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How to Debate an Evolutionist

Dr. Kent Hovind

Please feel free to send questions for future lessons. 🙂 Kent Hovind

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The editor of “Skeptic” magazine, Michael Shermer, once wrote a book, “How to Debate a Creationist.”  That was BEFORE he debated me 3 times!  See the debates on http://www.drdino.com!  HA!  I would be thrilled to debate him (or any 10 evolutionists) again any time, with half my brain tied behind my back. (As Rush says.)  This is one of several short articles on creation that others can learn from and even discuss/debate.

Lesson #1   

How did we (the universe, the earth, man) get here?  As far as anyone can figure out, there are only two options: Someone made the world (Creation) or the world made itself (evolutionism.)  No one has thought of a third option. (Other than a few morons who say, “We’re not really here at all!  We just THINK we are here.- This idiocy will not be addressed here!)   A Russian atheist astronomer started his speech, “Folks, either there is a God or their isn’t; both possibilities are frightening!”  Hmmm?  Smart fella!  I agree!  If there IS a God we better find out who He is, what He wants and DO what He says!  He’s the BOSS!

On the other hand, if there is no God then we are in TROUBLE!  We are racing around the sun at 66,000 MPH and no one is driving!  Hmmm?

In these short articles I will point out various facts about each world view.  What do the creationists like me believe?  What do the evolutionists believe?  Who is right?  What difference does it make?  How can I defend my faith in the face of a dedicated evolutionist teacher or friend?

In any discussion/debate (ESPECIALLY this one!) it is essential to define the terms first!  Since 1989 I have defended the Bible view of creation as being scientifically accurate in every detail.  I have never liked it when people sneak up on me so I don’t sneak up on others.  I tell folks what I believe right off.  As I traveled the world in evangelism I started off most speaking sessions with: “I believe the Bible is the infallible, inspired inerrant Word of the Living God.  I believe it from cover to cover.  I even believe the cover!  Mine says, ‘Kent Hovind’.  I believe that!  I also believe the evolution theory being taught in our schools is the dumbest and most dangerous religion in the history of the world!”

THAT usually sets the evolutionists off like 4th of July fireworks!

I must have a little of the Elijah personality (he mocked and ridiculed the false religionists of his day-I Kings 18). I noticed early in my creation career that ‘they’ (those who believe in evolutionism) always called our position “creationism”.  That seemed a little odd to me at first.  The “ism” seemed to remind me of communism, Nazism, Anarchism, Imperialism, Atheism, socialism etc.  I feel certain they did this on purpose to cast a negative shadow on creation so I began early on to use this back on them.  I try to always refer to the debate as creation vs. evolutionism.  It’s FUN to watch the reaction!

When I do debates at universities (100 so far-see http://www.drdino.com) I flash up on the screen in Power Point the title “Creation vs. Evolutionism Debate” and then sit back and watch the puzzled look on the evolutionist’s face.  They look at it like a calf lookin at a new gate.  They read it about 40 times and scratch their heads.  They “know somethin ain’t right but they just can’t figger it out!”

It’s about time the creationists took the lead!  It’s FUN being on the offensive!  One of the South’s most successful generals was General Bedford Forrest.  His simple philosophy was, “When in doubt, attack!”  He was nearly always outnumbered and outgunned but defeated his opponents most of the time by being offensive.  I suggest creationists use the same tactics.  Don’t sit back and take it.  Attack! (Sweetly.  In Christian love of course!)  When the resident evolutionists here tried to distract the new believers from listening to me teach on creation by attacking my credentials I went on the offensive and put up two blogs about it on 2peter3.com.  I gave them a copy and they have been re-e-e-e-eal quiet since then!  (To me at least.  I’m SURE they discuss it amongst themselves!  Hehe! 🙂

So-o-o-o-o-o, to define the terms I will use in these lessons: “Creation” means the clear teaching of the King James Bible (THAT’S another important issue for a future discussion!  Compare the 7th word in all these Bibles!  Should it be heaven or heavens?  Somebody is WRONG!) that the Eternal God created EVERYTHING in heaven and earth in 6 literal 24 hr days about 6,000 years ago.  (Ex. 20:11)  Anyone simply reading the account in the Bible and adding up the dates will come to the same conclusion.  The earth and universe is about 6,000 years old.  MUCH more on that later!

It is actually the evolution theory that deserves the “ism” suffix since evolutionism is indeed a dangerous ideology like communism and Nazism.  Evolutionism is the religious world view that everything we see in the entire universe came into being by itself, for no reason.

Defining the slippery word “evolution” is essential to the debate.  I recommend you do this FIRST!  You will need to remind the audience often during the debate too.  Probably about every 3 minutes!  The word evolution actually has 6 different steps or stages as follows:
1. Cosmic Evolution-the origin of time/space/matter from nothing in the “big bang.”
2. Chemical evolution where all elements form from hydrogen.
3. Stellar evolution where stars (and planets) form from dust clouds.
4. Organic evolution where life forms from non-living matter.
5. Macro-evolution where plants and animals produce offspring of a different “kind”.
6. Micro-evolution-variations within the kind.

The first 5 are well outside of science and must be taken on faith.  No one has ever seen ANY scientific proof of any of the first 5.  That’s why it is a religion that must be taken on faith.  That doesn’t prove it is wrong, only that it is NOT part of science!  Only the 6th, micro-evolution-is actually science.  Variations within the kind happen all the time!  That’s as far as scientific evidence goes though.

Most dedicated evolutionists BELIEVE the “natural selection” will cause the “survival of the fittest” and that this process has power to create new information and new life forms.  More on why that won’t work later!

In any debate on this topic I suggest that you define the term as I have above and then point out that calling variations (#6) “micro-evolution” is probably going to create confusion in the debate so that term should not be used.  Just admit that limited variations occur but the word “evolution” in the discussion from now on will only mean the first 5.

The evolutionists HATE it when I show the 6 clearly different steps of evolution and object vigorously!  They can only spread their religion by creating confusion in the mind of their followers.  Teachers committed to evolutionism give scores of examples of micro-evolution (there are millions!) to their students and then say, “See!  Evolution is a fact!  Only an ignorant fool with degrees from a non-accredited (by us) school could fail to see how obvious it is!”

In sales it is called “bait and switch.”

When I see these evolution cult leaders deceive their students I’m always reminded of a slick, crooked used car salesman.  He will keep the customer’s attention focused on how shiny the bumper is so they don’t notice the car is missing the engine!

Ditto for “evidence” for evolutionism.  Nobody that I know questions the FACT that variations within the various kinds of animals (and plants) happens.  Every farmer on planet earth throughout the 4,000+ years of recorded human history can verify that #6 happens and #5 does not.  When they cross breed their cows they expect (and get) a calf!  100% of the time!  If some poor misguided person wants to BELIEVE that cows could EVENTUALLY create a non-cow or that cows came from something that was non-cow ‘long ago and far away’ they are welcome to BELIEVE that all day long!  Just DON’T call that science and DON’T ask me to pay to have that RELIGION taught in public schools!  Go start a private school and teach anyone who wants to PAY and come learn it!  It is NOT science!  Science is things we know based on observation, experimentation and testing.  More definition of that word in another lesson.

Remember, the burden of proof is on the evolutionist.  We (creationists) are not asking for tax dollars to be used to spread our beliefs in the school system-they are!  i admit I BELIEVE creation.  They should ADMIT they they BELIEVE in evolutionism.  No problem!

II Peter 3 warns us that the scoffers in the last days will be “willingly ignorant” of 3 things:  The creation, the flood and the coming judgment.  One of the biggest problems I see when people discuss or debate or try to defend the creation vs. evolutionism topic is that they don’t have a concise and solid definition of the word evolution.  The evolutionist will capitalize on the confusion. BE SURE to MAKE the evolutionist state which of the 6 he is talking about and watch for slick talk to confuse the issue.

Sadly, many get frustrated in the debate because they don’t have a clear, coherent creation model to defend.  We will explain the Bible teaching on creation in the next articles.

CONCLUSION: Don’t discuss evolutionism without clearly defining the term!

Class, this week’s assignment:

Purposely get into a discussion on the topic with at least 5 people and use the word “evolutionism” as you talk.  Next, define the terms as I have done above.  Then, sit back and watch the reaction.  TRY not to laugh or smile at the puzzled look on their faces!  Enjoy yourself!  It’s OK to follow Elijah’s example and mock if you need to.  Remember Bedford Forrest- Always attack!

Lesson #2

Good Morning Class!!  Last week we learned in lesson #1 that it is ESSENTIAL to define the terms before getting into a debate on creation vs. evolutionism.  It is also ESSENTIAL to point out (repeatedly!!!) that there are 6 different levels or stages of evolution theory and you must carefully distinguish between them.  Expect EXTREME opposition on this point!  Those who BELIEVE in evolutionism want to muddy the waters and make you think that evidence for #6-variations WITHIN the kind-is somehow magically transferred to be evidence for the first 5.  DON’T fall for it!

Variations certainly happen within the kinds of animals on earth but they have limits!  NEVER let them get past that point!  Mostly due to man’s artificial selection there are now dogs as small as a Chihuahua and as big as a Great Dane but they will NEVER get a dog as small as a flea or as big as Texas.  Getting the evolutionists to ADMIT the obvious-changes are limited-is almost impossible!  They BELIEVE there are no limits to the changes possible.  They are certainly welcome to BELIEVE whatever they like but they cannot call that SCIENCE and we should not allow that RELIGION to be taught in public schools at taxpayer expense!

One of their ‘gods’ is natural selection.  We will cover that later.  They HAVE to stick to the script on the wild idea that there are no limits to the change because THIS is the core of their religion!  They BELIEVE a rock can turn to a human with enough time!

10 times in Gen 1 and then 10 more times in Gen. 6 and 7 God refers to animals being grouped into “kinds” or “sorts.”  There are NO known exceptions to the rule!  The SCIENTIFIC facts are: Animals ALWAYS bring forth “after their kind” exactly as God said they would.  Even a 5 year old can see when they are the same kind.  Any changes beyond the ‘kind’ only take place in the IMAGINATION of the evolutionist.  It has NEVER been observed and is NOT science!  Of course they are always welcome to BELIEVE it happened “long ago or far away” but DON’T let them get by with claiming their BELIEF is SCIENCE!

They may say that fossils provide evidence for these huge imaginary changes. We will cover fossils in a future lesson but for now, let’s point out the obvious.  If you find bones in the dirt, all you KNOW is…it died!  You cannot prove it had ANY offspring let alone DIFFERENT offspring!  Why would anyone with half a brain and one eye think that bones in the dirt could do something that NO living animal can do?  (Produce something other than their kind.)

We also learned that it is not only more accurate to call their religion ‘evolutionism’ it is also just plain fun to watch the reaction!

The next lesson to learn as you debate this topic is that the evolutionists (like most leftist liberals) want to stifle your freedom of speech to shut down the debate RATHER than answer the questions or admit their errors.  We will show MANY errors and just plain lies used to support evolution in future lessons and also give you lots of searching questions to ask them.  For now, watch for them to try to silence the debate.  They do this several ways:

1. Teachers devoted to the evolution religion will often use their obvious academic and psychological advantage over their students to try to silence dissent on the topic.  Anyone with one eye and half a brain can see that it is totally unfair to have student vs. teacher in a debate, especially on this topic.  The teacher can fail students or lower their grades if they don’t get the “accepted answer” on tests and quizzes.  Students would have a lo-o-o-o-ng, uphill and normally futile battle to try to fight this type discrimination.  The teacher could always hide behind the canned answer, “I just teach the curriculum approved by the state.”  DON’T be intimidated!  One of the south’s most successful generals was Bedford Forrest.  His philosophy was “always attack!”  Ditto for the debate on evolutionism.

2. Evolution promoters will also use the “all ‘scientists’ believe in evolution.” to make students feel like a minority and silence the discussion.  Watch for unsupported dogmatic statements  like: ” All peer reviewed science journals support evolution.” or “All scientists believe in evolution.”  First, that is NOT true and secondly, even if it were true that does not matter!  In the Soviet Union the teachers tell their students, “All the teachers in the country believe in communism and agree that capitalism does not work.”  In Muslim countries the teachers say, “All teachers in our country believe Muhammad was a prophet and Islam is true.”  Does majority opinion make ANYTHING true?  Don’t fall for the ‘majority opinion’ trick.

3. Another tactic used to silence opposition is to simply fire those who don’t “toe the party line” and give lip service to evolutionism.  There is obviously COERCION in those countries mentioned in #2 above to make people at least SAY they believe like the leadership.  The current persecution of Christians in Muslim and communist countries is unbelievable!  Could there be some COERCION to teach evolutionism in THIS country?  Some say we have freedom of speech in this country and teachers are free to teach anything they like. HA!  Watch the excellent movie “Expelled” by Ben Stein (available from drdino.com) if you don’t think we have discrimination HERE in America on the creation vs. evolutionism topic!  America is one of the worst!  Muslims are noted for their 1400 year history of killing any who DARE to disagree with them.  Hitler and Stalin did pretty good too!  Don’t be afraid-preach the truth and let God provide protection!

4. Another tactic used to shut down the debate that I see all the time I call the “slap and run” technique.  The evolutionist will make their point in the debate or radio program or Q&A session and then walk out so you can’t respond.  I get that here a LOT!  One of our resident evolutionists will stand by the door and say, “You are not a Dr or a scientist and have no authority to talk about science.”  And then he walks out the door before anyone can give an answer!  I don’t think he WANTS to hear an answer.   That’s prejudice NOT open scientific inquiry.  I’m not sure I can help a fella like that!  Teachers will make a statement about evolution and then change to a new topic if challenged or backed in a corner.  Do your best to at least point this out to fellow students before the teacher gets by with it.

5. When the above tactics don’t work to protect the evolution religion from criticism they resort to false accusations.  One of our resident evolution devotees told me s few days ago, “Kent, you deliberately deceive people. You are not qualified to talk about science. You don’t know anything about science.  You don’t have a degree.” and then he walked off!  (#4 above!)  He only has one string on his fiddle so he plays it over and over!  He just can’t get past the degree question that I have answered many times.  It must frustrate him that he cannot MAKE me stop saying I DO understand science, DID teach it for 15 years and DO have a doctorate.  There is nothing he can do make me stop and I’m sure it gnaws at him!  He can’t fire me or flunk me!  I’m sure he will create anti-Hovind web site #2001 to try to ‘poison the well’ when he gets out.  Anyway, ignore their false accusations and stick to the topic.

6.  Watch for teachers to pull the “authority” card on you.  It goes like this, “I’ve been educated on the topic and you haven’t so anything I say is right and anything you say does not carry any weight!”  They like to think THEY are the only ones who DESERVE a “DR” in front of their name or DESERVE to be called with the holy title “scientist” and it irks them to think that ANYONE who dares to disagree with them would use those holy titles!  We-e-e-e-e-ell…TOO BAD!  Science means knowledge. A scientist is one who studies science.  If that is you then go get em!

7. Nehemiah was called on by God to build a wall around Jerusalem.  His enemies tried to stop him several ways.  It would be a great study to look at what the enemies did and how Nehemiah responded to learn how to handle evolutionists who try to stop you from speaking the truth! Here are the tactics used by Nehemiah’s enemies: Mockery (Neh. 2:19); Angry mockery! (4:1-3); Threaten violence (4:11-13); Offer compromise (6:1-4); Lie about intentions (6:6); Intimidate (6:10, 19); Infiltrate (13).  Don’t quit exposing the lies of evolution no matter WHAT they try.  It’s all been tried before!  Be ready to just keep pushing the truth.  You may never win the teacher but your stand for truth may help some students.  I’ve done 100 debates and don’t know of ANY of the professors I have ‘converted.’  We have hundreds of testimonies on file from students who were saved or delivered from their delusions however.  After Paul preached on Marrs Hill (Acts 17) soem believed, some mocked and some went home to think about it.  Three options.  Hmmm? can’t do better than Paul can ya?

8. The tactic used to stop the debate in Acts 7 when Stephen was preaching and cutting them to the heart with the truth was to stop their ears, chase him out of town, bite him and stone him to death!  I haven’t heard of that happening in America YET.  I’ve seen a few evolutionists who were su-u-u-u-u-ure thinking about it and WISHING they could do that to me!

9. A very common  tactic is to shout over your response or reasons.  I get that a lot too.  Paul got it in Ephesus.  The false cult leaders there were worshiping a ROCK (sounds like modern evolutionists!) and they shouted loudly “Great is Dianna of the Ephesians!” for TWO HOURS (Acts 18-19) to drown out any possibility of a response.  Some people just don’t want to hear the truth!  Paul just went to those who wanted to hear, spend three years there and built a great church anyway! (See Ephesians.)  When your opponents begin the shouting just take it as a sign that they are trying to cover their lack of evidence AND there is someone in the crowd who is watching that you can win later.

10.  One of the saddest responses I run into all the time is when the evolutionists just plain lie to support their theory.  We will cover the lies used to support evolutionism in future lessons.  See seminar part 4 “Lies in the Textbooks” for 3 hours on that topic!  Jesus told His scoffers in Jn 8:44 that they were liars just like their father the Devil!  Hmmmm?  I guess Jesus didn’t know about ‘tolerance’ for other view points.

Sometimes all you can do is move on like Paul did with the Ephesians.  He came back later and started a very successful church there!

CONCLUSION: Expect extreme opposition as you try to present creation or expose the silly theory of evolutionism.  Expect them to try to shut down the debate and silence any opposition in any number of ways.  Just do what Jesus said to do and shake off the dust and try someplace else.  It’s a big world!  Somebody will listen!

Lesson #3 
“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: which some professing have erred concerning the faith.” I Tim. 6:19-20.  GREAT IDEA!

Good morning class!  In the last two lessons we gave you a heads up on some of the tactics evolutionists will use to cover the sheer stupidity of their theory and silence discussion.  Paul was right!  They have a “vain babbling” of “science falsely so called.”  Well said Paul!

When planting a garden it seems the time must be divided up between: A. preparing the ground, B. planting the seeds, C. chasing off birds!  It’s the same in the creation debate.  I MUCH prefer to plant seeds by just teaching creation.  I don’t want to waste too much time chasing birds but it must be done once in a while.

Lots of folks are responding on various blog posts to these lessons.  As predicted, some evolutionists are upset and are trying to defend their religion (it’s VERY important to them!) and are using the exact same tactics I said they would.  Like Rush says, “They are so-o-o-o-o predictable!”  I sure don’t have time to answer them all but on rare occasions we will stop to chase birds and I will add my responses in brackets [KH-] to the points made by the critics in the comment sections of various blog sites.  We will come back to the silly evolution theory later to give you more ammunition but today, let’s plant some seeds and start to build a coherent theory of creation based on the Bible.

Many have said that the best defense is a good offense!  Truth is its own defense.  One man said you defend the Bible sort of like you defend a lion.  It can handle itself!  Just put it out there and leave it as is!

When I was invited to do my first debate (1989) against Dr Terry Prewitt, a 25 year veteran evolutionism teacher at the University of West Florida, I was a li-i-i-ittle nervous.  I had never had a debate before in my life except with my wife, and I lost those every time!  (If you are married you KNOW what I mean!)  I called Dr. Peter Ruckman at Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola for advice.  In his typical rough gruff manner he told me, “Put em against Jesus son!  They are claiming He is a liar with their stupid evolution theory.  Tell em what Jesus said and what it plainly says in the Bible about creation and let em wrestle with God!”  Hmmm?  Good advice!  After the debate they may still believe in evolutionism but at least they will know they are calling God a liar!  (Titus 1:2; Rom. 3:4; I Jn. 1:10; 5:10). I bet God will bring THAT up on judgment day! (Heb. 9:27; Rev. 21:8)

So-o-o-o-o-o, let’s look at what the Bible says about the creation.  I have found that a clear presentation of the simple Bible creation story is normally plenty to silence most critics.

Let’s start at ‘the beginning.’  The Bible CLEARLY states how everything got here.  “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”  From a purely logical perspective, if God created the heaven and the earth, He must have had a reason.  He should also have recorded the event and preserved the record for us today, especially if He has rules and will judge us one day if we violate His rules!  It would be totally unfair for Alabama to pass a speed limit law and not:
A. Publish the law in terms everyone can understand (Ps. 68:11)
B. preserve the law so anyone can read it (Ps. 12:6-7)
C. Post it clearly so everyone has the same warning. (Ex. 34:1; Nu. 5:23; Pr. 3:3; Ez. 33:8)

Since there WILL be a day of judgment and you and I WILL be there it is essential that God have His LAWS recorded and PRESERVED so “every mouth will be stopped…”  Read Psalms 12:6-7 in the KJB where God promises to preserve His Words and compare it with the NIV or some other perversion where they change it to say God will preserve us from evil people!  I believe God DID preserve His Words as He promised and I can hold a flawless copy in the KJB.  (BTW-I call it the King James ‘Bible’ NOT ‘version’ for obvious reasons!)

God did preserve His Words but ALL Bible ‘versions’ other than the KJB and the Jewish Bible have changed the 7th word from heaven to heavens.  A friend of mine sent me a book that took me a long time to figure out just the title!  It was called, “Things that are Different Cannot be the Same.”  Hmmm?  Is the singular or plural correct?  They can’t BOTH be right! More on that later!

Notice the first 3 words of the Bible: “In the beginning…”  The word ‘in’ is an amazing word!  The 5 inch thick Webster’s dictionary here has over 20 column inches in small print to define the word ‘in’.  I’ll let you wrestle with that one on your own!  The second word, ‘the’ is called the ‘definite article’ in English.  The Bible teaches not only that there was a beginning to all this but that there was only ONE beginning.  HOW it began and by WHOM is the basis of the debate.

In Henry Morris’ “Defender’s Study Bible” (the one I’ve used for years-available from drdino.com) he has an excellent section on the creation!  Some pagan cosmologies (studies of the origin of the universe) teach there was a ‘big bang’ then a ‘big crunch’ where everything comes together again and then another big bang etc.  They call this the oscillating universe theory.  They teach that matter (instead of God) is eternal and there is no single ‘beginning.’  They are sure welcome to BELIEVE anything they want but again, DON’T call that SCIENCE and DON’T expect all of us to pay to have that BELIEF taught in our publicly supported school system mixed in with good science!  We aren’t asking for them to pay for our religion to be taught.  We start private schools and teach what we believe to our kids at our own expense.  You go do the same.

Notice that there was a definite beginning.  The evolutionists love to put their ‘beginning’ “long ago and far away” (like BILLIONS OF YEARS) where it cannot really be studied.  It is only theoretical.  This is a classic case where the theorists are leading the scientists by the nose.  THAT’S not the way it should be.  See the first chapter of the excellent book ‘Evolution Handbook’ by Vance Farrell.  His book is a MUST read for the serious student of this topic.  He does a masterful job covering the shady history of how the evolution theorists took over British and then American science by lies and intimidation.  The book is also on his web site: http://www.evolution-facts.org.

The 4th word we come to in Gen. 1:1 is “God”.  The Bible makes no attempt who God is or where He came from.  Later the Bible tells us that He is eternal. (Dt. 33:27; Is. 57:15; I Tim. 1:7).  WE are stuck in time, God is not.  Explaining eternity to a human is a bit like trying to explain colors to a blind man.  There is just no way he can understand.  But…there are some simple illustration that help a LITTLE bit.  Imagine you get in a raft to go through the Grand Canyon (sounds fun!).  As you travel through the twists and turns you can only see small sections of the river at a time.  Now imagine a new group of rafters start from the same place every hour.  Now imagine there is a helicopter hovering wa-a-a-a-ay above the canyon watching these rafts.  None of them can see each other in the river but all can see the helicopter overhead.

The river is like time. (Rev. 10:6). We are stuck in our little time zone and cannot jump ahead or back.  We must “go with the flow” of time.  God, like the helicopter pilot, is above and outside of and not affected by the river.  God sees all time at the same time.  This is NOT 2012 in Heaven.  God lives in eternity.  We don’t—-yet.  Now suppose every raft is equipped with a radio to talk to the guy in the helicopter.  He can see what is coming MUCH better than you can.  If you are coming to a bend in the river and the pilot overhead says, “Stay to the right.” you would be a fool to ignore his advice.  It may look better on the left from your limited view but he sees the calm on the left just before the waterfall!

My advice:A. Stay in contact with that guy! (Is. 59:1-3)
B. Keep fresh batteries handy! (I Jn. 1:9)
C. Do what He says without question! (Jn. 2:4)
D. Enjoy the ride and the view. (Ps. 23)
E. Relax!  He’s watching out for your best! (Jer. 29:11)

God is NOT in time, we are, so questions like “What did God do for millions of years before the Creation?” or “Who made God?” or “Where did God come from?” are all irrelevant.  They are ASSUMING a God limited by time like we are.  God made man in His image and soon thereafter man began the futile attempt to make God in his image.  Give it up!  God is the eternal, self-existing, all powerful, all knowing, omnipresent Creator.  Worship Him!

If you can believe the first 4 word-“In the beginning God…”  The rest is easy!  The evolutionist tries futilely to alter that into, “In the beginning dirt!” or “In the beginning there was a big bang where nothing exploded for no reason with no help and made everything!”

Now, if you believe that, I want you to understand that I support the freedom of religion this country was founded on.  You have the freedom to BELIEVE anything you like!  You have the freedom to be stupid in this country (and MANY take advantage of that freedom!–I’ve met em!  And they reproduce!).  However, DON’T call that silly “big bang” theory SCIENCE and DON’T require all of us to pay for your RELIGION to be taught in the school system!  Go start a private school and teach that to any who want to pay and come learn it!  I’ll help you find a name for your school if you like.  How about “Idiot U”? or “Illogical School for the easily duped”? or “Wild Dreamer School for the Dumb”?  Give me a little time and I can come up with LOTS more.  For free!

I’ll stick with “In the beginning God…”  THAT is the most logical, rational, science based explanation ANYONE has come up with.

As for HOW, WHEN, WHY etc…we’ll cover those in future lessons.

1. Ponder the first 4 words and get alone and praise God for His creation (Ps. 8)!
2. Read the first chapter of Evolution Handbook on evolution-facts.org.
3. TRY to get an evolutionist or two to ADMIT that they believe “In the beginning nothing…”  Good luck with THAT one!
4. Meditate on Ps. 23 and spend time praising God for His provision and guidence!

Lesson #4
Welcome class!  Last week we began building a proper world-view of the Biblical view of creation.  We covered BRIEFLY the first 4 words of Genesis 1:1- “In the beginning God…”  You could study those Words for years!  No attempts are made in the creation account to explain the unexplainable God nor any apologies given.  It just says God did it.  No attempt is made to explain ‘where God came from’ since that ASSUMES He is limited by time/space/matter and had to ‘come from’ someplace.

He is the eternal I AM!  He told Moses “I am that I am.” (Ex 3:14)  Jesus also claimed to be the “I am” in Jn 8:58.  This is one of scores of verses that prove that Jesus was God Himself in the flesh!  That’s another course in itself!  It would be futile to even try to explain the trinity or the deity of Christ or an eternal being to an earthling.  It would be like trying to explain colors to a blind man.  It just can’t be done!  If the infinite God would fit in the tiny 3 pound human brain, He would not be worth worshiping!  God is not bound by time, space or matter-we are.  He was not created but He created all things and owns all things.  This is just the way it is. Get over it!

If you watch the amazing “Expelled” video with Ben Stein (available from drdino.com) you will see how atheists CANNOT get past the idea that there is a Creator Who is NOT limited like they are.  In their little mind they know they can’t be eternal so God can’t be either!  They are constantly trying to create a god in their own image!

The 5th word in this amazing verse is “created.”  As Henry Morris says so-o-o-o-o well in the footnotes to The Defender’s Study Bible-“No other cosmology, whether in ancient paganism or modern naturalism, even mentions the absolute origin of the universe.  All begin with the time/space/matter universe already existing in a primal state of chaos, then attempt to speculate how it might have “evolved” into its present form. …The concept of the special creation of the universe of space and time itself is found nowhere in all religion or philosophy, ancient or modern, except here in Genesis 1:1.”

This first verse in the Bible is probably the most offensive one there is to millions of evolutionists!  This verse obviously states that the owner of EVERYTHING is God.  This is God saying “Everything is MINE!”  THAT drives some evolutionists NUTS! (Actually to go from believing evolutionism to being nuts is not a ‘drive’, it is just a short putt. :)))  It is amazing to see the mental gymnastics some will go to just to avoid accountability to any Creator.  If God “created” then God “owns” and there may be some RULES! OH NO!  II Peter 3:3-7 warns us that in the last days there will be ‘scoffers’ who are ‘willingly ignorant’ of three things:

1. The way God made the heavens by His Word with “the earth standing out of the water and in the water.” (We’ll explain THAT later.)

2. The way “the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished”- i.e.. the flood

3. The way that “The heavens and the earth which are now, by the same word, are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men” i.e. the coming JUDGMENT DAY.

On with the lesson.  “In the beginning God created the heaven…”  In the KJB and the Jewish Bible it is singular-heaven.  ALL other copyrighted versions I have seen say “heavens” plural.  Hmmm?  In order to get that copyright and therefore $ you HAVE to change at least 10% of the words.  Might as well start here!  It is true that scores of places in the Bible refere to heavens- plural.  It is mentioned 133 times.  Heaven-singular-is mentioned 582 times.  Paul said he was caught up to the “third heaven” (II Cor. 12:2) so it is true there are heaven(s) but what should it be in v.1?

We will see later that AFTER day 1 God divided the heaven into heavens by putting a canopy of water or ice ABOVE the firmament (v. 6-7) so it would be incorrect to say He made the heavens in the first 5 verses because it was just one heaven until He dividied it with layers of water or ice.

Please keep in mind as you discuss/debate with the evolutionists that the goal is to win the soul not the argument.  Sometimes this requires different methods.  Some you win with love, some with logic, some with fear, etc (Jude 22-23)

“In this first verse in God’s Word we have several classic illustrations of the doctrine of the trinity.  Notice carefully: In the beginning – that is a reference to time.  God is not in time or affected by it.  He is outside of time but time does have three parts-past, present and future.  We humans cannot get away from time (yet). Time is a trinity.  You can’t have present without past and future.  Each is distinct yet part of a trinity.  Time permeates everything.  God is trying to teach us limited humans a little about His essence.  He is a trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  See I Jn 5:7 in a KJB NOT the others!

“the heaven” is space which also has three dimensions-length, width and height.  Each is distinct yet dependant on the others.  “The earth” represents matter and also comes in three flavors-solid, liquid and gas.  Another trinity.  We actually have a trinity of trinities in just 10 words.  Henry Morris calls it a “tri-unity.”  The infinite God starts off giving us a few clues about Who He IS.  Man is also an IMAGE of the invisible God in that we have three parts; a body, soul and spirit.  The Jehovah’s false Witnesses are always disputing the doctrine of the trinty by saying 1+1+1=3.  I agree but 1x1x1=1.  Hmmm?

There are scores of verses that teach the doctrine of the trinity.  Acts 20:28 says God purchased the church “with His own blood.”  JW’s change that to say the blood of his own.  Hmmm?  They change the order of the words just like Satan changed “God hath said” into “hath God said?”

Anyway, we could spend years in Genesis 1:1 but that’s enough to get started in building a creation world view.  The infinite triune God is stating His claim that He created all and owns all and is above all.  THAT is where the problem starts.  Some people “will not have this man rule over us.”   My suggestion for you rebels against God’s authority who have chosen to believe the silly religion of evolutionism…start getting used to kneeling.  “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” (Phil. 2:10)

Next time we will look at verse 2.

Assignment…meditate on the three trinities in the first 10 words and spend time thanking God for being so-o-o-o-o amazing!

Lesson #5

While it is easy (and FUN!!) to show that the evolutionism religion is silly (See I Kn 18 to see Elijah mocking the false prophets), I remain convinced that it is best to simply present truth of the creation story as often and as clearly as possible (if you can get them to listen).  God’s Word will not return void (Is 55:11).  Just tell the truth and let it work on them!

As we continue to build our creation world-view let’s look at the big picture.  Before you get into a serious debate/discussion about the creation (or ANY Bible topic!) you need to be sure you have an infallible Bible you are defending!

Over my nearly 44 years as a Child of God and a student of His Word I have become VERY convinced that He did preserve His Word as He promised (Ps. 12:6-7).  Today, for the English speaking people, it is preserved flawlessly in the King James Bible.  That’s my firm position.  When I debate evolutionists (or fellow believers who don’t know any better) on the creation account I stick with that Book ONLY for many reasons.  Here is the Big Picture of that issue (MANY more details can be found on web sites like http://www.avpublications.com; http://www.chick.com etc):

1. The very existence of nearly 240 English versions of the Bible spreads the same confusion Satan used on Eve-“hath God said?”  Many folks, saved and lost alike, are dazed and confused and wonder what God really said because there are simply so many versions claiming to be God’s Word.  This causes many to give up in frustration (that’s what Satan wants!) and it SURE gives scoffers room to pick the version that says what they want it to say!  If there was only one Bible to choose from that issue at least would be settled.  They still may not LIKE what God said but they would at least KNOW what He said!

2. The general attitude many have toward God’s Word is- “If I don’t like what is seems to say in one spot I will look in other versions till I find what I like.  We are the authority over the Bible, the Bible is NOT the ABSOLUTE authority over us.”  That is not only a silly philosophy, it is dangerous!  This applies especially to the creation issues!  What EXACTLY are we defending anyway?  Once you get it settled that the Bible is God’s Word (preserved for us in the KJB) and we are NOT authorized to change it the entire attitude about Bible study changes.

3. We ARE authorized to EXPLAIN the Bible but we are NOT authorized to CHANGE it!  In Nehemiah 8:8 we see how this is done.  First they READ the Word as it was.  Then they “gave the sense” or explained the meaning or what they had just read.  Then they “caused the people to understand” or taught it till they caught it.  Notice they did NOT dumb down the Bible to the understanding of the people.  I assure you it CANNOT be dumbed down enough for some of the folks I have met!  Read it and explain it and help folks understand but DON’T change it!  Neither you or I or anyone on earth is authorized to do that!

So, with that background, what does the Bible teach about creation?  As anyone who reads Genesis 5 and 11 knows, the dates given in the Bible in those chapters as well as a few other verses and known secular history add up to about 4,000 BC for the creation.  All these dates are mapped out on the “Adam to Joseph” time line in the back of the seminar notebook or available as a full color chart from http://www.drdino.com.  MANY folks down through history have added up the dates and come to the same conclusion-4,000 B.C plus or minus a few dozen years.  Jesus said the creation of Adam was “the beginning of the creation” (Mt. 19:4; Mk 10:6) and Paul said man (i.e. Adam) brought death into the world (Rom. 5; I Cor. 15) so nothing died before Adam sinned.  Well, THAT makes it easy!  Add up the numbers!

For centuries most people in the western world thought and taught the earth was created in 6 days about 4,000 BC as the Bible clearly teaches.  Then, in 1795 a man in Scotland named James Hutton wrote a book claiming the earth in MUCH older than the Bible dates add up to.  Some others began teaching the same thing.  Some Christians panicked and began looking for ways to add long ages to the Bible.

In 1830 Thomas Chalmers, a theologian, also from Scotland, in order to adapt the Bible to the “new scientific evidence” made up the idea that there is a gap of millions of years between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2.  This became known as “The Gap Theory” and is still taught by many today!  (Thanks in large part to the Scofield Bible and other study Bibles).  Rather than rehash everything about it here I suggest you get my booklet on “The Gap Theory” from http://www.drdino.com or watch video #2 of the creation seminar.  There is NO gap of time between the first two verses for many obvious biblical and scientific reasons.  Everything from verse 1 through verse 5 is THE first day.   (Many modern perversions say “one day” or “a day” rather than “the first day” to accommodate long ages.

There is NO GAP between the first two verses and there is NO REASON to try to compromise with those who teach the earth is “billions of years old.”  Part of developing a solid creation theology is following the clear teaching of the Word AS IT IS WRITTEN and rejecting silly compromises with heathen teachings such as “billions of years” or evolutionism.  The earth and indeed the entire universe is 6,000 years old according to the Bible.  Don’t apologize for that, study it and teach it!

There is also a great body of scientific evidence the earth is NOT billions of years old.  I cover many of these in Creation Seminar part 1.  There are also many covered on http://www.creationscience.com and http://www.evolution-facts.org and http://www.icr.com.

Another silly compromise some try to make to accommodate long ages is to say, “Maybe the days are not really days.  Maybe they are long periods of time.”  This is the teaching of Hugh Ross of http://www.reasonstobelieve.com in California and scores of other groups claiming to believe the Bible and be Christian.  One of my 20 debates on http://www.drdino.com is me vs. Hugh Ross.  I have always wondered, “Reasons to believe” what?  Him?  Certainly NOT the Bible!  He alters scores of verses to fit his theories and he SURE would not claim there is ANY perfect Word of God today!

There are scores of reasons the days of Genesis 1 and 2 CANNOT be long ages.  These reasons are covered on my seminar part 2 and in many books already so I will just share two here.  On the third day God made the grass, plants and trees.  On the fourth day He made the sun.  The vegetation would die waiting for the sun to come up millions of years later!  On the fifth day He made the insects and birds that are required to pollinate the plants.  It is SILLY to believe the days are anything other than 24 hour days.  Secondly, Exodus 20:11 could not be more clear!  God created EVERYTHING in heaven and earth is 6 days.  He wrote that one on a rock with His finger!  He was telling them to work 6 days and rest one because He worked 6 days and rested one.  He was NOT telling them to work 6 million years and rest a million.

So, the Gen. 1:1 creation was in 6 literal days about 6,000 years ago according to the Bible.  Let’s go on.  “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Gen. 1:2.  There is a great book (though it is a little deep!) about the physics of how all the 92 elements can be created from water in the plasma state.  For those who wish to “go down deep” on this topic I strongly suggest you get the excellent book called: God Created the Earth- Genesis of Creation Chemistry by Dr. Edward A. Boudreaux and Eric C. Baxter (c) 2009 of Thornton, CO. ISBN 978-0-615-30688-1.  On day 2 God created all the elements and then light.

The Bible goes on explaining that God made light and divided it from the darkness.  See Henry Morris’s excellent notes in the Defender’s Study Bible for more on that!  We could spend thousands of years analyzing each word in the Bible and still not scratch the surface of this limitless Book!  So-o-o-o-o, for the sake of brevity, let’s cover just a few key points in the creation account as written and preserved (Ps. 12:6-7) by God for us today:

1. The Eternal God created everything (Ex. 20:11) including time, space and matter from nothing in 6 literal 24 hr days.
2. Jesus said the creation of Adam and Eve was “the beginning” (Mt. 19:4; Mk 10:6)
3. God made the earth and the heaven (singular in v. 1) and THEN created a canopy of ice/water ABOVE the firmament (atmosphere where the birds fly-Gen. 1:6-7, 21) and THEN another layer ABOVE the stars (Ps. 148:4) causing the heaven (singular) to be divided into heavens (plural).  It would be INCORRECT to say heavens (plural) in verse one since there was only one heaven until verse 6.  Today there are three “heavens.”  We will cover that in the next lesson.  Paul said he was caught up to the third heaven (II Cor. 12:1-5) so today there are 3 heavens but in Genesis 1:1 there was only one.

On day two God began by dividing the heaven into heavens with water.  We will cover that next time.

Lessons for today:
1. DON’T compromise on the Bible issue.  Stay with the time tested KJB.
2. Don’t compromise on the age of the earth issue.  The Bible clearly teaches EVERYTHING was created about 6,000 years ago.
3. Read and try to understand the Word but DON’T change it to fit your pre-conceived theories.

Keep winning souls while there is time!

Kent Hovind

Please feel free to send questions for future lessons. 🙂 Kent Hovind

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Lesson #6

Sorry for the lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong delay!  There have been several interruptions that are explained in other blogs. 🙂  I was moved to New Hampshire!  (NOT my idea!)  And, I was put in “the hole” for 10 days for nothing!  Anyway, Rom. 8:28!  My new address is Kent Hovind 06452-017, Federal Prison Camp Box 9000 Berlin, NH 03570 for those who care to write.

In our previous lessons we learned the importance of having the right Bible (KJB) to present the creation account from.  If you show the clear truth of creation as it is revealed in God’s Word the evolution theory is exposed as stupid!

Some of the new ‘versions’ introduce serious errors that will affect things later on!  Just learn that “thee” “thou” and “thine” are the singular forms of “you” and “ye” is the plural form of “you” in old English.  It makes a BIG difference in verses like John 3:7!  That’s for another blog though.

We also saw that reading and understanding that the events of day one took place about 6,000 years ago are the foundation for understanding the Bible AND real science.  The infinite tri-une God created time/space and matter from nothing.  Each of these is a trinity and together they form a tri-unity that we live in.  As the water is to the fish, time, space and matter are the “matrix” we are surrounded by and immersed in.  God is NOT limited by His creation.  He is above, outside of the creation.  If He were limited by ANYTHING like time, space or matter He would NOT be God.  This is NOT 2012 in heaven!

On day two He divided the “heaven” into “heavens” by placing a canopy of water or ice “above” where the birds fly.  ALL Bible versions other than KJB and the Jewish Torah ruin this truth by changing heaven to heavens in Gen 1:1.

Many who have studied this subject say a canopy of crystalline ice 3″ thick about 10 miles up would create a greenhouse effect and make the earth a wonderful place to live!  By compressing the current 100 miles of air into 10 miles it would also probably double the air pressure making the entire earth like a big hyper-baric chamber.  MANY hospitals now have hyper-baric chambers to increase healing of a wide variety of wounds and diseases.  Do a Google search on hyper-barics for more on that amazing topic.  A few inches of ice would also help block some of the harmful rays from the sun.  The added air pressure and filtered light from a canopy of ice would produce a very different world!

I don’t any other way to explain the 900+ year life spans of Genesis 5 and the GIANT animals of all kinds (including dinosaurs) that have been found as fossils.  Insects have a maximum size based on the surface area to volume problem explained on my Creation Seminar video #2.  Since insects breath through their skin (they don’t have lungs) as they grow they have less skin compared to their body volume.  Example: A 1″ cube has a volume of 1 cubic inch and a surface area of 6 sq. in. or a 6 to 1 ratio.  A 2″ cube has a volume of 8 cubic inches and a surface area of 24 square inches or 3 to 1 ratio.  At some point as insects grow they don’t have enough surface area (skin) to provide the oxygen for the body volume.   Dragon flies today reach a maximum wingspan of about 4 inches yet fossil dragon flies have been found with 18 inch wing spans!  18 inch cockroaches and 2 foot grasshoppers have been found as fossils as well as 3 foot spiders and 1,500 pound Guinea Pigs!  Dr. Carl Baugh of Glen Rose, TX http://www.creationevidence.org has great materials on that!  I suggest you get his videos or books on Creation in Symphony for further study.

A canopy of -400 degree (F) ice could be suspended by the magnetic field (since super cold ice becomes magnetic) or by air pressure (like an inflatable building), centrifugal force (like the rings around various planets) or a combination of all three.  Whatever was there and however it was held up will be tough to study now.  It apparently all fell down at the time of the flood.

Even a quick reading of the Genesis account will show that life spans dropped from 900+ before the flood to 400+ for a few generations (Gen. 11:10-17) and then to the 200’s and then 100’s.  Today, not many make it to 100.  Something changed!  The loss of the protective canopy would lower the air pressure, allow more UV light to enter (effecting the gene pool) and it would probably slowly alter the composition of the gasses in the air.  Ancient air bubbles found in amber seem to have triple the CO2 we have now (.06%).  Plants would grow to be HUGE before the flood!  Oxygen today is 21% of the atmosphere but that found in air bubbles in amber is 35%.  You could run for miles and never get tired breathing that air!

A canopy would also moderate weather so MUCH more (if not ALL) of the earth would be habitable.  Wild weather like tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards would not be possible.  It may have even prevented rain totally under the canopy.  It seems the water cycle was backward where springs or mists came up to water the ground.  (Gen. 2:6, 10)  Today about 3% of the earth’s surface is habitable for mankind.  The rest is covered by ice, desert, mountains or water.  Isaiah 45:18 says God formed it to be inhabited.  It ain’t that way now!  Something musta happened!  I think the flood and the loss of the canopy are the best candidates to explain that.

Creationists today split on the topic of whether or not a canopy existed.  Those who deny it are wrong and I am right of course! 🙂  Here are the factors to consider:

1. The Bible says there was water “above the firmament” in Gen 1:6-7.
2. The Bible says the earth was out of the water and in the water.  II Peter 3:5
3. Fossils of giant insects do exist and they cannot get that big today for physics reasons.
4. Almost all cultures have legends of a “golden age” when man used to live to be 1,000.  The Bible clearly says they lived over 900.  Something must have been different.
5. Fossils of warm climate plants and animals are found from pole to pole.  Coal (from plants) is found near the South Pole! Dinosaur fossils are found in Alaska!  Hmmm?  We cover MUCH more on all that on Creation Seminar #6 from http://www.drdino.com.
6. The 1st century Jewish historian Josephus said the Jews believed the originally created earth was surrounded by a “crystalline canopy.”

I think a good solid biblical world-view that is essential to defend the truth against the evolutionists must include an understanding of the pre-flood canopy created on day 2.

More next time! Kent Hovind

Lesson #7

As I have said in previous lessons it is essential to have a firm grasp of the truths of the creation to present.  Once truth is presented lies are exposed for what they are.  One wag said, “the best way to show that a stick i crooked is to lay a straight one beside it.”  The evolution religion looks silly beside a clearly presented creation sequence.

In a previous lesson we discussed the canopy.  I think it is essential to understand the clear teaching about the water or ice canopy that used to surround the earth according to Gen. 1:6-7 and II Pet. 3:5.  Josephus’s own testimony about the common Jewish belief in the first century is that the earth was created with a crystalline canopy above the sky.  I see no way to explain the giant insects and animals and great age of men before the flood without it.  Ask the evolutionist to explain the giant fossils with his religion.

Another simple truth of Scripture that demolishes the evolution theory is the order of creation.  Read Gen 1 again and notice the following:
1. God made the grass plants and trees on day 3 (v. 11-13)
2. God made the sun on day 4 (v. 14-18)
3. God made the birds on day 5 (v. 20-23)
4. God made the animals and creeping things (insects) on day 6.
5. God made the other animals and then man on day 6 as well.

First, just the order of creation proves the days cannot be long periods of time like some teach!  If the days were “millions of years” the plants from day 3 would die before the sun came out on day 4 or had insects to pollinate them from day 6!  All of creation works together in one big beautiful symphony!  It could NOT have slowly evolved bit by bit over millions of years.

Secondly, the interdependence of all creation requires that all be created within a few days of each other.  There are MILLIONS of relationships where one life form DEPENDS on another life form to exist.  These relationships are called symbiotic.  For example: termites chew wood but cannot digest it.  They have millions of TINY animals living in their gut that actually digest the cellulose.  Now THAT is TINY!  BTW-Each of these is REALLY complex too!  These little animals cannot live outside the termite and the termite cannot live without these tiny critters so…which one evolved first and how did they live without the other?   Somebody needs to do a WHO-O-O-O-L-E video series just on symbiosis!  I’m a little tied up right now so how about YOU?

Dr. Jobe Martin has a fabulous series of DVDs called “Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution” that covers a FEW of these.  It is WELL worth watching over and over!  You can get them from http://www.drdino.com.

In addition, animals breathe in Oxygen and give off carbon dioxide while plants “breathe” in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen.  The amazing reciprocation of the gasses essential for their life indicates they could not have evolved separately over millions of years like the evolutionism religion teaches.  The plants would have used up all the CO2 without animals to replace it.  The Bible gives the only LOGICAL answer.  They were created within a few days of each other!  And that is just the gasses.  The same is true of ALL the other elements and minerals.  The creation is 100% efficient when it comes to recycling!

Third, the simple reading of Genesis 1 is obvious, God made everything in 6 days!  To be SURE people understood what He meant God wrote it on a rock with His finger for Moses in Ex. 20:11 in the 10 commandments.  Then Jesus said the creation of man was “the beginning” in Mt. 19:4 and Mk. 10:6.  There is PLENTY about all that on DVD #1 of the creation seminar series on http://www.drdino.com.

Lesson summary:  Don’t compromise!  The simple TRUE, common sense creation story is told in 31 verses.  The evolution religion requires millions of pages of double-talk to confuse and dazzle the adherents.  By the time they have had 16 years of indoctrination on that religion they will as confused as a termite in a yo-yo!  Share the truth and SOME will understand and believe.  Go win somebody to the Lord today!

See ya next time! Feel free to send in questions to lora_holm@yahoo.com.

Kent Hovind

Lesson #8

I moved to Pensacola, FL in Jan. 1989.  I had only been there a few weeks when I saw an article in the local paper, The Pensacola News Urinal er… Journal about “65 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bones found in Montana.”  Well, I was new in town and hadn’t stirred up any trouble YET so-o-o-o-o, I wrote my first ever “Letter to the Editor” and explained the truth about those dinosaur bones!  I said the whole earth is about 6,000 years old and they were probably bones from a dinosaur that drowned in Noah’s flood about 4500 years ago.  Wow!  From the response you would have thought that I had just shot the sacred cow! (I DID!).

Anyway, letters to the editor began to pour in from both side of the issue for the next few months.  Being my meek and mild and introverted self, I sent plenty!  That public outcry led to someone from the University of West Florida calling me to see if I would debate one of their professors.  They said he was discussing my letters in his class where he had been teaching evolution for over 25 years.  Up until that point I had never had a debate in my life-except with my wife and I lost those EVERY time!  But, being a slow learner and SLIGHTLY hard headed, I accepted anyway.  (Ya can’t help some folks!) He said I need to send in 30 questions and the atheist would send in 30 and we would discuss them.

I wracked my brain for a while to come up with my 30 (which never came up in the debate as I recall).  One of my questions was, “Owls (and other raptors) have an eye shaped like a telescope.  They cannot turn their eyes in their head so they must turn their entire head to see things.  Most birds have a round eye ball that they can roll in their eye socket like humans.  How did the spherical eye evolve to the cylindrical eye (or vice-versa) and how did it see while it changed?”  Hmmm?  I’d STILL like to hear the “just so” story they make up about THAT one!  Anyway, I had 30 questions like that that I have never heard ANY evolutionist answer.

That experience taught me that just asking the right questions is a great way to show how stupid the evolution theory is!  Anyway, below are a few simple ones you can use to MAYBE get someone who has been brainwashed by that dumb evolutionism religion to open their mind just a little so you can drop an intelligent thought in there. :))

It is amazing how many times Jesus answered his critics with a question that stopped them cold!  Most of Jesus’ questions are never answered.  The book of Jonah ends with an unanswered question.  Anyway, simply asking good questions is a great way to debate evolutionists.  Here is one I have often asked and have never had answered:  “Why would all animals and plants “evolve” the extremely complex mechanisms to reproduce?  Why didn’t ANY of them just ‘evolve’ the ability to live forever instead?  Reproductive systems and methods is widely varied among creatures and is not only costly in the resources it requires (mostly on the mother) and can be life threatening, it also produces more mouths to feed.  How could this evolve? Wouldn’t it be easier for at least ONE plant or animal to evolve eternal life RATHER than reproduce?”  Hmmm?

Here’s another good one to ask, “If your brain is nothing but 3 pounds of chemicals that got accidently arranged randomly over millions of years, how can you trust your thoughts and any conclusions you come to?  Maybe you have a few chemicals in there backwards?” (They DO!)

One final one for today- If evolution is true, how do you tell right from wrong?  If I asked you to make a list of 10 things that are WRONG. HOW would you determine what goes on the list?  I asked a cocky high school senior who claimed he was an atheist this question and he said, “That’s easy!  I decide what is right and wrong for me.  I’m the god of my own universe.”  I said, “I’m glad to hear that because I’m going to shoot you in 5 minutes.”  He said, “You can’t do that!”  I said, “Sure I can!  I’m the god of my own universe and I decided it is fine if I shoot you.  Why is that a problem?”  Hmmm?

Not only HOW do we decide right from wrong but WHO decides?  Should Hitler decide what is right and wrong?  Or Stalin?  or Castro?  Or Putin?  Or Obama?  Or Congress?  Or me?  And, who decides who decides these things?  Hmmm?  I think the Creator left behind a BOOK to tell us what is right and wrong!  He also preserved that Book for us today as He promised in Ps. 12:6-7.  Read His Book and do what it says.

For those who must live by, talk to, learn from or debate on line with atheists or evolutionists I encourage you to get a list of questions to ask to “shut the mouths” of the foolish.  It is fun!  More later.

Kent Hovind-prisoner of the Lord in America’s Siberia

Lesson #9

How to Debate an Evolutionist  – Lesson #11

In our last lesson we discussed how Jesus asked questions to get people to stop and think.  Asking questions to evolutionists is a great way to get SOME of them to see what a silly theory it really is!  Let’s look at another idea.

Before I did my first debate at the University of West Florida I called Dr. Peter Ruckman of Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola for advice.  He said, “Put em against Jesus and the Word!”  THAT was a great idea!  Rather than argue endlessly just point out that the evolution teaching is clearly calling Jesus a liar.  Jesus said in Mt 19:4 and Mk 10:6 that the creation of Adam and Eve was the beginning of the creation.  Was He lying?  Stupid?  Unaware of real science?  Maybe He was RIGHT!

The Bible says nothing died until man sinned (Gen. 3; Romans 5:12; I Cor. 15:20-21).  Evolution says there was millions of years of death and suffering before man even got here.  Hmmm?  The Apostle Paul wrote two of those.  Was Paul wrong?  Somebody is WRONG!  Maybe Paul was stupid?  Unaware of “modern science?”  Lying?

God wrote the 10 commandments on a rock with His own finger.  Ex. 20:11 and 31:17 say God made EVERYTHING in 6 days.  Was God lying?  Stupid?  Unaware of real science?

When someone claims to believe in evolution just point out that they are welcome to believe anything they want but they are calling Jesus a liar, saying God did not understand science and calling Paul a liar.  I ask them, “Is that your final answer?  Will you be willing to face God on Judgment Day and defend that position?  What if you are wrong?”

If you are in a class and the teacher is pushing evolution there are thousands of questions you can ask that they will have no answer for.  Many are on drdino.com or in the Seminar Notebook.  It is also essential to define the term “evolution.”  We discussed that in a previous lesson.  If you point out that they are calling Jesus and the Bible liars the Holy Spirit will work in their heart.  His Word never returns void!  See Is. 55:11!  The Word is quick and powerful and breaks the sinner’s heart and stubborn will.  As you debate evolutionists be sure to “Put em against Jesus and the Word.”

I got a letter for a 6th grader yesterday who has a teacher pushing evolution hard in the class.  She has watched my videos dozens of times and enjoys interjecting the truth.  So far she is holding her own.  I suggested that she copy the videos and give them to each of the other students in the class AFTER school out on the playground or sidewalk.  What if the who-o-o-o-ole class was armed with the truth?  It wouldn’t matter what the teacher said, the kids wouldn’t believe it.  Hmmm?  THAT’S a workable plan!

Maybe you can be a video missionary?  One guy wrote me a few years ago and said he has made and given away over 12,000 copies of one of my DVDs!  Top that whydon’tya!  I have said for years, “There is a war going on!  Ya don’t ration out bullets during a war!”

This new year why don’t you keep track of how many DVD’s YOU give a way?  Leave them in phone booths.  Give them to the waitress or gas station attendant.   Send one with the check when you pay your water bill.  Give one with any birthday presents.  Put a note with them that says, “I bet you can’t watch 15 minutes and shut it off!”  Don’t say any more.  That will get them curious!  If you can watch one in a public place on a laptop, eject it and slam it down on the table and loudly say, “AHHHH!  I can’t BELIEVE he said that!”  And walk away and leave it! 🙂

Last thought, I got another letter yesterday that made me cry for joy!  It was from an 89 year old lady named Helen.  “Dear Mr. Hovind, I have long wanted to write you and tell you how my daughter and I have, and do enjoy, your seven part series on Creation.  We got them at a church rummage sale.  They were copies in a bag sale.  My daughter called me and said, “Mom, we’ve found a gold mine!”  We watched them several times and each time my heart wells up in worship for our Great God.  She gave them to her seven grandsons.”  Thanks Helen!

One thing anybody can do these days is produce creation material on video, blogs, twitter, letters to the editor etc.  They can keep working for the Lord while you sleep or sit in prison!  There are dozens of ways to get the creation message out where you don’t have to debate or argue.  Just make your point and move on.  Jesus did that often.  He preached in one city and moved to the next.  Some were converted and some got angry.  You will get the same results.

The world needs MILLIONS of evangelists spreading God’s Word.  I have found the creation message to be the simplest way to do it.  What could YOU do TODAY?  Hmmm?  Send a copy of a creation DVD to a friend?  An enemy?  A neighbor?  Hade one in as you pay for you food? Elec bill? To a Bank teller? Secretary? Boss? Teacher?  Copy 1,000 (or buy them in bulk from http://www.drdino.com) and leave them on park benches, subways, ANYPLACE!!!  Call yourself a Creation Evangelist and get to work!  DON’T wait for a letter or phone call from God!  He told ME to tell YOU (cause your line was busy) to GET MOVING!  Today! 🙂

Well?  Whataya waiting for?  GO!

Kent Hovind

Lesson #10

How to Debate an Evolutionist- lesson #12

Hey Peter! I’m glad we finally got the email thing figured out. Sorry about the issues.
Before we can get into a long discussion about my case and legal situation we need to get a few issues settled first:

1. I have plenty to do that is ministry and family related (my real calling) like reading and writing about creation, exposing the idiocy of evolutionism, writing stories for my grandchildren etc and do not intend to waste a lot of time on issues of no importance to me or most others. Sorry if that disappoints your 150 followers but I just can’t take the time now or probably ever to discuss some topics. Plus, it costs me $3/hr to use email here.

2. I can only have 30 email contacts active at any time (BOP rules) and my list is full. Many others want to be in contact with me for a variety of reasons more in line with my calling so I can only promise to follow this exchange for a brief time. This will be even briefer if I sense it approaches the Proverbs 14:7 barrier. I’m good at judging that!

3. In our exchange we will deal with only one topic at a time. I have done 100 debates with atheists and evolutionists and know well the tactic they often use of giving 20 points or questions and only allowing time for 5 of them to be answered. This leaves the audience thinking I couldn’t or wouldn’t answer the other 15. I will terminate the exchange from my end if this rule is not followed.

4. Many things about the charges in my case are explained in the pubic record and can be read on 2peter3.com in Doc 365, The Third Affidavit and The Banker’s Letter. Plus doc. 334-351 are posted and answer most of the common charges. Since the case is not done and there may be further litigation I am not at liberty to discuss much about it at this time. You will see when we win.

5. One of your 150 blog followers sent me your recent blog about me so I will here give my comments on things you have said so far. Please pick one off this list to begin our exchange since you already brought them up or, as Louis Lamoure’s characters would say, “You opened the ball so dance to the tune.” Once we have exhausted the first item you choose from the list below we can go on to a second one etc until all are exhausted and one of us says to the other, “You are right.” Or, I don’t want to talk about that one anymore because I cannot prove my point.” THEN you may ask other questions if you like.

6. Thanks for the publicity! I’m sure some of your followers will check out my DVDs and get saved. It always works that way. Thanks.

1. You said the goal of my creation seminars “is to convince listeners to reject theories of evolution, geophysics and cosmology in favor of the Genesis creation narrative from the Bible.” KH-I don’t know where or how you got THAT from my teachings but it is a gross distortion on several points.
A. I have never said anything even similar to this.

B. The slippery word ‘evolution’ must be defined before any discussion can take place on that topic. MANY times in my seminar and in my printed literature and blogs I give the 6 different meanings or levels or stages of evolution. I agree that the mis-named “micro-evolution” happens all the time and is observable science. For example-there are over 400 varieties of dogs in the world. They no doubt had a common ancestor-a dog. THAT is micro-evolution but does not prove or even offer evidence for the dumb idea that dogs are related to birds or that they both came from a rock which came from noting for no reason! I do NOT try to convince anyone to reject “evolution” as you said. I teach those who listen to use their head and not be fooled by the silly illogical deductions made by some morons in the name of science. Define the word evolution carefully and we can chase that rabbit if you like.

C. I have NEVER tried to convince anyone to reject geophysics or cosmology. Both of those wonderful and valuable studies offer plenty of scientific evidence for the Bible being literally true as written. See my seminar part 6 or Dr. Walt Brown’s excellent book “In the Beginning” on http://www.creationscience.com for geophysical evidence of Noah’s flood.
D. I DO plead guilty of trying to convince listeners that the Bible is true and I encourage them to follow it.
E. What is your REAL motive in all this Peter? What are you trying to convince your followers of with you efforts in “tax blogging” about my case and how does the evolution theory fit in?

2. You post a headline: “Kentucky Cuts Education; Preserves Tax Breaks For Creationist Theme Park” Do you point out to your 150 followers that Kentucky lets ALL government schools at all levels pre-K – post grad which teach the state religion of evolutionism at tax payer expense not only be tax exempt on buildings and property BUT ALSO pay the staff with tax dollars? The Creation Theme Park in Kentucky does not use tax dollars to pay their staff but they are tax exempt on things like property tax as are thousands of 501c3 organizations that do a wide range of things. I believe even most abortion clinics that murder helpless unborn children are tax exempt under some IRS code. Why would you mention the Creation Museum and not the secular museums which push evolutionism? We can discuss this topic further if you like.

3. You post an article titled “More Political Attacks on Science Education.” This title has a sad distortion of the facts. I know that I LOVE and promote REAL science education! Every creationist that I know also loves science education. The problem is that over the last 160 years the stupid religion of evolutionism has been mixed in with REAL science and many confused students have become convinced that it really belongs there. They have been taught that it has somehow become part of REAL science by virtue of long association. Beer is often sold at football games but beer has NOTHING to do with football and beer does not BECOME athletic by its long association with sports.

The first 5 definitions of evolution that I give scores of times (cosmic, chemical, stellar, organic and macro) are NOT part of science even though a significant number of people seem to have been brainwashed enough to really BELIEVE in them. I don’t know of ANYONE in the creationist community who “Attacks Science Education.” I am part of a HUGE number of individuals who attack and expose the religion of evolutionism that has become entwined IN our REAL science education. We are FOR science and FOR education but AGAINST letting the religion of evolutionism get a FREE RIDE at tax payer’s expense in our public schools. Those who BELIEVE we all came from a rock are always welcome to BELIEVE whatever they want and teach it to any who WILLINGLY listen. They are even welcome to start their own private schools and teach whatever they wish but they are NOT welcome to force everyone to PAY their salary (tax dollars) while they do it.

We may continue on this topic if you choose it.

4. You said that 6,000 years “is not nearly enough time for evolution to work.”
First, NO amount of time would make a rock turn to a bacteria and then a human.
Second, there is NO evidence of ANY animal or plant EVER producing ANYTHING other than its KIND or SORT just as the Bible says 10 times in Genesis 1 and 10 more times in Genesis 6-8. We can discuss the age of the earth if you choose or the complete lack of observable evidence for anything other than micro-evolution or we can discuss the science behind genetic stability that so far, has PREVENTED any major changes from occurring naturally or artificially.

BTW- NO FOSSIL or any kind would count as “evidence” for evolution. All a fossil proves is that it died! No one could ever prove it had ANY offspring that even lived let alone was a different kind! Why would anyone with half a brain and one eye believe that a fossil in the dirt can do something which no human in nearly 6,000 years of human history with LOTS of selective breading going on representing BILLIONS or offspring has EVER seen- ie- a DIFFERENT KIND? Every farmer on the planet COUNTS on evolution NOT happening! When he plants corn he EXPECTS and GETS corn! We can discuss this topic further is you like.

5. You said “Geologists also have a problem with a young earth.” First, 6,000 is NOT young. That is a LONG time! Second, MANY geologist do NOT have any issues with the literal interpretation of the Bible and the entire universe being created in 6 -24 hr days, 6,000 years ago by an infinitely wise Creator. You should correct your statement to be “SOME geologists have a problem…” You seem to be distorting the facts here. Third, even if ALL ‘geologists’ DID believe the earth to be billions of years old that would not make it true. Even a quick review of the history of science will show scores of times where the majority taught something that was later proven to be WRONG. I can provide a list and we can discuss that if you choose to continue this line of thought.

6. You said you asked a female grad student about the age of the earth and she mentioned “zircons.” I suggest you search for the excellent articles about zircons on http://www.icr.com where this subject is discussed in detail but those more qualified to know.

7. You said, “many conservative Christians…do not accept evolution…”
First, you again do not define that slippery word ‘evolution.” I DO accept micro-evolution but feel it should be called “variation within the kind” to avoid confusion.

Second the way you phrase the sentence shows a bias when you say, “do not accept…” as if it is already proven. You could correct that to be “do not BELIEVE…” The word accept is usually associated with something known to be true but some won’t ACCEPT it. This is NOT the case with evolutionism or the billions of years for the age of the earth. NEITHER has EVER been observed, demonstrated or proven in any lab in the history of mankind and cannot be considered part of REAL science. I will concede that many BELIEVE in all 6 stages of evolution and many BELIEVE the earth is billions of years old but it is NOT all and it is NOT something they ACCEPT. It is something they choose to BELIEVE in. We can continue that thought if you choose.

8. Your friend “Reverend Thornton” said that if someone accepts a young earth position “it is then necessary to discount each and every instance where modern scientific evidence differs from this…”
First, I don’t know of any scientific evidence that I have discounted. If you know of one, please show me and we can discuss it.
Second, there is a vast difference between known proven science and modern science opinion on topics. Maybe we could define that position better if you choose.

9. He later says, “discounting any and all old earth claims to satisfy the demands….”
First, I think ALL of the “claims” the the earth or universe is “billions of years old” have been MORE than adequately dealt with on MANY creation sites. If there is ONE particular evidence for an “old earth” please send it and we can discus it.
Second, I don’t teach things to “satisfy the demands…” of ANYBODY. I teach science facts and biblical facts as I understand them. If I have an error in what I teach about science or the Bible please show me but ONE topic at a time please.

10. You say “Mr. Hovind at different points in time has made the type of statements associated with protesters…” Well you may wear the same kind of socks that are associated with terrorists or drive the same kind of car that is associated with bank robbers and you may (and have) made the same kind of statements that are associated with religious zealots. What does that prove?

Our country was founded by tax protesters throwing the tea in the harbor. I repeat that I am NOT a tax protester but I’m glad we have people willing to look at the laws and protest when they think the law is unfair or is being unfairly applied or someone claiming authority is acting outside their jurisdiction. I’m close to Canada up here. If a Canadian police officer pulled someone over for speeding in NH the driver should NOT argue about the speed! The FIRST question that must be answered and proven is the one of JURISDICTION. Sorry but I CANNOT discuss that one with you at this time as MANY issues are still hanging on that one.

11. You closed by saying “convicting Dr. Dino (as Kent Hovind is known) for taking his own money out of the bank rather than for income tax evasion just does not seem as satisfying.” I think this shows your REAL motive Peter. I just wrote a blog last week about how and why the Communists torture a man to get him to “confess” to some hideous crime so they can look justified in their evil. I suggest you read that one. You are not satisfied… Hmmm? I think you need the Lord Peter!

Pick ONE topic.
Kent Hovind – POW

Dr. Hovind is a 2010 graduate of the PMI Center for Biblical Studies
and Calvary Christian Seminary

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