sinned.This caused a change in God’s program for them. He promiseda “Seed” that would bruise the serpent’s head, which we now know was Christ when He made the full payment for the sins of mankind with His death on the cross.
In the meantime God shed blood to cover the initialsin of Adam and Eve until the fulfillment of the promise of the “Seed.”
As time went on the earth became populated, sinfulness increased, and finally God judgedmankind and destroyedall life on the earth by means of a universal flood, except for Noah, his wife, his three sons, their three wives, and at least two of every form of animal life. After the flood God promised Noah that He would never again allow a flood to destroy all life on the earth. He placed a rainbow in the cloudsas a sign of this promise and instructed Noah to replenish the earth.
However, as the earth was being repopulated, sinfulness once again increased, and mankind began to congregate in one area. Because of this disobedience God judged mankind and this time He scattered them over the earth by confusing their language.
At this point God essentially concluded His dealings with mankind and men and women were known as “nations,” “heathen,” “Gentiles,” or “Uncircumcision.”
Next,God chose a man named Abram to begin a people He could have dealings with and also a people that could be a channel for the promised“Seed.”
Abram’s name was later changed to Abraham and he became the father of the nation Israel.  It  is  through  Israel  that  God  then  channeled  His  dealings  and  planned  to ultimately resume His dealingswith the Gentiles as well.
As the nation Israel grew, God gave them the Law through Moses, which consisted of more than 600 commandments, regulations, and ordinances.
As the nation Israel began to take possession of the land promised to Abraham, they were under the leadership of Moses, Joshua,and the judges.
During the time of Samuel, who was to be the last judge, the Israelites rejected God the
Father by demanding a king to judge them insteadof having God reign over them.
1 By:Frederick E. Lewis http://www.biblicaladvancedbasics.com

As a result of this sin, the nation Israelnever fully held possession of the Promised Land, even to this present day. Throughthe ministry of the prophets,God prophesied that He wouldsend the Messiah toredeem Israel from her sin. This Messiah, born of the virgin Mary, was the Son of God in the person of Jesus Christ. God also promised Israel that He would establish an earthly kingdom whereJesus Christ Himself would reign as King, onthe throne of David, and a tremendous time of peace and prosperity would result.
During the three-year earthly ministry of the Messiah, He preached repentance,that the kingdom of (from)2  heaven was at hand, and this message was given to the twelve Apostles to preach as well.
The nation Israel, for the most part, rejected her Messiah along with His message of forgiveness for their sins and His preaching of the coming prophesied kingdom. This rejection took the form of unbelief and demandingHis crucifixion.
Jesus Christ rose from the grave on the third day and instructed His disciples again to preachthe gospel of the kingdom with water baptismfor the remission of sins.
They were to begin with the nation Israel in Jerusalem and if Israel responded this time, they were to proceed with the same gospel in all Judaea,and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. The Lord then ascended to heaven after promising to send the  Holy  Spirit  to  empower them  in  this  commission,usually  known  as  the  Great Commission.
The water ceremony of baptism was part of the fulfillment of God’s conditional promise, through Moses, that the Israelites would become a “kingdom of priests,” in the coming earthly kingdom, if they would obey His voice and keep His covenant. This washing or baptism  was  done  in  conjunction  with  the  blood  sacrifice  in  preparation  for  the priesthood.
With the preaching of the “kingdom of (from) heaven at hand,” the Israelites were now ready to become that “kingdom of priests” if they would believe and submit to water baptism.
As you begin reading the book of Acts, you find the apostles beingfilled with the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost and Peter preachingthe gospel of the kingdomas the Lord had instructed. Thepeople of the nation Israel now need not only to repent of their broken  covenant relationship with  God  but  also  to  repent  of  the  sin  of  murder  in crucifying their Messiah.
The Bible records that about three thousand souls were added to the Jewish Church as a result of Peter’s Pentecostal address. In his next address/sermon the charge of murder was lessened, by acknowledging their ignorance, and the promised kingdom was finally offered. This agrees with our Lord’s prayer on the cross, Luke 23:34: “…Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”
Despite the fact that many had responded earlier, the majority in the nation Israel along withher leaders rejected this offer.
2Kingdom of heaven is taken to mean comingfrom heaven (to earth).

If this wasn‘t enough Israel’s leaders also began persecuting the apostles who were preaching the gospel of the kingdom.
According to the parablein Luke 13:6-9, Israel was expected to produce fruit during the three year ministry of Christ.When this didn’t happen the extra year was granted, during which insufficient fruit was produced and the persecution of the few continued.
Despite much persecution God allowedHis program to continueunchanged for the extra year, until Stephen was stoned to death by the Jewish leaders. It was at this time that thenation Israel resistedor blasphemed the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit.
This was the third and final chance for Israel. First, they had rejected God the Father by demanding a king under Samuel. Second,they had rejected God the Son at the cross. Now, their rejection of God the Holy Spirit through Stephen resulted in their committing the unpardonable sin about which they had been warned.
After the stoning of Stephen the unrepentantJews began to unrelentingly persecute the Jewish church. This “great persecution” began in Jerusalem and scattered that church abroad. There are two noteworthyaspects of this scattering of the Jewish church: first, the apostles stayed at Jerusalemin obedience to their commission from the Lord; and second, the scattered Jewish church preached the word to the Jews only (the Gentiles willbe dealt with shortly) in obedience to the commission from the Lord.
It was at this point that God beganto change the program of His dealings with the nation Israel. First, Jesus Christ Himself struck down Saul, also known as Paul, on his way to Damascus. Then He saved Paul, commissioned him an apostle, and through a series of revelations, communicated a new program whereby salvationwould be offered directly tothe Gentiles in spite of Israel’s rejection of her Messiah and subsequent fall. At this time God temporarily set aside the kingdomprogram with the Jews and began a new program, called the mystery, to both Jews and Gentiles. The term mystery meansthat you can’t find this program forecastin the prophetic Scriptures, it was hid in God.”
The terms of the new programresulted in Paul preaching a new “gospelof the grace of God,” whereby individuals can be saved by truly believingin the death, burial and resurrection of Christ and that He died for their sins. The differencein this gospel is that Christ’s blood and His blood alone is sufficient payment for all past, present, and future sins of those who believe this gospel of God’s grace.
Earlier, we identified the Great Commissionas it related to the preaching of the gospelof the kingdom. Now, let’s take a look at the currentcommission as it relates to the preaching of the gospel of the grace of God. Thereare two aspects to the current commission. First, God has reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ and has given us the  ministry of  reconciliation as  ambassadors for  Christ.  Second, according to  the example of the Apostle Paul, we preach the unsearchable riches of Christ and help all see the fellowship of  the  mystery. Theword fellowship (Gr, koinonia: participation, communion) suggests: the loving participation and communion among members of the bodyof Christ, in the mystery.
The complete changeover from the prophetic program to the mystery program took about thirty years as the Apostle Paul was receiving revelations from the ascendedLord Jesus Christ. Just as the Jews failed to see that their program with God had changed

then, today, many Christians are combining the previousprogram with the current one called the mystery. It is no wonder that there are over 400 denominations today that differ in relation to what parts of the old program are combined with the new mystery program. This new mystery program with the gospel of the grace of God and the church, which is His body, will continue “until the fulness of the Gentiles [full number of the Gentiles]3 be come in.”
Once “thefulness of the Gentiles be come in.” the Lord will take the church,His body, to heaven,and God’s propheticprogram, on the earth, with Israel will resume. It will begin with the tribulation period, lasting seven years and will include Christ’s second coming to earth to establishthe promised earthlykingdom. It is then that He will reign as King on David’s throne.He will resurrect the kingdom saints of all ages and the Twelve Apostles will sit on thrones judgingthe twelve tribes of Israel.
The first phase of this kingdom wenow know will last 1,000 years, during which time Satan will be bound and cast into the bottomless pit. At the end of 1,000 years, Satan willbe “loosed out of his prison,”and he will “go out to deceivethe nations.”
This time God will quickly end the final outbreak of sin on the earth.He will then resurrect and judge the unsaved of all ages at the “greatwhite throne,” and usher in the eternal state where the saved, of all programs,will occupy “a new heaven and a new earth:” and the unsaved,of all programs, will be cast into the lake of fire.” From then on sin will be no more and the saved will spend eternity withGod the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in a sinless state as it was in the beginning, when Godcreated the heavenand the earth.
3Gr, pleroma: completion

Copied from: http://www.biblicaladvancedbasics.com/MidActs.pdf 

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